Monday, August 24, 2009

Cy Sandman

I realize that after last week, most of you assumed that this blog was strictly a football/testicle care website. It is, in fact, more than that. Today we take a break from that good stuff to talk some baseball. The Cy Young Award in the American League, to be exact.

I should mention that I don't really care about these end of the season awards. Not since Justin Morneau's Canadian ass stole the MVP from Jeter in 2006 and Cliff Lee won the Cy last just isn't very important. I mean, if the voters are going to devalue the awards so much by giving it to bums, then why should I waste my time? But that can be rectified this year. I brought up this exact same topic over at TSP last week, and the opinions were split. I may as well plead my case here.

Mariano Rivera should win the Cy Young Award this year in the American League. Allow me to explain:

First, let's bring out the contenders:
Zach Greinke - He's 11-8. I don't care if he has a sub 3 ERA, he's 3 games over .500.
Felix Hernandez - Sure, he's 12-4 and all, but no one stays up to watch him pitch. He may as well be pitching in Siberia. No one is going to vote for someone that they don't watch.

Roy Halladay - Eh, he's 13-6 but he really hasn't been pitching well ever since the All-Star break. Plus, he looks like Hans Klopek from teh classic film, The 'Burbs.
Justin Verlander - He may lead the league in K's, but he's too white trash for such a prestigious award. He couldn't even beat IAN SNELL last week.
CC - Leads the AL in innings pitched and has a chance for 20 wins. I don't see it happening though.
Josh Beckett - The one guy that has a strong case. Leads the league in wins with 14 going into Sunday's game and his 3.38 ERA is not too shabby.

Yeah, there are some good contenders, but nobody really stands out. And this is where Rivera comes into play. He leads the AL in saves through Friday with 36. He has converted 32 straight. He has a 1.90 ERA. How about this, a 57/8 strikeout to walk ratio. In my personal opinion, he has been the most dominating pitcher in the AL this season.

Some people might argue that a closer should not win the Cy Young Award ever. There is some merit to that argument since they usually only need to get 3 outs and their job is complete. But look at it this way: Josh Beckett only gives his team a chance to win one (every once in awhile two) game per week. A great closer can lock down 4-5 wins per week. So which one is more valuable in this instance: the starting pitcher or the closer? Let's look at, oh, say the last 10 World Series winners. With the exception of Foulke in 2004 and BK Kim (who had nothing to do with that title) in 2001, when was the last time that a team won a title with a shitty closer?

I also believe in doing what's right. By all accounts, Mariano is one of the classiest men in the business and has been the most dominating pitcher in baseball over the past decade (seriously, name someone else that has been damn near unhittable for 13-14 years by throwing only one pitch). I believe in lifetime achievement awards. This is the year where he should finally get the hardware that he deserves.

Am I a homer for writing about this? Kind of, I guess, but I don't think that I'm wrong. Starting pitching this year really hasn't been great and Mo has been lights out. You can crush me all you want to in the comments, but at the end of the day, you can still eat my shit. I'm interested to hear what you think though: should Rivera win the Cy Young Award if the season ended today?


Anonymous said...

If Verlander can't win it due to being white trash, Rivera shouldn't be able to win it for throwing bad pool parties.


GMoney said...

I don't know what you're talking about. Every one of my house parties featured 2 electrocuted Panamanians. It was a real hoot.

Dustin said...

So arod should win win the MVP and Rivera should win cy young. Yes, you're a homer!

It seems that you only care about these awards If your team wins them!

GMoney said...

Eh, that A-Rod post was awhile ago. Things change.

If you can name me someone more deserving, have at it, hoss.

Dustin said...

You already named 5 people more deserving.

Tony B. said...

I HATE giving the Cy Young to relievers. I hate the fact that Eric Gagne has a Cy Young, and I guess if there's one reliever who deserves it, it would be Rivera. But still, can't you just take your Rolaids Relief man award and be happy?

jessegscott said...

Would have not problem with Rivera winning it. But I'm starting to think Scott Feldman is making a run at this. Especially if he finishes strong and the Rangers win the Wild Card.

GMoney said...

Jesse, stop commenting. Now. Scott Feldman? Get the fuck off of my site.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Scott Feldman reference definitely came from out of left field.