Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tiger Woods Supports The Handicapped

Look out, Tiger! There's a dumb whore (who appears to be under 200 pounds now) and a shitty quarterback (who is probably fumbling something in his pocket) standing right next to you. You won't see them though because they are both irrelevant. Maybe this is what Jim Brown was hoping for when he called out Tiger for not taking a stand for social change. Tiger's reply was to have his picture taken with a couple of retards. How sweet of him.

This post just gives me a chance to say something that I haven't said in awhile:

Tony Romo is not good. I mean, seriously, who still wears Starter gear? I can't wait for Albert Haynesworth to eat his face this year.


Tony B. said...

Start gear is exclusive to Wal-Mart these days making it horrible.

Albert Haynesworth typically spikes Cowboys in the face, right? Isn't that with the 'Skins signed him for?

GMoney said...

You're damn right he does. He does it routinely...which is still not enough.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Simpson looks pretty damn good there.