Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Co-Worker Is Still Retarded

It's been awhile, but do you remember my complete fucking mental defective co-worker that I used to share stories about? I've sort of left her alone over the past months because her love for Michael Jackson and complaints about her swollen hands has made me just ignore her. But that changed yesterday when this "HUGE Browns fan" used her vast football knowledge for this conversation with me.

Idiot: Hey, G$.
G$: Yeah?
Idiot: You know who Tony Roma, the quarterback, is, right?
G$: (I know where this is going right away and can't wait to get there) Yeah.
Idiot: He just broke up with Jessica Simpson the day before her birthday, didn't he?
G$: That's what they say.
Idiot: he the same guy that owns all of those rib restaurants?
G$: (feeling mighty good about himself at the moment and figured that I better keep this going otherwise she will never learn) I believe so.
Idiot: That place is good. My husband and I eat there a few times per year.
G$: Oh yeah?
Idiot: I'll have to tell him tonight that the Tony Roma quarterback and restaurant are the same person.
G$: Sounds good!

Now, her husband has to be even dumber since he married this glass sorter in the first place, but I hope that Debbie Down's Syndrome tries to spread this lie on to her friends and family. She deserves it. After all, she is the same bitch that actually announced to the entire office that she had to take a shit this winter. I'm still gagging from that sentence.


Tony B. said...

Tony Roma's est. 1972

Tony Romo born April 20, 1980

So awesome that she thinks Tony Romo invented the rib restaurant 8 years before he was born.

At least it would explain how Jessica Simpson packed on those pounds.

Grumpy said...

He changed the spelling of his name when he sold the restaurant chain.