Friday, July 03, 2009

The Great Brady Debate

A real quick post before we enjoy the holiday weekend and it's about fantasy football. You're damn right that "Fantasy Football Friday" is coming back very soon. Today we examine what the Hell us general managers should do about Tom Brady.

Obviously, we all remember how sick nasty Brady was two years ago when he and Randy Moss alone connected for 400 touchdowns and Wes Welk-AHHH caught 6,000 balls from him. If you had him that year and you didn't win your league, not only should you be embarrassed beyond belief but you should also be killed. And not a quick death either. Something horrible like being sodomized with a grenade by Al Sharpton and after two hours he finally pulls the pin. It should be that painful if you failed with 2007 Tom Brady on your team.

Well then last year, Bernard Pollard ended many fantasy seasons (MINE!) in less than a quarter. Now, if you won your league LAST year and you drafted Brady, then you should get a free kill. But I doubt that this happened in ANY league. I've got to think that Brady went in the top 5 of all drafts last year (and if he didn't, your league is awful). So where do you slot Tommy Boy now that all reports state that he is healthy?

I mean, you can't just forget that the guy literally had his knee torn to shreds less than a year ago. But then again, we have seen what he can do. He still has Moss and Welk-ah. They brought in Joey Galloway's gray goatee and Fred Taylor should take some stress off of the passing game. So when should he go? Here's your answer:

You can't take him in the top 5. You just can't. It would be like dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight (Batman reference!). I would be nervous as fuck to take him in the top ten. I think that Drew Brees is a shoe-in to be the first QB off the board but I do think that Brady probably is the next best. Peyton is great and all but I don't really trust him in fantasy. Romo is a faggot. And the only other QB worthy of being picked in the top two rounds MAY be Warner...but that is a stretch.

Think about this though. In the G$FL, we run a tight 12 team league (which is set up so REGISTER YOUR ASSES NOW!). Say your old pal G$ gets stuck at pick #10 or 11 (which will surely happen because the fantasy Gods hate me). I take the full time limit to realize that a question mark Tom Brady is a much better option than Steven Jackson or Frank Gore. So I make the move on Brady at the end of the first round. When it comes back around to me with the 14th/15th pick, I am jumping ALL OVER Randy Moss. And I will see you fuckers at my victory parade.

Basically, it boils down to how much of a risk taker you are. My definitive stance on this is that starting at pick 9, feel free to start considering Tommy Brady. Your welcome for the advice. Have a good Independence Day everyone. By the way, how awful is that movie? Just terrible.


Anonymous said...

You need at least one comment for your posting. I'm in a keeper league and I need to choose one QB to keep among Warner, Romo, or Brady. I'm pretty sure I'm going with Brady, but it's hard since Warner has Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Breaston. Jessica Simpson can have Romo.


Mr. Ace said...

Fuck, you are lame.

rstiles said...

I want in your ff league

GMoney said...

Get in line, bitch.