Friday, June 12, 2009

This Is What It Sounds Like When The Trash Cries

Remember BJ Mullens? The hillbilly oaf that played one mediocre season at Ohio State this past winter and then declared for the NBA Draft eventhough he couldn't even start for them? Yeah. That guy. He also characterized himself as a mix between Garnett, Dirk, and Amare. You would think that a man of that sort of ability would be an absolute beast on the court and dominate whatever is in his path.

You would be wrong. Very wrong.

Jonathan Givony says in his podcast that an assistant GM saw BJ Mullens crying in the locker room at one of the mass workouts following a head-to-head matchup with Luke Nevill of Utah. Givony says that the workout hurts Mullens because Nevill is projected as "undrafted".

Come on! What a pussy. For the record, I have no idea who this Nevill kid is but it does not surprise me one bit that he owned Byron James. The kid is terrible. Some team is going to be really lucky to cut this grown, mature man a 7 figure check in a few weeks. These BJ Mullens stories keep getting better and better. I'm praying that the next one involves a skidmarked tighty-whitey. Or some Mad Dog 20/20. BJ Mullens: The Official Mascot of this site.


GMoney said...

Oh, and if you are tired of laughing at Mullens, we can always discuss Ohio State's incoming freshman RB that was just busted for having a shit-ton of weed in Florida. He'll fit right in with the Buckeyes!!!

Anonymous said...

You have to admit that OSU is a poster child for a college kid going to jail. Would not expect much more from Tressel.

Naptown Wolverine

Pryor will be the next Clarret

Anonymous said...

Yeah you guys are right. I'm sure Berry is the only high school senior going to play big time college football who smokes weed.

Hey, Naptown Wolverine, how many times has Kevin Grady been arrested this year? 3 times? 4 times? And he's still on the team, right? Yeah, I wish OSU had such a great guy like Dick Rod as their coach.

Florida has had 25 guys arrested in the last 4 years and nobody says anything about that. I'm not sure the count on OSU but I know it's nowhere near that bad.

Clarret led OSU to a national championship right? I sure hope Pryor is the next Clarret.

BJ Mullens is piece of shit. He doesn't exist to most OSU fans so what he does from now on doesn't really matter to most fans.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, 5 in a row and 7-1 Michigan fans.

I probably just opened up a big can of worms with these last two posts, but BJ Mullens doesn't deserve to be commented on.


Dustin said...

If pryor was the next clarett he would be kicked off the team by now. I didn't hear any ridiculous "pryor is the next clarett" claims when Michigan and richrod were slobbin on his knob tryin to recruit him. I know its hard when you get owned by your rival every year, and can't beat Toledo, but stop whining.

And if Jamal berry really had that much pot on him (which is a felony), he won't be attending the Ohio state university.

Anonymous said...

Solid post Damman....Kevin Grady is hilarious. He gets sentenced to a shit ton of community service, rehab classes, etc...goes to court for an update and he hasn't done one hour of anything. Now his butt is getting plugged in jail.

As for B.J. Mullens. I'm not going to defend him. I'm actually going to pile on. Here is a quote from him in a Sporting News article as to why a team should draft him high. Could you imagine he might actually use this in an interview with an NBA pretty much a job interview...the "I'm a 7-footer that can do some stuff, you know?" line just kills me...just kills me...

Q: How much legwork did you do before deciding to leave after just one year of college?

A: I did not do much legwork. I knew coming in that all i would need to do was go out and do the best i could in these workouts and everything would be taken care of from there. I knew I had a chance to impress these teams that I've been working out for. I'm a 7-footer who can do some stuff, you know? So hopefully, they're impressed.


GMoney said...

"And if Jamal berry really had that much pot on him (which is a felony), he won't be attending the Ohio state university."

But he would fit right in at Ohio University! ZING!!!

I'm a 5'9" blogger that can do some stuff, too. And I cry all the time!

Mr. Ace said...

First of all, I believe Grady has only been arrested once, and then cited for not following his probation standards. Eithery way, he is still a fuck up.

Don't act like the Fuckeyes aren't bringing in questionable kids left and right.

Damman, I just watched something on espn yesterday about florida and their off field issues....if espn picked up on then everybody has picked up on it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that OSU doesn't recruit questionable characters. But whenever one of their players gets arrested everybody jumps on them like OSU is the only place it happens. I'm looking at you G$ and Naptown Wolverine. It happens everywhere. But I guess when you are an elite program like OSU people line up to take shots at you.

USC seems to get a free pass in every sport. How long has the Reggie Bush thing been going on? Pete Carroll is the golden boy so nobody wants question him or his methods. I know that's different then a player getting arrested, but I thought I'd throw that out there since he G$'s idol.


Anonymous said...

If it actually turns out that Jamal Berry had that much weed on him, count on his career ending before it starts. Tressel does not care who you are, if you fuck up you are going to be in his doghouse, i.e. Eugene Clifford, who was one of the top DBs in the country and was caught with weed in high school, as well. He transferred from OSU shortly after arriving despite being talented, because he couldn't see the field. From my understanding the 20 grams was the amount found on Berry and two friends combined, so if you divide that by three its actually a misdemeanor. I don't know all the facts to stand by that though.

-Lil' Strut

P.S. I'm with Damman, Fuck B.J. Mullens

Dustin said...

I forgot that nobody from Michigan ever gets in trouble. Richrod only recruits the best characters. Pacman Jones and Chris Henry were complete flukes. Who was that Michigan player who got caught jacking off outside some whores house?

GMoney said...

If I lived in CA or the South, maybe I would care more about others. But I don't and you all are insufferable. Deal with it. The whole "everyone else is doing it" logic has never worked. Hold yourself to a higher standard.

Jeff said...

Last time I checked smoking pot leads to superbowl MVP.

Tony B. said...

I could see G$ drinking BJ Mullens' tears like Cartman did after he murdered Scott Tennerman's parents and then he got Scott to eat his parents in chili.

GMoney said...

Excellent analogy, T-Bone!