Friday, June 12, 2009

Game. Seven.

We don't talk about hockey much around these parts. We've avoided mentioning that my Blue Jackets are in horrible shape financially and I'm still trying to recover from the RedHawks titanic choke in the finals of the Frozen Four. But when something as awesome as a game seven for The Stanley Cup comes up, it gets it's own post.

In case you haven't been paying attention, these Finals have been extremely well played and quite interesting. And much to everyone's surprise, the ratings have been great. I missed game 5 which just so happened to be the only thing worse than my ten year reunion but every other game has been outstanding. And with game 7 going down tonight in the "Newark of the Midwest", I figured that I may as well unleash a quick and uneducated bad prediction post that commenter Drew will tear to shreds.

The Penguins are going to win. I'm feeling something like 3-2. A large chunk of me is rooting for this to happen because Detroit is a shithole when it comes to everything, but I've come up with 4 arbitrary reasons for this that basically have nothing to do with the product on the ice:

1. The home team isn't going to win every game. Eventhough a home team hasn't lost a game 7 in the Stanley Cup since 1971 (research! HOCKEY research!!!), it's bound to happen. The last time that a series in any sport was home chalk was...sigh...the 2001 World Series.

2. If the Cavs can't help Cleveland through tough economic times, the Wings shouldn't get to help Detroit either. Fuck 'em...fair is fair.

3. Jaromir Jagr's awesome mullet from 1992 is much better than Mike Babcock's faggy Ken doll haircut.

4. Hmmm, I thought that I had a 4th one. I guess not. Chris Osgood sucks? Was that it? I don't think so but we'll go with Chris Osgood sucks. Oh wait! Call this the Marian Hossa factor. The guy played the role of mercenary all year, trying to piggy-back a title with the Wings. He has been awful all series. Not just bad, but awful. The sports Gods will not allow this bag of crap to hoist the Cup.

Even if you are not a hockey fan, do yourself a favor and turn on NBC tonight (I didn't even have to look that up either!) and watch this. Not to go all Johnny Cliche on you, but it is truly what sports are all about. GO PENGUINS!!! Back on Monday...don't get too tanked tonight, Drew.


Anonymous said...

Wings will win game 7, but it will probably be close. Just one free throw superman and we don't have to watch Derek Fisher be a hero.

Jon Saul

Anonymous said...

Hockey sucks.

How about 0-8?


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you make a blog post on this...cuz' it definitely fucking deserves one.

*I had trouble sleeping last night and woke up nervous. How do you wake up nervous? Very weird, but it fits the situation.

*I'm actually happy that I am working today, because if I wasn't I would have rolled out of bed and walked straigh to the fridge for a beer. That being said, I'd say there is a good chance I get ten beers in before the puck drops.

*I don't like that stat you dropped about the last time all games a home team in a sport was 2001.

*I'm going Wings 4-2, with the fourth goal being an empty netter.

*I can't imagine how much shit the NHL would do marketing wise with Cindy Crosby hoisting the Cup. It disgusts me. It can't happen.

*Usually in these Game 7's, it kind of turns into a slow methodical pace as both teams are scared to make a mistake. It's impossible for that to happen tonight...too much talent and speed. That's why it's going to an awesome sporting event to watch.


GMoney said...

Damman, I am not going to comment on that. Brad Penny is fucking awful.

Jon, Derek Fisher still sucks and the officiating was soooo pro-Magic last night that it ridiculous. Go Lakers.

Drew, nice insight and thanks for not ripping me to shreds.

Dustin said...

G$- its hard for anyone to rip your prediction to shreds when your predictions have nothing to do with the game!

I think well be watching at our house tonight... You should join!

GMoney said...

No. It wouldn't be cool to root for the Pens in front of actual Red Wings fans. Plus, I'm going to Adriatico's tonight and I don't want your fag roommate to eat the goddamn leftovers again.

Anonymous said...

Go Penguins! (simply because I hate everything having to do with Detroit)

-Lil' Strut

Dustin said...

Lil strut- If you hate Detroit so much why did you move to little Detroit?

Anonymous said...

G$, I'm glad you are abiding by your former post stating the "rules of how to not be a sports douche" by not cheering for the Pens in front of us.

Unfortunately, a former roommate of mine at Marble Cliff did not abide by this code when he cheered against the Yankees in the playoffs in front of you. In fact, he is quite the douche in many respects.



Anonymous said...

Oh, and if I was getting paid $15 million a year, I think I could make one of two free throws. Dwight Howard sucks. Shaq should remove his Superman tattoo.

Magic should have just fouled on that play anyway...why let anyone jack up a three...put them on the line and you win. Stache Van Gundy fails again.


GMoney said...

FLEURY!!! PENS WIN THE CUP!!! Great game.