Friday, May 15, 2009

Zeke Is Coming To Town

Earlier this week, it was announced that Kosta Koufos's former team would be playing in the Coaches vs. Cancer tournament to tip off the 2009-10 season. North Carolina, Cal, and Syracuse are also confirmed meaning that this tournament should be legit.

The Buckeyes have already made it public that their first round opponent will be none other than Florida International. Yep, Isiah Thomas makes his college coaching debut at The Schott and has to deal with a team featuring no competent point guards or centers...just like his old Knicks teams!!! He better figure out how to defend the bone-crushing screens of Mark Titus.

I'm glad that I'm not a mildly attractive black woman because if I were, I would stay far away from that game. I don't need to be getting my ass pinched and called a bitch. And honestly, who could turn down that mischievous glare of Zeke? I know that I couldn't. What a shithead. And making his college coaching debut in the land of the shitheads makes so much sense. Well done, Coaches Vs. Cancer people!

Basically what it all boils down to is two-fold:
1. Isiah's first game of his next disaster opens up in Columbus
2. Where all the black women at?


Sorry for the abbreviated post today. I've got a rough next 24 hours with a full day of work, driving to Cincy for Hahn's wedding, driving back to Napoleon for a funeral on Saturday morning, and then driving back to Columbus. Is it illegal to beat off while driving? Well I'm about to find out.

Anyway, since I've let you down and somewhat mailed it in today, do yourself a favor and head on over to YouTube. Search "Carl Monday" and "Cleveland Tourism" and get ready for mind-blowing Ohio-based comedy. Sorry, people, but sometimes real world shit gets in the way of my blogging career. If you don't like it, start your own blog. See you on Monday.


Anonymous said...

*The Buckeyes are going to be a legitimate top 15 team next year.

*My own personal Zeke story since we shared the same zip code growing up. We were buying a couple of handles of Captain Morgan's our Junior year in high school. We are standing in line and Isiah is right in front of us. All of a sudden he turns around....looks at us with his Isiah smile and says, "You boys are drinking that jungle juice tonight, huh?" We were like..."Uhh...what's up Isiah...jungle juice?"...He says, "Yeah...the jungle juice...have fun with it." He smiled again and just walked away.

*If it's illegal to whack off while driving, then I've broken the law a couple of times.


Anonymous said...

Thoughts are with you, Paddio, Papa Sack, and the rest of your "Crew" that knew safe..

UNC in C'bus.......awesome!!


GMoney said...

No, Terry. It's a 16 team tourney in which the bigger teams get to play at home until the Final Four in The Garden.

Buckeye fans better have some Anucha Browne-Sanders signs ready for Zeke or I will be disappointed.