Monday, May 04, 2009

Where More Bad Predictions Happen!

I know that the Heat were eliminated yesterday in a God awful 7 game series with the Hawks, but I just couldn't help myself. The most pathetic sighting (other than Schilling painting his sock) in my life as a sports fan was watching Dwyane Wade need a wheelchair for a shoulder injury. This picture ALWAYS puts a smile on my beautiful face. This event would be comparable to me if I had a bad blog post one day and needed to be life-flighted due to blogger's block. What a pussy. Go home and work on your Fave Five, you prick.

Anyway, I went 6-2 on my round one picks (damn you, Spurs and Blazers). I don't know why I picked Portland considering that I really like this Houston team. And the Spurs dynasty is on life support now that Tim Duncan is old and they have to rely on losers like Matt Bonner and Roger Mason. They need to overhaul that bench in a big way AKA cutting ties with Bruce "Noah" Bowen and Michael Finley. But round one was certainly special for the sheer awesomeness of the Celtics/Bulls series. It made me happy to be an NBA fan and proved pro basketball haters wrong that the product is boring and predictable. No, it isn't. It can still be gripping, edge of your seat drama. While we all wanted the Bulls to win that, let's be honest, Vinny Del Negro is too bad of a coach to win a game 7. And you will get your wish...the Celtics are going to get destroyed soon enough. Let's hope for more of that in round 2. And hey, at least the Cavaliers FINALLY get to play again tomorrow night!

Cavaliers over the Hawks in 5 - I don't see much in the way here. The key will be to overcome the rust of sitting for 9 days and to dominate in game 1. The Hawks may win a game in their gym, but they won't win in Cleveland. With Horford and Williams being banged up...say goodnight.
Celtics over the Magic in 7 - I see this one playing out like the Bulls series with a lot of close games but with game 7 being in Boston, I don't see the young Ron Jeremy-coached Orlando team winning this one. Even with Boston's old legs, the Magic are beat up. Can someone please teach Paul Pierce to either shave or grow a beard. Brian Scalabrine is the biggest faggot in the world.

Lakers over Rockets in 5 - I'm sort of excited to see the Kobe/Artest matchup. I get the feeling that we may see a punch thrown in this series. The Rockets are pretty tough and won't roll over, but I don't see the Lakers getting upset here. These two teams do match up pretty well though but the Lakers are too deep.
Mavericks over Nuggets in 6 - I know that Dallas lost yesterday and I still don't care. I like the way that they are playing and think they take game 2 in Denver. If you knock out the Spurs by winning two games in San Antonio, you are fairly legit. Plus, the NBA still owes Dallas something for that fist-fucking they endured at the hands of D-Wade and incompetent officiating in the Finals a few years ago.

Cleveland/Boston and Dallas/LA Lakers??? I could be down with that. At least LeBron is finally going to get to play again. Go Cavs.


Mr. Ace said...

The Spurs need to get better on the inside. We can keep Bowen and Finley as long as we get rid of Thomas, Bonner, and Oberto.

Nuggets over Mavs. Don't be fooled by the win over the Spurs.

I think I'm gonna take the Magic to beat the Celtics. Howard will actually show up and Perkins will foul out every game.

Scalabrine is a faggot.

GMoney said...

Before you get on Orlando's dick, remember that JJ Redick will be guarding Ray Allen.

Grumpy said...

Brian Scalabrine is still alive?