Thursday, May 21, 2009

That Sucked

I didn't actually think that the Cavaliers would go 16-0 in the playoffs, but I did think that they would win all of their home games. Man, that loss fucking smarts. Sonofabitch bastard. A few thoughts since the game is fresh on my mind.

1. Sure, LBJ hung 49 tonight but it wasn't a great game for The King. The offense of him holding onto the ball until there are 5 seconds left on the shot clock is fucking terrible. That needs to stop immediately. They had no flow and no rhythm in the halfcourt. Disgusting really. But I guess he had no choice because...

2. Delonte and Mo need to step up. Bad games for both of those two in matchups that they should dominate. You have got to hit those open jumpers and they didn't tonight. I'm a little concerned about Mo because he's been skittish thus far throughout the postseason. They need to be consistent. Less than 40% from the field isn't going to cut it.

3. The defense in the first half was brilliant. The key to beating Orlando is to let Howard get his and defend the perimeter. For some reason, they fucking forgot about that in the second and allowed Hedo and Shard to go nuts. They just looked so god damn slow out there. With that said...

4. For God's sake, why is Andy guarding Lewis on the last possession!!! What the fuck?

5. They settled for waaaaaay too many jumpers tonight. The Cavs have made a living at the free throw line and they barely got there at all in game 1. That has to change. Who gives a fuck if Howard is in the paint? The fucker is a fouling machine. Take it to the rack!

Ugh. The first tight playoff game for the Cavs and they couldn't get a stop when they needed it. Very frustrating. I'm not worried yet as I believe that Orlando will show up to game 2 just happy to have won one in Cleveland and the Cavs will beat them by double digits. But still. It should not have come down to that. The defense was absolutely putrid. Fuck. LeBron will not let that shit happen again. Time to regroup and put those fucks in their place.


Anonymous said...

I shit the bed in the second half last night.

-- Mike Brown

GMoney said...

Is that the Cavs coach or the Bengals owner? Could be both, you see.

Mr. Ace said...

Mike Brown "coaches" less than Phil Jackson "coaches."

Does the King believe in Magic now?

Anonymous said...

It's May 21st and Miguel Cabrera still hasn't been traded by the Tigers....G$ wasn't that supposed to have happened by now? And how has that Verlander guy been doing?


SSReporters said...

Varejao and Ilgauskas need to finally grasp catching the ball when LeBron passes it to them in the post on a consistent basis. Varejao was a dropping machine and was responsible for 2 turnovers.

There's no way that final possession was to take a three. With no Dwight Howard, I don't care if Delonte is eating a sandwich in the corner, attack that basket with LeBron.

Then again, we could be talking about another Rashard three (but at the buzzer) even if the Cavs had scored.

Dustin said...

The last 16 seconds last night proved why kobe is better than lebron! There's no way that kobe would pass that ball. Is lebron too scared to take a jump shot with the game on the line?

Drew- the tigers could be winless and they wouldn't trade miggy. Not only is he good now, but he's only 26... That would be like getting rid of manny Ramirez or Jim thome in their prime like some shitty run franchise in Cleveland. However, I wouldn't be surprised to see maggs get let go If he doesn't start producing. If he gets a certain number of at bats this year, we have to take him on next year for 18 million. G$ may have had the right idea.. Just not the right guy.

GMoney said...

Dut, you are a fucking moron. There was no shot there and Delonte, who had JUST made a three from that spot, was WIDE OPEN. You're right. Kobe would have shot that with 4 guys hanging on him. Fucking idiot. Go watch NASCAR and fuck your sister, hillbilly!

Ace, Mike Brown made Gregg Popovich!!! Obviously, I don't believe this but slandering Coach Mike means slandering his mentor, too, you hypocritical asshat.

Drew, oh, you mean I missed on a prediction? Whatever will I do to redeem myself? Should I apologize to the guy that kept telling me in the Summer of 2002 that Mike D'Andrea was going to be a stud? Nah.

Relax. The Cavs played like shit, scored 106 points, and lost by one while absorbing Orlando's best shot. We will be fine.

Anonymous said...

G$ has made the perfect point in that last post, NOT ONE player for the cavs last night had a good game other than LeBron and we put up 106 pts and lost by 1! Don't u idiot detroit fans see this??

Although im not sure that Z should play at all the rest of the series, he looked/played terrible. Howard made him look like an idiot and why the fuck was he taking a 3 down one with 2 minutes to play?! really??

When delonte and mo start to combine to shoot over 35%, we will win by 20.


ekali81 said...

Not as easy as you thought it would be ? That wasnt the Magics best shot . Can't wait for friday 107-106

GMoney said...

ekali, I never said that it was going to be easy. But that was your best shot. I wouldn't go shooting my mouth off just yet. We are a lot different than an awful Sixers team that beat you at home and a dead Celtics team that also won in your barn.

Either way, I'm enjoying the give and take here. I've never met a Magic fan before...didn't even know that they existed.

ekali81 said...

thats not my best shot , i just dont talk shit . us boys in orlando are more afraid of u , than u are of us . i live in orlando and am just happy to have a pro team to represent . but in the end magic in seven . cause we damn sure aint detroit and atl

SSReporters said...

Kobe sure did take over down the stretch didn't he Dustin?