Tuesday, April 07, 2009

We Have A Winner

Before we do an extremely quick summation of the national championship game from last night, congratulations are in order. The Money Shot's bracket challenge title has been claimed. The winner goes by the name of Tim Bruns and you may know him as my former boss, mediocre fantasy football general manager, and lover of all things "Uncle Leo". Bunny (if you google search "Tim Bruns", this picture of two gay guys doing yoga pops up) is the inspiration behind the new NBC Thursday night comedy, Parks and Recreation. You know what though, they should have made that show based on my time working for the city of Napoleon. It was there that I really honed my craft as the world's worst employee. Off the top of my head, I can think of at least 3 shows (when I discovered the "cabinet of found porn mags", driving by the city pool to check out the broads at least twenty times per day, and the time when I was sleeping in the work truck and was awaken with a gallon of water to the face and then did what any rational person would do by trying to run over three guys with the aforementioned truck...just like Dante Stallworth). Fuck Amy Poehler...that show should be about me, dammit.

What the hell was I just talking about? Oh, I'm still trying to decide on what the prize pack will consist of, but it will be on your doorstep soon enough. I was going to Xerox my balls and then autograph it, but I figured that the people that work on my floor likely would not find it as funny as I would. Fucking prudes. A few notes to close out the college hoops season:

-A boring ass championship game ends a boring ass tournament. Worst March Madness that I can remember.
-Ty Lawson is a force that can not be stopped and probably played his way into the top 5 come June.
-Good job, refs, for calling 400 fouls during that game. Because everyone loves to watch free throws.
-I hate on the Heels a lot, but you have to respect a group of kids that came back for one reason only and they did it.
-The Carolina win by no means validate the ACC as the best conference.
-Had MSU won, it would have done nothing to improve the Big Ten's standing. No one criticized Sparty as being fraudulent anyway.

Oh well, at least that was the final time that we have to see #50 play until he ends up replacing Kurt Thomas on the Spurs next year.


Anonymous said...

You should get him a razor to shave off those shitty side burns.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Domination. As advertised. I could not be happier for my boy Tyler Hansbrough, or as Lil Strut may know him, Tyler Mansbrough and Roy Williams (what a great coach). You guys might not like him, but 2 championships in 5 years, not too shabby. Every single one of you would want Hansbrough on your team, and G$ if he played for Florida, like your boy Timmy T, you might then appreciate his donation to the sport of college basketball. He has his championship now and will make his way to the NBA as a journeyman, at least that is what I predict. I can only hope the Cavs or Spurs draft him, only so that way his legacy can be passed on to you or Mr. Ace. With all that being said, it is also a sad day for us Tarheel fans as we have to watch Hansbrough, Lawson, Ellington and Green leave for the NBA. But look out, the Heels are reloading and I predict another championship in 2 years.

I attended the Semi-finals on Saturday and I am glad I did. Money well spent to see a Tarheel great finish his career. Rest in peace memories of Tyler Hansbrough.


GMoney said...

Yeah, Bruns is a real fudgepacker.

Lange, I like Roy. I just didn't like his recruiting class from 4 years ago. Hansbrough will NEVER be at the same level as Mr. Tebow!

Fortunately, I don't see the Cavs in the market for a big this coming draft.

Dustin said...

**cough** Lange is a front runner **cough**

Anonymous said...

Explain this front runner comment further Dustin.

Your friend/enemy

Anonymous said...

Let me explain Lange calling Hansbrough the name of Tyler Mansbrough. You see, it was my hypothesis when I lived with Lange that he had a boner for Hansbrough. He had such strong feelings for Hansbrough, that he would dunk on a tiny plastic hoop (made for kids) that was 6'6 high and scream "MANSBROUGH!!!" every time he dunked it (this was a daily occurence). I think Lange has dreams of attempting to take a charge from "Mansbrough" only to have "Mansbrough" dunk over him and teabag him in the process. Of course, Lange would have been called for the blocking foul because he would have been shuffling his feet for optimal ball placement on his face. However, credit is due to UNC. They absolutely killed people this tournament and deserve the title.

-Lil' Strut

Mr. Ace said...

Of course they deserve the title. They won it, didn't they?