Monday, April 20, 2009

Sometimes Ties Aren't Bad

For as much as I loathe the Red Sox and their "nation" of inbred, pink hat-wearing, bandwagon fans, a Yankees/Indians series is a close second to me when it comes to must-wins. The two teams opened up new Yankee Stadium this weekend and I feel that it warrants some discussion. So today, I unleash my thoughts on the 4 game split and I promise, much like yesterday's game, there will be no interference in this post (ZING!).

Oh hell yes, the new cathedral officially opens it's doors! I took the afternoon off to watch that much anticipated CC/Cliff Lee matchup and it was...underwhelming. Both guys had decent lines but neither was great. CC walked every other hitter he faced and Lee was Paul Byrd-like by only having one 1-2-3 inning in his day of work. I guess one thing that Tribe fans can look forward to is that Lee broke a TON of bats on Thursday which tells you that he is getting close to having his location back. The game was broken open by the Yankees God awful middle relief and that's all that we'll say about that. Man, our bullpen outside of Brian Bruney and Mo is really, really bad. But then again, they have been asked to pitch way too many innings so far. Mr. Cheap Double, Jhonny Peralta, was back to his normal ways with plenty of crappy bloop opposite field extra base hits that we've all grown to hate. One thing that does bother me having watched the first few games at the new place is that the crowd sucks. It sounded like a funeral. They forgot that when CC has 2 strikes on a guy, YOU STAND AND CLAP! Very frustrating to see that our blue-collar fans are probably not going to make the experience of a trip to the Bronx the same as in the past because they've been priced out of their seats.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, strands baserunners in scoring position better than the Yankees. My God, it gets so old. Anthony Reyes was giving up long balls like whoa and Joba was wilder than fuck, which led to a game with no flow. In the end, it was the Indians turn to have their terrible middle relief (Vinny Chulk!) suck and the Yanks dropped 5 solo bombs en route to a 6-5 win. I didn't watch it but the win is all that mattered. You know, the funny thing about Indians fans is that they were extremely quick to talk shit to me on Thursday evening but had nothing to say about this game. Such cowards. How long has it been now? 61 years? I guess I would get a bit defensive and blow my load after 1 win if I had a 61 year itch, too. And get comfortable because as long as your manager is Eric Wedge, that drought will not end. You had your chance two years ago and blew it.

Seriously, the Wang Experience should be on an extremely short leash now. I was driving back from Marysville after my DH and was listening to the Cavs crush the Pistons as expected, so I had no idea what was going on. I heard that Teixeira made it 2-0 and that was that. Got a text from Damman 30 minutes later stating that "this is fun". Right then I had a feeling that Wang had blown that lead and then some. Little did I know that he and some guy that should be selling women's shoes served up 14 runs in the 2nd inning. FOURTEEN! How is that even possible? At least I didn't have to watch that turd when I got home (I did anyway but didn't feel obligated to do so). First of all, Wang gets one more start and if he still can't get out of the second inning, send his ass to extended spring training and get Phil Hughes up here. Second, don't take that Carmona start as a "he's cured!" He wasn't that good. I could pitch with a double digit lead. If you give up a home run to Melky Cabrera, you aren't right at all. Third, thank you, Fox, for that video of Cody Ransom jumping over Ken Rosenthal. That was much needed. Now if Ransom could just get his average over .200, I would be happy. 22-4 sucks...but it's just one game. There is no difference between that and a 5-4 loss so relax. Frankie says relax (what a well-timed and relevant reference!).

I watched this one from start to finish basically pissing my pants in anticipation for the epic failure of Carl Pavano's return. The only problem was that he was actually not horrible. Don't get me wrong, he still sucked because he's Carl Pavano, but he was shockingly effective. My boy, and upcoming Cy Young winner, AJ Burnett, made two mistakes but was otherwise flawless. By the way, I don't watch a lot of Indians games but their hitting approach was awesome. Patience. They waited for their pitch in EVERY at bat all weekend. Do they normally do this? If they did, they would be better than 5-9. Anyway, the big gripe of every stupid Indians fan is that borderline interference call on Hip Hip Jorge's pinch hit dinger in the 7th. Look, it was called a home run and there was not enough evidence for the umps to overturn it. STO's camera angles didn't show anything. YOU DON'T KNOW MORE ABOUT THE RULES THAN AN MLB UMPIRE! Deal with it. And if you want to complain about anything, how about bitching at your idiot manager for taking out your unshitty starting pitcher who will remain nameless to bring in a guy with an over FOURTEEN ERA! That was where you lost. Not on a relatively questionable call that wasn't really questionable anyway. When your manager does something that stupid, you deserve to lose. When you get only 4 hits, you will almost always lose. Bruney in the 8th, Ransom amazingly getting a hit for 3 RBI on a play that Choo pretty much quit on, and Mo in the 9th. Over. Split.

So what do we take from these two teams who are widely regarded as "should-be" playoff teams? Honestly, the Tribe should/could have swept the 4 games and I will admit that. And for that, I am more than pleased with a split while Tribe fans should be sort of pissed that they only got two games. They were sticking it while the Yankees bats were ice cold (Nick Swisher sucks again!). The big red flag for both of these teams is that bullpen. Both of them will have a really hard time getting the ball to their closers all year. My God, were they bad or what?

Let's do this again four more times at the end of May, shall we? Hopefully, by then our starting pitching will be figured out. I promise no more extended Yankees' series recaps. I'm working on my own mock draft so there is something you can look forward to later in the week. Well, that and Dut is out of the country so you can sleep easier tonight.


Anonymous said...

-I'm not going to use the bad call yesterday as an excuse for the loss yesterday (isn't a fan reaching into the field of play and hitting a fielder's glove the very definition of fan interference?) because the bullpen and that rocket of a bases clearing double by Ransom was the reason for the loss. Coming into New York you know any close call is going to go to the Yankees so you have to be ready to take it up the ass every time you take the field there. Leaving the bases loaded in the 7th hurt and then Perez and rest of the bullpen blew up. That's why they lost.

-Do you usually text people after your team loses? I don't and I'm guessing that's why Indians were quiet after Friday's game. Thursday being their home opener and them losing by 8 runs was the reason why us Indians fans got a litte excited.

-Overall, it was a good series and I'm looking forward to the next series in May. Hopefully the visitors clubhouse at the Jake has some quality mirrors for ARod to make out with himself.


Mr. Ace said...

What about the Eagles stealing Jason Peters?!?!? Dut isn't here to completely change the subject in the comments so I will take his place.

GMoney said...

Good for you, Ace, spending 60 mill on a LT who led the league in sacks given up last season!!! What a steal! And to top it off, you get to root for Beanie Wells now! Man, I wish that I was an Eagles fan.

D, the ball hit the fan in the chest first and if STO brought more than one camera with them, you would have seen it, too. Do I text people when my team loses, of course not. I've learned to be careful about shooting off prematurely at the mouth though.

I have a feeling that Grady the Fag would like to kiss A-Rod.

Anonymous said...

I think you have been celebrating 420 all day if you say it hit the guy in the chest first. Arms extended, hands hit Crowe's glove and the ball, not sure which replay you were watching.

Again it didn't end up mattering, but you are smoking crack if you honestly believe your arguement.


GMoney said...

If it wasn't a home run, than the umpires would not have called it one. You saw it, they looked at the play for five minutes and saw every angle. It was gone. Get over it. Your bullpen is just as bad as ours.

Mr. Ace said...

Agree with Damman, the ball definitely didn't hit the fan in the chest.

Agree with G$, both of your bullpen's blow.

Beanie Wells will not be a Philadelphia Eagle. Peters is going to be a monster.

Tony B. said...

Burnett battled yesterday, but 7 walks in 6 and a third innings usually spells trouble. He's not winning any awards without better control.

Extended Spring Training would be a very good idea for Wang.