Thursday, April 16, 2009

Local Sports Nuggets

I'm taking a half day at work today so that I can watch the first game at Yankee Stadium. It's going to be quite enjoyable to view CC Sabathia get revenge on the franchise that tried to ruin his career before he found greatness. The game is on MLB Network (I will not be watching the STO version) and it's been awhile since I've heard Bob Costas call a baseball game. Should be fun. Probably much more fun than Mr. Ace sitting in Co-Pa yesterday watching his Pale Hose get crushed by the White Trash. Anyway, there are 5 separate nuggets of sports news going on in central Ohio currently and I figured that now would be as good a time as any to discuss them publicly. Nothing quite worthy of a full post, but together, they mesh well into one big awful post! After all, nothing gets the comments section going like a little slandering of the local college sports team here.

-Huntington Park opens this weekend
I can only remember going to one Clippers game in my life and it was Dime-a-dog night. It was awesome. We also got to boo Drew Henson and everyone loves that. But the Clips open up the new Huntington Park and from everything that I've seen and heard, the place is sweet. It may not be as nice as the Mud Hens park (which is better than some MLB stadiums), but it has to be better than Cooper Stadium. I'm quite certain that that place had a 154 game streak of someone getting shot. Rumor has it that you and 11 of your ugliest friends can get a suite at the new place for $500. That's not a bad deal at all. And in another month, you will be able to see Cliff Lee make all of his future starts in that building!

-Goodbye, Mark Titus?
I read his blog about this last week but didn't think much of it. But then, on my drive home Monday, I heard on the radio that it was apparently true. Club Trillion founder and Ohio State bench expert, Mark Titus, has sent his paperwork into the NBA and is declaring himself eligible for the draft. Words can't even describe how hilarious this is. Thankfully, he has not yet hired an agent. We all can see that this is a joke but, man, that is good stuff. I wonder if he will be invited to any of the pre-draft camps. This man sure knows how to entertain. I just wish that he would post more than once per week.

-CBJ/Wings tonight!
The NHL playoffs really begin tonight! While I was skeptical at first, fuck it, I'm down now. My Jackets are going to pull off the shocker and beat the Wings. I really have no basis for this other than my severe disdain for anything and everything from Detroit. They do have a shitty goalie in Chris Osbad (see what I did there!) so maybe that will help the CBJ's cause. One thing is for sure, Steve Mason has to stand on his head (I don't know what that means) for this entire series. Let's shove some octopus up Kwame Kilpatrick's, Drew's, and GSaul's asses!

-The Memorial news is starting to pick up!
Last week, it was announced that Paddy Harrington and Masters choker, Kenny Perry, would be coming to Dublin this year for Jack's tournament. I've read that they expect Tiger and Phil to commit soon as well. There was another commital last For the third straight year, G$ will be sitting green-side at Muirfield sucking down beers in the hot fucking sun while sweating through two shirts and producing some of the nastiest swamp ass this side of the Mississippi. I love it. I can't wait. I encourage all of my readers (especially in the area) to head down to this extremely well run event at a beautiful golf course.

-Pryor sucks
We couldn't end this without a little Buckeye football bashing! Don't think that I'm going soft on you here. So QB and professional Dut hater, Terrelle Pryor, has been held out of spring practices the last few days due to a sore arm. A sore arm? WTF? Rumor has it that TP hasn't been very impressive anyway. The guy still stares down his receivers and has the same fucked up delivery in his throwing motion. The same exact problems that he had last year! Weren't they going to correct that this Fall? I guess that Gentleman Jim had better things to do this offseason besides making his QB an actual threat to throw the ball downfield. Ohio State fucking sucks (I need to say this not only because I believe it, but because you pussies need to wake up and start calling me a prison fuckdoll again).

And to finish off this Ohio-related post, how about the logo for the upcoming UK/MU game. RUMBLE AT THE RIVER!!! Who's got a boner!


Anonymous said...

I'm no hockey expert, but hasn't Chris Osgood been in the league for 30 years?

Pryor just has a sore arm because he has been working so hard on his throwing mechanics, doesn't sound like a bad thing to me. I would like to know who is saying that he is not looking very impressive. You can't just say "rumor has it" and throw out anything you want.

How about a live post for the game today. I want to hear about all 10 of Clifton Lee's strikeouts today.


GMoney said...

If I had a laptop and desire, I would do that. I want you to know exactly when Nick Swisher (nickname still pending) takes Clipper Lee deep this afternoon.

I heard the Pryor shit from The Common Man and The Torg who heard it from Ken Gordon who goes to practice everyday...there...I name names!!!

The whole point of the internet is to say things like that with something as general as "rumor has it" attached.

Anonymous said...

I got some thoughts for you....

*Where is the blog post about Hulk Hogan saying he completely understands what O.J. did and could see himself doing it now? That's one of the craziest comments of all time.

*Huntington Park will be cool. But, I'll miss that old dump. Went to a few games in a "suite" there last year and we always just peed in the sink instead of walking around the concourse to the bathrooms. You could also bring your own beer in if you had tickets in a "suite".

*Shut your mouth on Pryor. He got a sore arm from throwing like a zillion passes a day. He's already a beast...I'm not sure what type of adjective will be thrown on him when he gets better at throwing.

*Mr. Ace is a white sox fan? No surprise since he's such a doucher. Very nice start for the Tigers. Cy Young for Armando Galarragga?

*Chris Osbad? Good lord. It would have been much funnier if you said Chris Wasgood. Either way, convince what you want the Jackets aren't winning this may go 5 or 6 games, but nothing more. All this Steve Mason talk is hilarious. If you gave the Jackets Luongo or Brodeur they would still be heavy underdogs.


Upstate Underdog said...

You mention Costas calling the game, but no mention of Jim Kaat doing some of the game today? For shame, you disappoint me G$.

Anonymous said...


Are you and FEW busy this weekend...I am heading down with my wife, and and her mom to watch my niece pitch this weekend for Hilliard Davidson at Upper Arlington, in a tourney..and was hoping to get together at some point during the weekend. I am wanting to try and go to...."The Thurman Cafe" is it???



GMoney said...

The Hulkster is all class, brother! Damn, Wasgood is a solid choice but that it also implying that he, you know, was good. Carry the Flag!

UU, forgot that Kaat and Harold Reynolds were involved...should be an outstanding telecast.

LWM, I hope you aren't inviting me to a girl's softball game. I'm umping in Marysville Saturday and praying that my allergies don't render me useless for the next couple days. As far as Thurman's goes, good luck. Prepare to wait 3 hours for a table on the weekend.

Anonymous said...

No I wasn't inviting you to the game, I was just giving a backdrop to the reason for visiting the capitol city.

If T.T.C. is too packed, I am ALWAYS up for Damon's ribs, or something like that.......LMK

Final in the Bronx today...

NYY 17
Clev 2

G$, I saw Bernie Williams on Mike and Mike yesterday, and word if he is going to be playing the National Anthem or just being at the ball park today???


Dustin said...

As much as you suck off the sto announcers, I can't believe you'd rather watch the mlb network. Not sure about the blackout rules, but you may be forced to watch shitty sto. Every time the tigers would be on espn back up north, it would get blacked out so people watch rod Allen and fox Detroit.

Either way, go Yankees!

Anonymous said...

Dut, glad you chimed in. Who wouldn't want to watch Rod Allen? The man is baseball genius with his incoherent ramblings about how Brandon Inge and every Tiger should be in the Hall of Fame.

As bad as the Indians have been this year, the rest of the division is so bad that they are only 3 games out of first. The Indians will end up stumbling into the title.

Rick Manning should be managing the Tribe.

CC will walk 10 guys today because he will be too amped up to face his former mates.

Tribe 9
Skanks 7


Mr. Ace said...

G$, you can actually say "rumor has it" and throw out anything you want, Herbstreit has made a living off of it.

I told you Pryor can't throw. Put him at WR, seriously.

Hey Drew, you schoolboy groping fag, how shitty do the Tigers have to be for you to say that they are having a good start at 5-4? But at least it isn't 0-12 or whatever it got to last year.

I would rather watch the Special Olympics door knob humping competition than watch hockey.

Dustin said...

Damman- Its amazing how your spirits get lifted after a win against the royals. You are 5 games under 500 after 9 games! You sound like me last year... "its early.. The division sucks.. Well get hot soon.." just face it- your season is over! It took me a while to accept it last year too. I know what you're going through.

Dustin said...

Ace- there are a lot more bright spots for the tigers this year than their 1st place 5-4 record. Ass.

GMoney said...

I knew that this post would get everyone fired up. You dumbfucks are too easy to read.

Grumpy said...

What does it say about you that those "dumbfucks" are apparently your friends?

GMoney said...

It only shows that I associate with people of less than reputable character.

Mr. Ace said...

Your damn right.

GMoney said...

This is quite a display by our great bullpen.

You know it's bad when the fans are chanting, "We want Swisher" to pitch.

Anonymous said...

i think Tiger and Phil will both be there as well..

Im going to do my best and make it there this year.. We'll see. Last year was the first year I missed in probably 8 years.