Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Never Too Early

There are already mock drafts out for next year which shows that even the NFL Draft is a year round event.

A few things of note:
-Sam Bradford should not be the #1 pick.
-The Lions are already projected to be the worst team in the league again.
-Colt McCoy is apparently not a first round talent.
-This guy thinks that the Chargers will beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl which is laughable for two reasons: 1) That would mean that Donovan McNabb will win 2-3 or playoff games and 2.) Norv Turner still coaches the Chargers.

But the best possible news of all is this:

13. Washington Redskins
Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

All it takes is for one team to fall in love with the chosen one. No owner develops crushes like Daniel Snyder, who will take Tebow 10 picks too early. Tebow doesn't necessarily fit the mold of a Jim Zorn quarterback, but there could be a new coach in Washington by draft day if the Redskins end up slotted at No. 13.

Eventhough the Redskins will be picking at #32 next year, I think that my head, penis, and bowels just simultaneously exploded. And it felt great. Wow. That would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I could post the pic of the chick with the knockers on a daily basis. It would give me a great excuse to break out my Tebow thong each and every Sunday.
Make it happen, Dan Snyder. I will patiently wait for a full calendar year to have my soul saved by the chosen one.


Anonymous said...

Kinda like how Steve Spurrier really worked out for you guys. Tebow is a college quarterback just like Spurrier was a college coach. But, I'm sure your dumbass owner would love to have him in first round, about 3 rounds above where he should be taken.


Anonymous said...

But it would be nice to see the chick with the knockers everyday. Is she posted today? I can't see pictures.


GMoney said...

She is. But don't lump Tebow in with Spurrier...Ol' Ball Coach did not offer salvation to his followers.

Mr. Ace said...

Jason Campbell has already requested a trade for next year.

Damman, I believe all quarterbacks were once college football players. Crazy.

Dustin said...

ace- I think Damman was referring to tebows playing style, you no selling waste of spACE!

GMoney said...

For what it's worth, I'm 95% certain that Dan Snyder will sign Michael Vick. I'm dead serious, too. Think about it, Campbell is a free agent after this year. He likes big name guys. He can use the excuse that "he's from the area and has always wanted to play at home".

It's a match made in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Ace, I forgot you were a moron. I'll be more clear next time.

Vick going to D.C. would be a great move. He could take Sean Taylor's vacated position as official team thug.