Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Drought Is Over

Fuck and yes! Your Columbus Blue Jackets are officially playoff bound for the first time in franchise history! The only NHL team to never make the playoffs now has a 1 in 16 shot to take home Lord Stanley's Cup!

Hell yeah. I've been a diehard Jackets fan since their inception into the league (not true, it's been more like two years). We have the best goalie in the league in Steve Mason (probably not true), the best player in the league in Rick Nash (not true, but close), and the best coach in the league in BIG Ken Hitchcock (might be true). Hell yes. The CBJ have finally gotten over the hump.

Hey, the Rays went to the World Series. The Cardinals went to the Super Bowl. Doc Rivers won an NBA championship. So why the fuck can't my Jackets win it all? CARRY THE FLAG!!!


Anonymous said...

A.) Mason has had probably the best season in the league, but Luongo and Brodeur are definitely the best goalies in the league.

B.) Nash is not close to being the best player in the league. The Red Wings alone have four players better than him (Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Hossa).

C.) Hitchcock is not the best coach in the league. He ran the Flyers into the ground and they rented a caterpiller truck to get him out of there.

D.) Better hold onto that six guys don't want any part of the Sharks or Red Wings.


GMoney said...

Just need one point in two games to lock up 6. Nash is better than Gretzky.