Tuesday, April 21, 2009

But I Don't Want To Get Dirty

I've started working on my mock draft and will unleash it later this week. First of all, those things are fucking tough to do. I don't know what the Packers need or what kind of defense the Bills run. It is much much harder than you think. I don't get paid to write about the NFL (or paid at all) so why should I give a shit about the Dolphins needs? But, I think I have everyone slotted for the first round and now I just a need a day or two to finalize it.

One thing bothers me though as we lead up to this weekend's draft. And that is that the always brilliant Dan Snyder seems to want to rebuild again. Everyone is reporting that he is in love with Mark Sanchez. God dammit, please don't do this. I would bet that 99% of Redskins fans are awesome and also would hate to see our team pull off some stupid lop-sided deal to trade up for this potential one year wonder.

Let's be honest, this kid is going in the top ten. He may go either 4 or 5. Sanchez isn't falling to 13. If he would, then fine, go get him. But since he will not last that long, how about you not dump 2 first rounders, a third, and probably a 5th for one guy who couldn't even win in Corvallis, Oregon. If he can't win there with insane amounts of talent, what is he going to do in Dallas or New York or Philly??? This concerns me...a lot. We only have one pick in the top 75 this year anyway so trading up here would not only fuck over this year's draft, but next year's as well.

Is Jason Campbell a franchise QB? We still don't know for certain 4 years after he was drafted in the first round (in which Snyder traded up to get him). If we would ever stop changing coaches and offenses every season, maybe we would know this by now. But Snyder and Vinny Cerrato's ineptitude has prevented us from knowing these things. They already shit all over Campbell by trying to get Cutler and now they let it leak that they really want a one year starting college QB? This makes no sense to me. But what should I expect. It's my fault. I support a Dan Snyder owned team.

I just pray to God that the Seahawks bite the bullet and fuck over Snyder's plans here. We don't need a fucking QB. Hell, if Campbell sucks this year, the QB's coming out next year are MUCH better. We need a god damn pass rushing DE or an offensive tackle. I'm sick and fucking tired of never pressuring the QB/watching our QB run for his life. When will these dumb fucks learn that you build a team from the inside out. Only the Raiders and Texans would draft a QB without having competent people blocking for him.

Dammit, why does my owner always make me plan for the worst...


Grumpy said...

Because he's and egomaniac with lot's of money. As such, he probably has some flunky surfing the net looking for people saying bad things about him. So he's decided to fuck G$ this year.

GMoney said...

Good points, Grump.

In case you didn't notice, I'm back to posting pics of shirtless men again...I can't wait until my next A-Rod post.

Mr. Ace said...

Looks like you should have went after Jason Peters. Hefty contracts are never a problem for Snyder.

I just don't know about Jason Campbell. There are some games when everything is clicking and he looks like a top 10 qb. But I usually watch him and think he has absolutely no fucking idea what is going on. And he seems like the kind of guy that gets ran all over in the locker room. That being said, if you want to make the playoffs in the next two years then Campbell has to be your qb.

Wait til next year and draft your man-crush/masturbation stimulus Tebow.

GMoney said...

Chris Samuels is just fine at LT. We already took the best OL that the Bills had last year in Derrick Dock--almost got through that without laughing.

That's the big problem I'm having. Don't dump on Campbell until you KNOW that he isn't the guy. I'd give him this year and then welcome Tebow with open arms/butt cheeks.

Tony B. said...

The answer is not any of these guys- all the Redskins need to do is go with Todd Collins and they'll be playoff bound- at least.