Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Record-Setting Night In Cleveland

This is Jerry Sauder. He officiates in the Mid-American Conference. He is fucking terrible. He has been ever since I've followed the conference.

Last night, Jerry's crew had the Toledo/Akron game. It featured the 7-25 Rockets blow a 12 point lead with 4 minutes to play in regulation. It featured the 7-25 Rockets blow a one point lead with 1.5 seconds remaining in overtime. It featured a lucky ass shot that helped Akron move on to face my RedHawks on Thursday night.

The record set, you ask? Mr. Clean Sauder and his two other buttfucks called a record 62 fouls in a 45 minute game. SIXTY TWO FOULS. Yes, that is a record (used to be 60) and, yes, the game took about 3 hours to complete. Both teams had 3 guys foul out. The Rockets feature only 8 kids on scholarship so you can see why this would be somewhat of an issue.

62 fucking fouls! Can you believe that? If you see Sauder officiating a game, you know damn well that something fucking retarded is going to happen and your team is getting fucked. I swear to God, the officiating in the MAC gets worse and worse every season. They would be better off just having the players call fouls like it was a god damn pick-up game. Where's Ed Hightower when you need him.


Grumpy said...

The refs in the MAC were bad 20 years ago and this generation is upholding the tradition. 62 fouls is insane.

Mr. Ace said...