Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Recap Of My Primer

I apologize for this sort of 3/4-assed post. I had a fantasy baseball draft and when you couple that with the new South Park, Damages, and Throwdown With Bobby Flay, I was a little short on time last night. Every once in awhile, I like to pat myself on the back for a job very well done (just like Barry Horowitz!). On November 13th, I unleashed my college hoops primer into the blogosphere and I think that now is as good a time as ever to analyze my thoughts from 4 months ago. Shall we:

My Preseason Top 5:
5. Michigan State
4. UConn
2. Louisville
1. North Carolina
-Not bad at all. 4 of those teams are currently in the top 7-8 depending on the poll that you look at. UCLA's freshmen didn't quite perform to their potential and I probably should have given Pitt more love. But all in all, I'm giving myself a hearty +4 for those picks.

Most Overrated: #14 Tennessee
Ding, motha-fuckin' ding. Right on. They are in, but as a 9-10 seed and will not survive the first weekend. Just as this genius predicted.

Most Underrated: #23 Villanova
Right again, bitch! I love this team. They don't have enough to make a deep run, but as I said in November, they will be a bitch to eliminate. Kind of like Marquette had Dominic James not gotten hurt.

This Year's Davidson: St. Mary's
Damn. Had Patty Mills not busted up his shit, this would have been a great pick. If they get in, I think that they can advance. But it appears that the Gaels will be on the outside looking in because shitty teams like Michigan who have 12 losses and finished .500 in their mediocre conference deserve the shot. Life is fair to the little guys. And don't give me that shit that the Big Ten is #1 in RPI. You can't possibly believe that this crap league deserves 7 teams.

First Coach Fired: Bruce Weber
I think it ended up being Dennis Felton at UGa. Oh well, Weber still sucks balls and has the voice of a 4 year old boy.

3 Bold Predictions:
Oklahoma wins the Big 12 (didn't happen and wasn't bold anyway)
USC will be better without Mayo (more wrong than light mayonaise)
Notre Dame will struggle because they shoot too many 3's (you are correct, sir!)

Naismith Winner: Stephen Curry
-He was never going to win it anyway. It's Blake Griffin's award. By the way, I found myself actually hating Curry this year. All the love that he got last year (which was well-deserved) continued on throughout this season when it was not warranted. Sure, he scored a lot. But he wasn't the same player this season. And I thought this before the injury, too. I just didn't like what I saw when I watched Davidson. But I'll bet anything that the NIT is pumped to get them.

Final Four: Oklahoma, UCLA, Louisville, Purdue
-I still like OU and the 'Ville and I'll even stick with Purdue. But I want to switch UCLA with Pitt. Last year, we got all the 1 seeds in the Final Four...something fucked up is coming this year. Nobody chokes like Tyler Hansbrough in the NCAA tourney!
Champ: LOUISVILLE (I'm changing that to Pitt, if you can beat the RedHawks by 29, you can beat anybody!)

Not bad, right? I know my shit. There is a reason why I'm widely considered an expert at every sport...because I know more than everybody else combined. And my ego will never receive it's comeuppance. NEVER! A few more things regarding conference tourney week...

-My new pick for "this year's Davidson" is North Dakota State. Ben Woodside...remember that name.
-How can I like Pitt when they have a 300 pound PG? The last time that an anomaly like this happened, Khalid El-Amin's UConn Huskies cut down the nets.
-I have a bad feeling that Syracuse is going to go far. If they would ever tighten up their zone, they would be unstoppable. It's too bad that their coach is too stupid to know that.
-Whatever you do, do NOT pick the MAC representative to win a game on your bracket. In fact, if you are a betting man, lay the points because there is no chance that that game will be close.
-Lastly, fuck Keith Dambrot, Nate "The 'Tard" Linhart, and the rest of the Akron Zips right in the ass. The RedHawks will send them packing (fudge?) tonight. I love this time of year...


Anonymous said...

Nice selections for the year G$......let's see, on your most hated All-American list:



I still hope you are wrong, and you have to sit through the agony of watching Psycho T, and the rest of the Tar Heels cutting down the nets at Ford Field...



Anonymous said...

7 teams? We gonna get eight teams in !

--Kalin Lucas

GMoney said...

Welcome aboard, Kalin! You were a much more deserving Player of the Year than Evan Turnover!!! Tell Goran Suton that sideburns are for fags.

LWM, I will kill myself if that big stiff is cutting down the nets in a month.

Tony B. said...

A Khalid El-Amin sighting in your blog? That's one guy I forgot existed until right now. He's probably at an all-you-can-eat buffet smiling...

Mr. Ace said...

Fuck St. Mary's. Michigan is twice as deserving as those pieces of shit.

You can't possibly want to stick with Purdue. That's retarted.

Michigan makes the Elite Eight! Count it.

Tony B. said...

St. Mary's with a healthy Patty Mills is WAY better than Michigan. Ace, how are you that pumped up over Michigan in the tourney? I know they're you're team and all, but their poor road record screams early exit.

Anonymous said...

Ace, you just lost what little credibility that you had. Michigan in the elite 8? You've got to be kidding me. If Michigan is going to the elite 8, than Ohio St. is going to the championship game since they easily handled Michigan twice.

I don't believe that at all but I just wanted to illustrate how dumb your prediction is.


GMoney said...

Guys, if you haven't figured this out yet, Mr. Ace is that asshole that was fired by the Eagles for being stupid on Facebook. He can't spell damn or retarded and constantly kills our brain cells. I'm sticking with Purdue because they are finally healthy again.

Michigan has to play on day one of the Big Ten tournament = should not be playing for the national championship. It's simple math.

Mr. Ace said...

Easy guys. G$, I was hoping you would get the retarted joke, queermo. Remember when you said NW deserved to be in?
And USC better without Mayo? You're really intelligent.

Musberger and co. even said during the Iowa game that they could see M making it to the sweet sixteen. I just took it a step further, because that is what I do.

Tony B., what does our neutral court win over UCLA scream? I know, Greatness.
You are WAY gayer with G$ dick in your mouth.

Damman, fag off and go play your semen drinking fuckeye game. How's that for credibility.

Get that weak shit out of my house.

Anonymous said...

Well, shit, if Musburger and Lavin say it's gonna happen then it's gonna happen.

It's really cute that you think Michigan has a good basketball team. But, I guess when your football team sucks as bad as it does you gotta hold on to something. How's Michigan's womens volleyball team this year?


Grumpy said...

26-9 and Regional Semifinalist.

GMoney said...

Stop it, Damman. I see where you are trying to take this and I'm not letting that happen. It's not even fucking football season.

FYI, UCLA isn't very good this year. And USC didn't win a tourney game last year and they won't win one this year so I wasn't ridiculously wrong.

NW made me look like an ass. Don't worry, I'm devising a plan to kill Bill Carmody as we speak.

allan stokke said...

Purdue? Oh man I rofl'ed hard

Anonymous said...

Curry was actually pretty good this year. He looks worse because Davidson wasn't nearly as good. No Jason Richards= Curry can't run off screens and get open looks. At times, Curry would pass, but he couldn't the ball back. And then he also lost a lot of his supporting cast.
But yeah, St. Mary's and the mid-majors in general got robbed this year. Only 4 at-larges, all to teams that were locks. 2006 with Mason and the Mizzou Valley getting 4 bids seems like ancient history now. Guess the BCS conferences doubled their bribe money to get their teams in.