Monday, March 16, 2009

Bracket Bastards

I'm sitting here, on Sunday night, trying to digest all of the hoops that I watched this weekend and cross-referencing that knowledge with the revealing of the bracket. I just listened to Jay Bilas and Dickie V scream at each other over teams #65 and 66. It was hilarious. Vitale, for some reason, just admitted that because Bilas went to Duke, Jay was much smarter than him. Awesome. I don't like Jay's schtick either because he supports the 8th place team in power conferences over the little guy. He's an elitist asshole but that makes sense considering that he went to Duke. I managed to come up with 5 big gripes about this year's tournament selection process:

Louisville got fucked
-How can the #1 overall seed get sodomized? Sure, they play within 3 hours of their campus (Dayton), but look what could potentially happen in round two. If Ohio State defeats a veteran Siena team (I don't think that they will), the Cards will face in 8 seed in their home state an hour away from their campus. How is that fucking fair at all? Why is a god damn 8 seed getting a favorable location? I always thought that if you were an 8 seed, you were a pretty bad team that was one seed fodder. I guess now it means that you get to play the first and second round of the tournament at home in an arena that will be 75% in your favor. That is absolutely absurd. If the NCAA truly believes that the Cards are the #1 overall seed, then they shouldn't have to play a road game in the tournament. This has nothing to do with my hatred of Ohio State. Even Buckeyes fans need to come clean and admit that, yes, this is quite ridiculous.

St. Mary's got fucked
-Arizona did not belong in. Period. You lose 13 games, finish 9-9 in a weak conference, and lose 5 of your final 6 games, you do not belong with the big boys. I am completely agreeing with Vitale on this one. When Patty Mills was healthy, the Gaels lost 2 games. He is healthy now. They should be there. The sad thing is that Arizona is going to win in round one because there is no excuse for Utah being a 5 seed and then the NCAA will feel vindicated. The moral of the story is that Arizona did not belong. And neither did Wisconsin. And neither did Michigan. November was a long ass time ago, the Wolverines don't belong either.

Memphis got fucked
-It doesn't really matter all that much, but I'm getting sick and tired of the Tigers not getting the credit that they deserve. They should have been a one seed. They will prove that by going back to the Final Four, too. No team in the country plays better defense and I think that UConn is shell-shocked still from the Big East tourney and will get upset early.

Purdue got fucked
-Let's see, you win the Big Ten tournament and that conference is apparently the #1 league in college hoops. Your reward is a 5 seed and a trip out to Portland, Oregon where a win gets you a road game with Washington. I don't get this. The Boilers are peaking at the right time and somehow get seeded lower than a shitty Xavier team? They are on the same seeding line as Utah, Illinois, and Florida State? That doesn't add up to me. Hell, the team that they beat yesterday gets a god damn home game (maybe two) yet Purdue has to travel across the country to play in the Huskies backyard. That is a complete fist-fucking. Gene Keady should be throwing molatov cocktails through the NCAA selection committee's windows.

Butler got fucked
-It seems like every year the Bulldogs get shortchanged when it comes to seeding. They were a top 25 team for a large chunk of the season yet get a 9 seed, face an LSU team that won the SEC, and even if they win, get to be North Carolina's sacrificial lamb. Personally, I would have had them as a 7. They are better than Cal and BC but probably not as good as Texas and Clemson. Brad "Mr. 12 Pack" Stevens should be infuriated.

All in all, I thought that the seeding committee did a pretty good job. There are some flaws like a mediocre 8 seed playing at home, but everything looks good to me. For the record, I like Syracuse to make the Final Four as my bold pick and North Dakota State to beat Kansas as my upset.

As for the blog's schedule this week, I took Thursday and Friday off from work so don't expect much past Wednesday other than a re-post of my best post ever (even Mr. Ace might like it!). And remember, SIGN UP FOR MONEY SHOT MADNESS OVER AT YAHOO AND TAKE HOME A MONEY SHOT PRIZE PACK!!! We've got 22 people in now and I would like to get it up to at least 40. Tell your friends! Tell the 12 year old that you are touching inappropriately! Tell the idiots that let Thad Matta coach his 8 seed team in his own state! I will not get over that ever.


Grumpy said...

Creighton & San Diego State got fucked too. Arizona shouldn't even be in the NIT.

Anonymous said...

Did Ohio State catch a break getting to play in Dayton? Yes they did. But I think you're going overboard on how much of a break it is and how much Louisville got screwed. I'm guessing Louisville is about 2 hours from Dayton. Not exactly going across the country and knowing their hilljack fans they will more represented than the 75-25 you predict. I think you are just working on your excuse ahead of time so when the Bucks pull off the upset you'll have something to blame it on.

Totally agree on St. Mary's getting jobbed.


GMoney said...

The point is, why is an 8 seed playing at home? Other than UNC and maybe Duke (I don't have a bracket in front of me) who actually EARNED that right, there can't be many other teams playing in their own state. So why does team #32 get to play an hour away from it's campus against the #1 team in the nation? How is that fair?

But it likely won't matter because the Saints are going to send them home early anyway.

Dustin said...

I didn't hear any griping when ohio state had to play lsu in Louisiana for the national title!

Went to indy this weekend for the tourney.. I saw Eddie George and his hot ass wife on the streets! She isn't much better in person.

Mr. Ace said...

I generally agree with everything you have said. Of course, we all know Michigan should be in and it wasn't even close. Arizona doesn't belong. St. Mary's doesn't belong. The one team that got fucked and has the biggest gripe is San Diego St. 35 in rpi and sos. They should be in instead of Arizona.

The Fuckeyes will lose to Sienna. Veteran mid major teams are no joke in March. I can't wait for Columbus to be burnt to the ground.

G$, how do you feel about changing the ncaa tourney? Either expanded the field or getting rid of conference tourney autobids. I think its retarted.

Anonymous said...

My dark horse pick is Michigan. They will win it all. They are unstoppable.


Dustin said...

I agree with Damman. Michigan has the most talent in the tourney and its not even close. How aren't they a top seed?

GMoney said...

I watched San Diego State in their conference finals and came away from their performance with one thought: Steve Fisher looks like Dr. Drew if he was stranded in Ethiopia for 3 years.

The NCAA tournament is fine. Why fuck with a good thing. Only a moron like Jay Bilas would want things changed.

Dut, that is not the same thing. In fact, you are being stupid. Everyone knew that the title game was in New Orleans that year and LSU happened to be one of the teams that played for the crown. They weren't handed homefield, they earned the right to play in that game.

Say the Buckeyes were sent to Greensboro instead of Dayton and played NC State insted of Siena. Wouldn't you be a pissed that the Wolfpack are playing a homegame???

Tony B. said...

Considering St Mary's beat San Diego State in their own gym- no, the Aztecs do not deserve a bid over the Gaels.

Jeff said...

It's not a home game for ohio state. The university got just over 500 tickets, not the whole 15000 some the place holds. It is nice to be able to play 75 miles away, but it will not be a home game atmosphere. This team has never played in dayton's gym and I can almost guarantee that Louisville will have more fans there considering they aren't very far from dayton either. You have to remember that there are 8 teams at each site so the tickets are divided up accordingly, but yes after the initial allotment that is given to each university the rest left over will be bought mostly by Ohio State, Louisville, and Pitt fans, but it is not a home game by any means.

GMoney said...

Jeff, please. You are smarter than this. I get it, the ticket allotment is the same across the board. But that doesn't change the fact that an 8 seed is playing an hour away from their campus. If you can't see how fundamentally wrong that is, then you should spend the majority of your time at Mr. Ace's site.

Say that OSU was sent out to Portland, not one person would bitch about that because, as an 8 seed, you have no rights. You are just happy to be in. So don't sit there and say that this isn't potentially a big deal.

Anonymous said...

didnt Mississipi St win the SEC??

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget though, this is just like the BCS. The selection committee is going to give the host sites the most opportunity to turn a profit. Ohio State at Dayton gives them a great chance at doing so. It may not be the fairest way, but plain and simply it is the truth.

-Lil' Strut