Monday, March 02, 2009

And They're Off!

We sort of touched on it on Friday, but it deserves it's own post today. The NFL Free Agency period has begun and it has not disappointed. I figured that I would take the 5 biggest signings/trades and give an unbelievably accurate response to each. Sounds fun, right? No? Well, if you don't like what I'm writing, why don't you go on a fishing trip with Corey Smith and Marquise Cooper. Too soon? Not soon enough?

KC is New England Junior
I'm not sure what to think about this really. I can see plusses and minuses on both sides. For the Chiefs, they got what they hope is a franchise QB and a veteran OLB. For the Pats, they shed an old guy on defense and a backup QB for the 34th pick. But was that enough? Who knows if Brady is ready to go next season. Hell, Vrabel has more career playoff touchdown catches than Marvin Harrison! But I guess that we should give them the benefit of the doubt as they have proven to know what the hell they are doing. I do have a hard time believing that one 2nd round pick was the best offer on the table though. And what about Cassel (pictured, singing Motownphilly I hope)? I'm not sold on him. The Pats had the easiest schedule in the NFL last year and couldn't even make the playoffs. He smells a lot more like Derek Anderson to me than he does Kurt Warner. I'm not calling him a fluke like DA CLEARLY was, but I think he's a fluke...if that makes sense.

Dan Snyder spends money
Look, you can say what you want to about all the cash that the Redskins have thrown around in the first 3-4 days of free agency, but one thing is certain: they are a lot better today than they were last week. Forget the money for a second, they signed the best player on the open market and a definite game changer. And don't draw comparisons to Snyder's past discretions please. Albert Haynesworth is NOT Bruce Smith or Deion or Archuleta or Jeremiah Trotter. He's in the prime of his career and everyone knows that he is the best player at his position. Will he live up to the entire 7 years of his contract? Of course not. But he's here now and he's ready to shut down Jacobs and Barber and Westbrook. As far as DeAngelo Hall, the guy was great with the Redskins. Sure, he played like shit for Bobby Petrino and the Raiders, but who didn't? The hidden gem was bringing back Derrick Dockery from Buffalo to play guard. This is a very large upgrade (we should not have let him go anyway). Everyone wants to say that the Redskins way is not the way to win in the NFL. Well, they have 4 picks this year in the draft and have pressure to win every year. What else were they supposed to do?

Kellen Winslow leaves Cleveland
Deep down, I think that Browns fans are going to regret this. Martin Rucker isn't ready and Steve Heiden blows. When the savior of Cleveland, Deep Throat Quinn, drops back to pass, who in the hell is he going to throw the ball to??? He's got nobody. For as big of a dick as K2 was, he was still reliable to catch passes. And if you are going to trade a top ten pick from 5 years ago with plenty of miles left on his body, a 2nd and 5th is not of the same value. The ManKok era is off to such an extremely poor start that it makes me smile since I stood on firm ground claiming that Mangini was an awful hire. Like it or not, Browns fans, get ready for another 4-12 season. You aren't going to win too many games with zero playmakers on offense.

The Eagles are done
This was the most shocking move of the weekend for me. Brian Dawkins, the absolute heart and soul of the Eagles over the past 13 years, heads to Denver and signs a 5 year deal. Yeah, he's 35 years old so I can guarantee that he doesn't play out that contract. But you've got to figure that he would give Philly a discount to stay there as long as their offer was fair. I wonder what they offered him. Also, the Eagles sent CB Lito Sheppard to the Jets for a couple of picks. It's going to be pretty easy to throw on them this season. You know what, I've figured it out. McNabb said that he wanted to wait to sign an extension until he sees how the Eagles have managed and brought in talent around him. Considering that he sucks and no team wants him, they are doing what they can to get him to leave! Brilliant! Don't even get me started on how stupid the Broncos are for shopping Jay Cutler.

The Del Boca Vista Cowboys
Jerry Jones just gets dumber by the day. They send Zach Thomas on his way (smart move) and are rumored to be bringing in Ray Lewis to replace him (scary idea, they would be awesome). Instead, they sign the increasingly slow Keith Brooking to play LB for THREE years! Brooking hasn't even been good for 5 years. The Cowboys also had quite the crappy pass defense last year outside of Terence Newman. What do they do? Let's trade Anthony Henry to the Lions for Jon Kitna! Jerry, let me give you some advice: a starting CB is more valuable than a backup QB who everyone knows is terrible. Most teams like to get younger, the Cowboys prefer to sign guys with AARP cards.

It will be interesting to see how the Warner, Houshmandzadeh, Harrison, etc. deals shake down. Let this be a lesson for everyone though, the NFL never stops. Try as you might, but the NFL is king and your sport will never reach that level. Redskins = Super Bowl. And I truly believe that you on Draft Day, you will be seeing Rey Maualuga holding up a Skins jersey. I've got my Jim Zorn Boner back.


Anonymous said...

I would argue that K2 does not have plenty of miles left on him. His knees are always going to be a problem and he had shoulder problems last year. He's a great talent, but he has never been healthy in his entire career and his career will be cut short because of injuries, it's not a bad move by the Browns. Sell him high while he still has value, don't make the same mistake they made with DA last year.

It will be fun watching these moves blow up in the 'Skins face. You do know Haynesworth has never played a full season, right?



Grumpy said...

Cutler is 17-20 with no playoff appearances. I'd shop him too. And Daniel Snyder never learns.

GMoney said...

Of course Snyder doesn't learn...he's an idiot.

You do know that Haynesworth is one of the best players in the league, right?

Mr. Ace said...

Who cares about everything else, the fucking Eagles got rid of Dawkins. What a fucking joke. I can't believe it. I actually had a dream that there was a mix up with his contract for Denver and he signed a 3 year deal with Philly. I am going to be haunted by this move until Dawkins retires.

That being said, the eagles aren't done, but we won't have the margin for error like we have had. We can't be forced to make a late run again to snag the last wild card spot. Without Dawk, I don't think we are capable of that. Donovan McNabb is the leader of our team. I bet we come out of the locker room at half time every game covered in puke.

Lito never played. We got great value for him. So if you think you will throw on us because he is gone then you are a retard.

Dustin said...

When the browns draft crabtree and sign coles, you'll be eating your words about having no weapons. Either way, Brady could lead us to the promised land with a team of Henry county cougars around him. Championship!

GMoney said...

Laverneus Coles? Really? That's your difference maker? And the Browns probably would draft a guy coming off of foot surgery.

Damman, read Peter King's MMQB column today. It says that Haynesworth's deal is actually 4 years/48.2 mill because there is no way that the Skins pay him for year #5 (23 million). Now how's THAT for value.

Anonymous said...

What can I say, Dan Snyder=Football Genuis.

Dut, I think Lerner missed the boat on not hearing you as GM.


Mr. Ace said...

But haynesworth is in his prime, the redskins should keep him all 7 years. And Hall is an elite DB, great move. There is no way that he will completely blow it now that he is paid. His track record speaks for itself. And you guys have so much fire power on offense that you didn't even need to find some help for Jason Campbell. That guy is top 5 in the league. And you've got Portis in his prime, you guys are a shoe in for NFC Champs

Tony B. said...

I want to add to the conversation but I can't get over the picture of Matt Cassell. I also hope he's singing Motown Philly- that caption was hilarious!

GMoney said...

In my opinion, Boyz II Men's Cooleyhighharmony album was fantastic.

And if you all are implying that Daniel Snyder is fiscally irresponsible, you can stand right behind me screaming the exact same thing. But for once, it feels like he's signing the right players.