Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Time To Blow It Up?

I purposely did not mention this yesterday because I was saving it for this post. As some of you may have seen on Sunday before the Super Bowl, the Cavaliers invaded Detroit for a nice little appetizer before the main course of Big Ben dominating the Cardinals. The game was fairly dull through 3 quarters unless you are a big fan of missed shots, fouls, and stupid decisions by Sasha Pavlovic. But the Cavs put a hurtin' on the 'Stones in the 4th to win the game 90-80. The outcome isn't shocking eventhough the game was at The Palace. The Cavaliers are just a much better team even shorthanded. What was perplexing to me was how the Pistons "closed". It was like they just rolled over and died. And it has been happening all season for them. The once proud franchise is floundering in mediocrity right now and it's kind of sad. Let me clarify, I don't feel bad for them at all so I guess it doesn't make me sad. But I think that I've got the answer...as drastic as it may sound.

The Pistons need to start selling.

It's time for a youth movement and some fresh meat. Sure, they're going to make the playoffs, but they aren't going to win a series. The Hawks or the Heat will beat them easily. It's time to change things up. There are many things that need to be fixed, but let me explain why this team needs an enema:

1. Michael Curry is in way too far over his head - This is proving to be an awful hire. I said it when he was hired and I'll say it again: when a team is at the end of it's run of being championship caliber, a first time coach with barely any coaching experience is a horrible idea. A young coach needs to grow up with a young and upcoming team (like Mike Brown has). I bagged on Flip Saunders a lot over the years, but I guarantee you that these guys wouldn't be mailing in a 25-21 season right now if he were still coaching.

2. They have no identity on offense - All of their past successes were generally due to a well-oiled machine of an offense. They all played off of each other, made the extra pass, and had terrific chemistry. I don't even think they run plays anymore. And the reason for this is Allen Iverson. He's a one-on-one guy. He has never succeeded in an offense. He isn't a facilitator at all and he needs to shoot the ball constantly. Basically, he's a ballhog and it comes at the expense of Tayshaun post up's, Rip coming off screens, and the Sheed pick and pop's. Don't even get me started on how stupid it is to bring Hamilton off the bench and giving him only 25-28 minutes per game. Ridiculous. Rodney Stuckey can start next year.

3. Rasheed Wallace has either lost it or doesn't care anymore - You would think that a guy in a contract year might actually, you know, play well. Sheed isn't. In fact, he's playing worse than I've ever seen him play. Joe Dumars should be on the phones constantly trying to trade him. What about sending him to the Heat for Shawn Marion? They could play Amir Johnson, Maxiell, McDyess, etc. in the post while reinventing themselves as a running team with Marion, Stuckey, Iverson, Rip, and Prince. Sure, they would have a lot less bulk, but it would make them much more athletic. And for God's sake, at least they would know what kind of team that they are. I don't know, maybe that isn't the right fit but Rasheed probably needs to be moved.

4. That once staunch defense has gone far, far away - Don't get me wrong, the Pistons still play pretty good defense, but it isn't elite anymore. When Bron Bron used to take it to the rack, they would damn near murder him. Now, it's like a fucking sieve. Where did the intensity go?

Basically, this is a team full of square pegs in need of some new faces and a new identity. If you want to be a running team, then sell out and push it. If you want to play half-court and control tempo, then for God's sake cut Iverson's minutes. Joe Dumars has a lot of thinking to do in the next two weeks before the deadline. I honestly believe that standing pat with this roster is the absolute wrong action. That is an admission of defeat and telling your fanbase that you give up. I'm sure that the Pistons fans that read this site have been biting their tongues all year (Drew), let me know what you think.


Grumpy said...

The NBA is fixed, why do you bother?

GMoney said...

Ahhhhhh, none of that. It's a good product.

Anonymous said...

Some thoughts.....

*They definitely aren't fun to watch and even though the two games this weekend were close going into the fourth (Boston and Cleveland), I had zero faith they would come out of them with a win. I wasn't even excited watching them. I talked to my Dad last night who is a bigger fan than myself and he said pretty much the same thing. They just aren't fun to watch.

*I definitely disagree with your idea of bringing Stuckey off the bench. He's by far my favorite player on this team and a future all-star. Throw him to the wolves now.

*The funny part about Curry is that one of my buddie's is the biggest Pistons fan I know. For YEARS he has been on record as saying that Curry is the worst player to ever play in the NBA. Then he gets him as head coach for his favorite pro sports team. I blame his hate for the irony of it.

If Curry continues to blow, at least we know Joe will fire him. He is the fourth head coach for a team the best team in the East over the last 6 years.

*As for trading Rasheed....I'd be all for it if it was the right piece. But, Joe doesn't trade unless he's getting something of value back. He won't trade just to trade.

*If we still have Sheed anad AI after the trade deadline, then it is what it is. At least we will have $ 36M in expiring contracts with those two and can be huge players this Summer.

*I still don't mind the AI trade by the way. This team wasn't going to win the East even with Chauncey. People would have been furious if they had known we had a chance to get AI and didn't at least try it. There is still a lot of season left.


Anonymous said...

No comments on Boone getting tazered in the OC.

Jon Saul

Mr. Ace said...

Joe doesn't trade unless getting value back??? Ba Ba Ba Billups was the best player on your team and he took every one else up a notch. If the Piston fans could have had a vote to trade Chauncey for AI do you really think they would have been in favor of it. Not a chance.

Shawn Marion sucks. Ride it out and makes some moves in the summer. They aren't going anywhere in the East regardless of who they get.

Go Spurs!

Dustin said...

Does it really matter? The pistons will finish 500 and make the playoffs. That's why the league is a joke. What's the point of the regular season??

And I would like to retract my statement about lebron being MVP... That award goes once again to kobe Bryant.

Anonymous said...

Curry had Kwame Brown in the starting lineup for about 10 games this year. Enough said. Boone getting tazered is just another shining example of the type of kids that Tressel produces out of that program. -GSaul

GMoney said...

You're giving Kobe the MVP based on one game against the fucking Knicks. Dut, you are dumber than I thought and I had very little opinion of you anyway.

Nobody produces losers like Jim Tressel.

You can keep saying that you are OK with the Billups/Iverson deal but it was horrible.

Anonymous said...

G$...I will continue saying that I have no problem with the deal. It's not like Iverson sucks and you just got the second highest contract in the NBA in return to come off of your book.s

GSaul....It would take about three more taserings for Boone to match up with Rich Rod's Chris Henry/Pac Man duo.


Mr. Ace said...

Drew- Maurice Clarett ring a bell? Antonio Henton and an undercover prostitute? the list goes on...

Rich Rod had to make some exceptions to get talent at WVU, what's Tressel's excuse?

Kobe for MVP

Dustin said...

You think rich rod would really not let one of the top recruits come to Michigan because of his character?? Give it some time. Next year the team will start throwing elbows like your basketball team.

What's the name of that Michigan lineman who got caught jerking off outside of a womans window?

Thank god Boone is out of here. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

I love stucky, but AI and Rip need to be starting together. Stucky off the bench would be a beast. better than most teams 2nd string. AI needs to play the point a lot more, and be in control of the ball. G$ doesn't give AI enough credit. He did make the finals with the Sixers. Curry im on the fence with, too many stupid decisions from him. This team will be much different later. I don't see AI or Rasheed on this team next year. Therefore I still don't think they make a trade either.

Anonymous said...

"Rich Rod had to make some exceptions to get talent at WVU, what's Tressel's excuse?"

HAHA. That's great. Hell yeah, Rich Rod will do that to get talent...especially after that arbotion of a season last year. Wait until one of these kids he keeps getting out of Pahokee, FL rapes a student due to it being common place there.

Dustin....You are thinking of Larry Harrison. That classy guy loved flashing girls his wang. What a creep.


Anonymous said...

Also, if you want to look at college football arrests since 2006 the Fulmer Cup web-site is the way to go.

Mr. Ace....WVU and Michigan are both ahead of OSU in Fulmer Cup points.

In fact, WVU is 6th in the nation and Michigan is 16th. You can scroll down and find OSU at 48th.



Anonymous said...

Drew, notice how you said ARRESTS. Most of Tressel's players don't get arrested while they are on the team because he gets them off the hook. Plus a lot of Tressel's players get arrested after they leave his program, which was my argument...he produces losers. I don't think Mo Clarett was arrested while he was on the team, but he has been several times since he left. So who cares about the Fulmer Cup...


GMoney said...

Take it easy, GSaul. I've got something up my sleeve for tomorrow's epic post.

Anonymous said...

GSaul- It must be nice to have such a great program with such a stand up coach like Rich "Mr. Integrity" Rodriguez. Give a break.