Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Week In KoKo Shenanigans

It's bizarre that our old friend and champion of shoulder acne, Kosta Koufos, gets another mention on this blog after his crazy Nike endorsement news from last week. But here he is, still being a titanic bag of dicks. Unfortunately though, KoKo will not be lost at sea like the ship. And right now, Ohio State fans might wish that upon him.

Buckeye basketball fans may not know this yet, but KoKo has fisted you all yet again. When Greg Oden dropped out of school in 2007, Ohio State escaped a scholarship penalty by filing an academic improvement plan with the NCAA folks who oversee the Academic Progress Rate. But that only gets a program off the hook once, so Kosta Koufos' withdrawal from classes last spring is probably going to cost the Buckeyes a scholarship.

Had he just stayed on for the remaining quarter, this might not have been an issue (not 100% sure how the NCAA handles these things but I assume that it was Kosta's fault). But KoKo don't roll like that. When his mom tells him to leave school early and join the NBA, he leaves school early and joins the NBA. And when his mom wipes his ass, he sucks his thumb.

What does this all mean? It means that due to KoKo's selfishness, uber-recruiter Thad Matta is stuck without any scholarships for next year and the same shitburger of PJ Hill (who has improved recently) and Jeremie "The Brick" Simmons running the point. And considering the fact that no team has ever won anything without a good PG, enjoy another mediocre season. Who knows though, maybe Thad can turn Evan Turnover into a decent point forward.

I hope that that NIT title was worth it because the effects of KoKo's reign of terror in Columbus will be felt for at least one more year. Kosta Koufos...what an obscure reference that keeps coming up.


Anonymous said...

I'm done with this guy. Let's talk about Mike Bramos.


Anonymous said...

Of course I knew that you shit stain.

KoKo is a piece of shit. Thad sat all the parents down before last season and explained the rule. Everyone agreed that their kids wouldn't drop out as to avoid fucking the team. KoKo's Mom don't play like that though I guess. I hate that fucker.


J Beanie said...

You spend way to much time worry about a guy w/ a monkey's name.

GMoney said...

I don't want to talk about Mike Bramos. He has been extremely disappointing this year. I think he's shooting 10% from 3.