Friday, February 20, 2009

Standing Pat Is OK

You may not know this, but yesterday just so happened to be the trade deadline in the NBA. Rumors were running rampant for over a week, but in the end, nothing of note happened. When the biggest name traded is professional kitten killer, Larry Hughes, you know it's a dull event. My favorite part of deadline day though was seeing that it took the Bulls exactly one year to realize that Hughes and Drew Gooden were God awful basketball players that do more damage to a franchise than I do at Mongolian BBQ.

I didn't expect Danny Ferry to do anything yesterday and he didn't. There was some talk of Marcus Camby and Antawn Jamison, but neither really made sense. Then it was reported that the Cavs were talking to the Suns about bringing Shaq to Cleveland for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic. Holy shit. Think about that one. Getting rid of two overpaid and inconsistent players for the rejuvenated hall of famer??? Hells fucking yes. But when you think about it more, that didn't make sense either. What are they going to do, start Z and Shaq? That's absurd. The team is better this year because they run more. With those two on the floor together, our offense would need wheelchair ramps. And neither one of those guys are going to be happy coming off the bench and backing up Varejao. In the end, the Suns didn't want Big Ben and the Cavs weren't going to give up Wally. And that makes sense. Next year they would have had almost 45 million of their cap tied down to Z, Ben, and Shaq. No one would want that. Not even Isiah Thomas (probably not true).

So Ferry decided to stand pat. And I'm fine with that. This team is good enough to win a title as is, so there really isn't any need to shake things up and potentially effect their chemistry. And he knows that. So does Mike Brown. Hell, you don't come from the Spurs machine organization without learning a thing or two about winning in the postseason. Why do the Spurs win? They aren't the most talented team but they all trust each other and have amazing chemistry. Sure, they're boring as shit, but I respect the hell out of them. They are who the Cavs have tried to model their franchise after (along with the 2004 Pistons). So far so good and there's no reason to change.

Selfishly, I wanted Wally to stay in Cleveland as well. All year long we've been hearing about that massive expiring contract and how the Cavs would turn that into the final piece of the puzzle. But as I said earlier, nothing really made sense. And it isn't like Wally is playing poorly. Sure, he's not a 14 million dollar player anymore (it's not his fault that Kevin McHale is retarded), but he serves a very valuable role. He plays his ass off every night eventhough he's been asked to play power forward for LONG stretches this season. And he can still hit big shots.

The important thing to do now is just to get healthy. Delonte West, one of the most improved players in the league, is coming back very soon and that's just as good as making a big deadline deal. I'm a little nervous about how much Big Ben and Andy have digressed over the past few weeks, but fuck it. We've got the best player on the floor each and every game and that's good enough for me.

In conclusion, many Cavs fans will look only at the Lakers games and think that we can't win without another big. It's classic "loser Cleveland fan" mentality that one small detail means that greatness can never be achieved. I'm not going to fall into that trap. This team is definitely good enough to win the East (with relative ease in my opinion), so let's worry about getting the chance to possibly play the Lakers by taking care of our own business first and how to beat them later. There's no reason to shuffle your roster because you match up poorly against a team you may not even see again this season. For what it's worth, I think that the Spurs can beat them (fuck you, Mr. Ace).

So kudos to you, Danny Ferry, thank you for keeping this deep roster intact. Now let's focus on getting that home-court advantage throughout the postseason.

Oh, and before I leave you until Monday, let me give you some advice: watch Eastbound And Down on HBO Sunday at 10:30. Trust me.


Mr. Ace said...

As a Spurs fan, I must thank you for that spectacular morning blow job. One of your finest. But the Cavs are not the Spurs, not really even close. Just the fact that u have Wally and big ben which both have huge contracts makes that comparison retarded, because they are both overpaid suckbags. The Spurs don't do that.

The Cavs can run through the east with relative ease? You act like you are talking about Jordan's Bulls. You guys ain't done shit.

Say a prayer for Manu's ankle.

GMoney said...

They did it once before, and they are much better now.

Grumpy said...

Kenny Powers!!!

Anonymous said...

It was dumb to stand pat and Ferry knows that. That is why the Cavs were shopping that contract left and right yesterday. They knew they needed to do something and couldn't get it done.

Get your fucking head out of the collective Cavs crotch and see yesterday for what it was...a failure.


Jeff said...

The Cavs could've really used Shaq. All the guy does is win championships with superstar guards (Kobe and Dwade). The Cavs mightve been tied up with a ton of salary, but if that wins a championship who cares. Get Lebron a championship now so he's happy and stays in Cleveland.

Anonymous said...


Dustin said...

Ace- shouldn't you be studying?

Mr. Ace said...

I took some time away from studying. Even managed to get up a post.

So read it and comment.

So everybody agrees? The Cavs suck, right.

grammar police said...

"I'm a little nervous about how much Big Ben and Andy have digressed over the past few weeks"

I think you mean "regressed"... or have they gone their separate ways?

GMoney said...

Drew, we could have used that contract to trade for Allen Iverson and thus go from a championship caliber team to an under-.500 team. That's what geniuses like Joe Dumars do!

It's NOT a failure. And it's not as simple as you make it. Teams wanted more than just that contract.

Hell, the Suns asked for Wally, Hickson, Sasha, and a #1 for Shaq. No one would make that deal ever. Jeff, that price tag is way too high.

Jefferson plays the same position as LeBron and backcourt help wasn't needed. For some reason, Camby wasn't on the block.


Anon, I get it already. You are not creative at all.

GMoney said...

grammar police, I meant what I said even if it makes no sense and I stand by it!

Tony B. said...

Kenny Powers is awesome- the part when he was on the phone asking a prostitute if he could wear a Scream mask was comedic gold.

The Kings are going to release Mikki Moore- the Cavs should think about picking him up.

Anonymous said...

1.) They should have traded Wally for Jefferson. I don't care what position he plays...just having him on the team and being able to throw him out there makes the Cavs better.

2.) Funny how before the season you didn't think the Pistons were "championship caliber", but since they got Iverson and got rid of Billups now they were.

Go nibble on Wally's taint.


Anonymous said...

It's rare when Drew and I agree, but we do have being Pistons fans in common. How are the Cavs going to walk through the East? There's a team called the Celtics that beat you last year and will do it again. This Celtics team also beat the Lakers, something the Cavs cannot seem to do. Also, the AI led Pistons are 1-0 against the Lakers this year. What about the cavs? -GSaul

GMoney said...

In case you haven't seen, Kevin Garnett's knee is helping to prove my point.

What does the Pistons flukey win over the Lakers over two months ago have anything to do with this? The Bucks swept the Spurs this year. Are they the better team and a threat to win a title?

Anonymous said...

There is entirely too much NBA talk going on here. Why don't we talk about a worthwhile sport like NASCAR.


GMoney said...

OK, who do you like in the Auto Club Go Fuck Yourself on Sunday? I like Dale Sr.