Thursday, January 29, 2009

Recruiting Makes No Sense

I don't follow recuiting in college football. I have enough to worry about. It doesn't help that I find it pointless and retarded. I realize that it's a necessary evil because it helps restock the cupboards and all...I get that. I just don't understand how some idiot Notre Dame fan can say things like, "We've got this linebacker coming in from Texas who is going to be a stud". Well, genius, what are you basing this on? You have never seen this kid play before or have any idea if he has any work ethic. He may not even play if his grades suck. It's pretty much a crapshoot and I don't waste my time on it. And I think that people who do, are losers (I'm looking at you,

On Tuesday, this apparently awesome QB from Virginia named Tajh Boyd verbally committed to Clemson. In case you don't care, he had his destinations narrowed down to the Tigers, Ohio State, and Oregon. But it got me wondering. Like I said, I don't claim to know anything about the recruiting process at all. Once the last bowl game is played, I don't pay attention again until Labor Day. But there are two big questions that I would like to get answered. So help me out with this:

Why wouldn't every blue chip recruit go to Oregon?
-Let's be honest, if you are a stud, college is supposed to only be a roadblock on your way to millions in the NFL. Sure, winning is nice, but I've got to think that deep down you are busting your ass for the chance to play on Sundays. As a stud, you probably need to think of college as a business opportunity where you kill yourself day in and day out for the chance to get "promoted". So why aren't more kids flocking to Oregon? That is Nike University. If you have dreams of playing in the NFL, I would think that you would want to be as close to and familiar with Nike as possible. The Ducks have been a top 25 program year after year but with Phil Knight giving them whatever they want, shouldn't they be in the top 5 every season? They've got to have the best facilities ever, right? So why is it that Mike Bellotti can not load up on blue-chippers every offseason? I don't understand these things. I know that if somehow lightning strikes and my demon spawn has a chance to play in the pros some day, I would want him to head to Eugene so that, in 4 years, dad can never have to worry about working again.

Why would any big QB prospect, take Boyd for example, go to Ohio State?
-In Ohio State's rich history, the best QB that they have produced is Mike Tomczak. This can not be argued. That is the pathetic truth. Ohio State is one of the best football factories going, yet they have no idea how to produce NFL quarterbacks. And don't forget about Jim Tressel. He's coached plenty of QB's over his coaching career and you can count on zero fingers how many first day draft picks he had a hand in. This is not an indictment of Ohio State's program or Tressel's coaching either. It's just an open-ended question trying to figure out why any hot shot QB would commit to playing in Columbus. Like I was saying about Oregon, this is a business to grow into a professional. Winning in somebody's system is great and all (ask Danny Wuerrful and Jason White) but if I have the chance to play on Sundays, I'm going where there's a coach that can get me to where I want to end up (see: Tedford, Jeff or Carroll, Pete).

Like I keep saying, I don't get this stuff. I know that some of you who visit daily do follow recruiting and can answer some of these things. I'm waiting. I'll be back tomorrow with my Super Bowl bad prediction.


Grumpy said...

Or see Montgomery, Shane. Two NFL qb's.

GMoney said...

Comments like that will get you banned, Grumpy. That is if I knew how to do that.

Jeff said...

At least it looks like your boys over in oxford held onto their man Bobby in mean Austin Boucher after Ohio State offered him a scholarship because Boyd went to Clemson.

Mr. Ace said...

You really are clueless. Clearly preparing for the NFL is important to a top recruit, but some of them understand how important college is and also how much ass they will be able to hit for 3-5 years. And some of them, see Tim Tebow, realize that the pro's will always be there. If you are good enough to be a top pick, the NFL will find you no matter where you go to school.

Who the fuck wants to live in Oregon for four years? If you are a dual-threat qb then I can totally understand choosing Oregon over anybody else(other than Michigan of course). But other than that, fuck Oregon. If you want to have sweet jerseys and some tight gear, go to Oregon. But that's really the only thing that they have over any other school.

Could you suck of the PAC 10 anymore? Oregon, really?

Allan Stokke said...

Yeah I'd rather blow my brains out then live in oregon. And it's not like Texas or OSU's facilities aren't great and don't offer you thousands of whores.

The real question is why would anyone go to Clemson? Seems like the blackhole for Rivals100 recruits to disappear off the face of the Earf.

As for Miami, it would be nice if Haywood actually decides to recruit prospects with more then ** next to their name, unlike Shane Montfatery.

Get it? Because Shane was fat see?

Jeff said...

Clemson, black hole? What are you talking about? Do Brian Dawkins, Gaines Adams, Leroy Hill, Tye Hill and Justin Miller rings any bells??

Boyd will have a chance to step in right away and play which is what every freshman wants to do anyways and having C.J. Spiller in the backfield doesn't hurt either.

MUDawgfan said...

1. You probably aren't going to Oregon if you're any type of defensive talent. They just haven't consistenly produced top round talent and their dedication to winning game 42-39 doesn't help either.

2. The program has an albatross around its neck and his name is Joey Harrington.

3. I agree with you assesment of Ohio State QB development - but if you're a defensive back or a running back, it's probably the best place for you to play (the exceptions being Texas or Southern Cal).

Anonymous said...

There is an awful lot that would go on in a recruits mind before he picked a school. Location: maybe his family wants to be able to see him play, Playing time: maybe they are fine with redshirting to learn the system better for when they do play or maybe they just want to play from day 1, System: all that NFL talk is meaningless unless you come from the right system...Oregon, is not the right system for an NFL QB. Coaches: These are the guys you are going to be spending the next 4+ years under, you have to like & respect them. Loyalties: If a player liked a program growing up, he is going to naturally want to play for that program, OSU gets a lot of kids this way. Winning: these players are competitors and a lot of times they will go to the most successful program and force themselves to compete for PT, rather than go to a place they can play on day 1, simply because they want to win i.e. USC, OSU, Florida, any other program that turns out 10+ win seasons and conference championships every almost every year. These players know a lot has to happen after high school to get to the NFL, so, more often than not, other factors take more priority than just the simple fact of "I want to play in the NFL."

-Lil' Strut

P.S. I admit that paying attention to 18 year old kids' thoughts, words and decisions does seem odd. But when you love a program as much as I and others do, you want to know what the future holds. Not to mention, its an excuse to talk football during the offseason.

GMoney said...

Don't fucking insult me, Ace. I'm asking questions. Are you telling me that living in Oregon is worse than Ann Arbor, South Bend, Columbus, State College? Fuck that.

Jeff, yeah, we're clearly a better program than Ohio State now! Our 2 wins last year proved it.

One more thing about Oregon, I believe that they put up these huge billboards for Joey Harrington and somebody else the following year in Times Square. There are definitely more positives than negatives for going to UO.

Did it sound like I was sucking off the Pac-10? I didn't mean to. Let me give some props to the Big Ten to even things out.

Couldn't think of anything.

saul hudson said...

I just caught a ride in a cab, and I am pretty sure my driver was Manute Bol!

Allan Stokke said...

LOL Brian Dawkins, a guy with 12.5 sacks in 2 years, 2 guys I've never heard of and Justin "I can't play corner" Miller is your rebuttal for Clemson?

Like I said. BLACK HOLE.

Dustin said...

Ohio state hasn't had many qbs that didn't get a shot at the NFL. Even some of the backups like zwick and mcmullen were given a look. What qb tradition does Oregon have?? Because Harrington and akili smith were top 5 busts recently, that makes them a qb factory?

I haven't seen both programs facilities, but I guarantee Ohio states aren't much worse than oregons.

Ace- why would any qb that wants to play qb in the NFL pick Michigan? Maybe 5 years ago, but it will be hard getting the top qb recruit with that type of system. That's why your only qb is Tate right now.

Dustin said...

Allan- you just lost credibility by judging one of the best safeties in the NFL by his sack totals.

Dustin said...

G$- paying attention to recruiting gives you an early look about your team. Why do you watch the entire NFL draft if you have never seen half of the late round guys? It may not be an exact science, but it is a great indicator of the future. If it didn't matter, the top programs wouldn't remain on top and shit schools like Miami would be competitive evety once in a while.

GMoney said...

Dut, the NFL Draft is a smaller pool and, you know, you've seen a lot of these guys play. It's much easier to learn about 7-8 guys than it is 25 guys that played at Buttfuck High. Oooooh, he had 3 touchdowns against Delta. He's going to be great for us!

3 consecutive comments, huh? Say hi to Clay Aiken for me.

Stokke said...

@ Dustin.

No dipshit Gaines Adams has 12.5 sacks in his career over 2 years. Entering bustville for the #5 overall pick.

That's what I meant by "12.5 sacks in 2 years" pretty sure Dawkins has been in the League about 20 years, 10 years to long.

burn in hell said...

Also what the fuck do I need credibility for? Oh no I'm losing my rep as an internet blog commentator! What will I do now?!?!?!?

GMoney said...

Good point. If you are commenting on blogs, you have no credibility.

Mr. Ace said...

Yes, Oregon would be worse to live in compared to Ann Arbor or another other place you can name in the Midwest. I flew out to Seattle a couple years back and spent two days between Washington and Oregon. If I hadn't crossed the state border into Idaho just in time I would have blown my face off. The northwest sucks balls.

Stokke, you are a legitimate retard. You can't lose credibility, but you should lose your computer privileges.

Dut, if you are a dual threat qb why wouldn't you want to play at Michigan in Rich Rod's spread? Don't argue for the Fuckeyes QB's because it makes you sound more retarded than Stokke. Nick Sheridan has a better chance of making it in the pros then any clown that has came from the Fuckeyes in the last 10 years. Fag.

Anonymous said...

Lets see play in beautiful Oregon or play in an depressed economy that only see sunlight 30 days out of the year.