Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Perfect Ending

I almost felt a little sympathy toward Ohio State for their massive choke job tonight, but then I remembered how arrogant and dispiccable that fanbase is and now I just can't stop laughing. It truly is great. A few thoughts on the game because I'm sick and need to get some sleep:

*Colt McCoy may not have won the Heisman, but he's the most valuable player to his team in the nation.
*I don't want to hear any excuses, you lost. Don't you dare come on here and start blaming the refs or some other type of pussy shit.
*The first half was one of the worst halves of football that I've ever seen.
*His name is Quan Cosby and he's really good, you may want to cover him.
*Terrelle Pryor is a freak but he can't throw the ball. He is excellent at getting away with pushing off, too.
*Todd Boeckman still sucks. His WR's bailed him out by catching those awful passes.
*Chris Wells is the next Joseph Addai. That is not a compliment. The guy is a pussy. Period.
*Jim Tressel needs to give up play-calling.
*How can there be a double pass interference?
*The Buckeye offensive line, awful all season, had to have been a pleasant surprise.
*James Lauraniitis played his way out of the first round tonight.
*Call me crazy, but I think that Buckeye fans would have rather been embarrassed again as opposed to what happened tonight.

That's pretty much all that I've got. Now I've got to find a way to fall asleep all the while laughing maniacally. You deserved this loss, Ohio State fans, time to revel in it. 1-6 for the Big Ten...nice fucking conference. Is there any way that we can omit them from the BCS? Hooked 'em like a motherfucker, Horns!!!


Grumpy said...

Two posts after the game and while playing sick. Impressive. Must have been the adrenaline from watching the Bucks get their hearts broken.

MuDawgfan said...

James Lauraniitis was never a fucking first round draft pick. He's worse than Keith Brooking and Teddy Bruschi right now.

When he played faster players like Percy Harvin - he had has ankles broken and was totally dusted.

When he played stronger players like Jacob Hester - he was trucked.

I'd draft him if I absolutely needed someone to make tackles 8 yards downfield - but my team has two safety's already, so he can go die in a fire.

J Beanie said...

I loved it. And I love how our post are so similar today. I can't wait to see what "clever" excuse OSU fans come up with.

And yes, when the ACC and Big East are better in bowl games than the Big Ten, it's time to put the Big Ten on bowl probation.

Anonymous said...

You pretty much are a moron if you think Laurinitis was bad last night. He was all over the field and will be a top 18 pick.


Dustin said...

i don't know why but I'm more disappointed this year than I was last year. Maybe that's because I have to work this year, and last year I was wasted in new Orleans??

It amazes me that Michigan fans are talking shit. They have 13 losses in 2 years. I could go on and on, but there are too many reasons that osu is light years away from michigans program right now. When is the last time Michigan has won a big game?

Anonymous said...

Hey Beanie, how is this for something clever: Michigan is a fucking joke so keep your insults coming. It only makes you sound more pathetic when you try to take down your big brother program. Oh, and using "quotes" around words is about as cool as watching Michigan quarterback play. I don't think there was one typo in that whole paragraph.

This site is joke. G$, why don't you stick with trying to not be a terrible fantasy football owner and leave the college football analysis to the experts. You make Paul Maguire look smart.

Fuck you all.

I won't be coming back to this site anymore today so leave your clever insults all you want, I won't be seeing them.


Dustin said...

And the big 10 would have been 5 and 0 like the PAC 10 if they had their schedule. That's what happens when a down conference gets 2 bcs games and everyone gets bumped up a notch.

GMoney said...

I'm not quite sure what Michigan has to do with last night's epic choke but whatever gets you dickless wonders through the day is fine by me. I don't think that RichRod had any impact on last night's titanic collapse. Did Stephen Threet miss that tackle?

Say what you want to, but once again, you have to just lean back and take it up the ass from all of us haters that you constantly berate with "we're so great" comments all year long. This is our Christmas morning.

My analysis was spot on, I thought. I hit all of the key points, no?

Mr. Ace said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I love it. The fuckeyes can't even come up with excuses any more so they just talk about Michigan. This is priceless. Typical Fuckeye Douche Baggery.

Congrats on Michigan losing 13 games in two years Dut. If that is what helps you cling to the idea of not offing yourself then cling to it.

Dustin said...

The only reason I brought up Michigan is because of you and beanie talking shit even though your program is a disaster right now. Its like Charlie weis making fun of Andy Reid for being fat.

Anonymous said...

All in all, I would have rather lost like this than have gotten blown out like OSU did in years past. This was a great game, and although OSU lost, they contained a Texas offense that had been lights out all year long with arguably the best QB in the country. In the end, they gave themselves an opportunity to win, but couldn't stop a great quarterback from leading his team to victory. Give credit where credit is due, OSU's defense played their hearts out and although we lost in heartbreaking fashion I am still proud of the effort OSU put forth last night. If we were going to get beat this way by any team in the nation, I would have rather had it be a classy program, with a classy coach and yes, a classy QB to win the game for them, all of this beig Texas. This loss still hurts, especially since this game will be on ESPN Classic for years to come, but nevertheless, Go Bucks!

-Lil' Strut

MUDawgfan said...

Drew you fuckstick - there are 5 linebacks that go higher than Lauranitis right fucking now.

Brandon Spikes
Seth Witherspoon
Aaron Curry

Fuck - I could go on all day.
Flying around the field and making tackles is great, but its better if a player does it behind or at the line of scrimmage, not after the first down has already been made.

I'd probably rate Seau's gimp ass as more valuable than JL right now

GMoney said...

I'm with you, Dawg, there is a reason why McCoy was throwing slants into the middle of field all...fucking...night and that was because the defense was non-existent and not a threat in that part of the field.

Dustin said...

It was nonexistent because they blitzed them 90% of the time

Anonymous said...

MUDawg...you aren't very bright are you?

There is no fucking way that those five go before JL. Not going to happen.

G$...Do you even watch college football? Do you know what a spread offense is? Spread offenses are going to get theirs. The key is to limit the yards after the catch and doing good tackling (see Anderson Russell's game costing fuck up). McCoy threw 59 times for 414 yds, which comes out to 7 yards per attempt. That's sick to hold him to and the main key was because of the solid tackling of the LB's.

Both of you morons should stick to talking about the proper way to give blumpkins...something you guys actually know about.


GMoney said...

Drew, look, when you're done fucking your Little Animal blow-up shitty LB, come back with some stronger material. The kid is overrated. Everyone knows this. Deal with it.

Your comments are about as meaningful today as Matt Millen's on Football Night In America. That should sting.

Anonymous said...

Here's where we agree/disagree on JL...

I agree that he's overrated in the sense that he's not the best LB in the nation. I do feel he should be a first-team all-american though.

You also say that he won't be a first round pick. He's going to get drafted much higher than you anticipate. I'll put a 12 pack on a bet with you that he is a top 20 pick.


Irishman said...

someone mentioned. containing McCoy? Didn't he throw for over 400 yards. If thats Containment. then Damn The Suckeyes Suck more than I even thought.

GMoney said...

Drew, that bet has been agreed upon. There is no way that he's a top 20 pick.

Fausey said...

Great post, but equally as good is the OSU fans comments. I especially like the buckeye fans that are pretending the loss didn't bother them. HA!

GMoney said...

Fausey, welcome to the comments section. But let me warn you, if you or your boy try and correct my grammar again...well, there really isn't anything I can do but your uppance definitely will come.

Fausey said...

I have no "boy" and I have no intention of correcting your grammer. No worries.

Anonymous said...

Can we all now agree that the Buckeyes are Overrated?!?! Don't worry, I will never give them a token top 5 ranking again.