Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Longer Any Doubt

Every media pundit wants to tell you that it is almost a certainty that the Celtics and Lakers will be playing in the NBA Finals again this year. Those people are stupid. It is painfully obvious to everyone not getting paid by ESPN that the Cleveland Cavaliers are now the favorite to win it all this year. And it's not even close. No one can tell me that, in a 7 game series, that some other team is beating this Cavs team 4 times. Barring some sort of major injury, the championship drought for Cleveland is over. OVER.

Just in case you need convincing, allow me to help you come around to my side of thinking:
--LeBron is playing at a level that maybe no superstar has ever played. He can not be stopped. There is no one that can guard him and he himself is turning into one of the best defenders in the league.
--For as much shit as Danny Ferry has taken for not giving LeBron his "Pippen", maybe he doesn't need someone like that after all. Mo Williams has been everything that us Cavs hoped he would be and then some. And don't forget that, if need be, Ferry is sitting on the biggest trade piece at the deadline. He has already said that he won't trade Wally unless he can hit a home run. Fear this.
--Ben Wallace may not be stuffing the stat sheet with rebounds and blocks like he used to, but he is an incredibly smart player that is almost always in the right position. Even Doc Rivers bullshit attempt at a "Hack-A-Ben" was futile since the big man was actually making his throws the other night.
--Anderson Varejao is playing like a borderline all-star. It may be a case of "contract year-itis", but the guy has been nails all season.
--Say it with me now, Mike Brown has finally developed into a good NBA coach. He has allowed the team to run more and actually run decent sets on offense while still maintaining one of the top defenses in the league.
--It will take a herculean effort for any team to walk out of The Q a winner. 19-0 so far this year. Should the Cavs earn homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs and with the best player on the planet, say goodnight.

And this team is still learning how to play together. That should scare everyone. Friday night's dominating performance over the champs was no fluke. The Cavaliers were and are the better team. They can shoot. They are deep. And they play tenacious defense. Oh, and did I mention that King fella?

Finally, I know that the NBA is an acquired taste. Not everyone is going to like it. But take it from commenter, Dustin, a guy that hates the NBA, who attended the Cavs/Bobcats game at The Q last week and just so happened to be sitting courtside (like a certain awesome blogger got the chance to do a few weeks back, remember my high five that I gave LeBron!):

My opinion has changed about the NBA. Sitting 10 feet away from the players was awesome! I have a greater appreciation for what they do, and it's amazing how huge those dudes are in person. I'm still notreally a Cavs fan, but I am now a Lebron fan. If he doesn't win MVP this year, something is wrong. He can do whatever he wants. The game was still sloppy with no defense, but that was probably because it was the middle of the third quarter and the Cavs were up 28 and Lebron wasn't even playing. They still need to figure out how to make the regular season relevant. The season lasts about 5 months and the playoffs last 2. What a joke. I'd definitely go back to a game, and I'll probably start watching the Cavs more.

I'm not implying that everyone needs to go out and plunk down serious coin to sit courtside at a game, but you should be taking notice. There is something special going on in Cleveland this winter and come June, you are going to see a celebration coming out of that city the likes of which have never been seen.


Dustin said...

The cavs are going to break the curse this year in Cleveland... Setting up a superbowl run next year for the browns baby!!!

I may have also gotten a greater appreciation because of the free all you can eat buffet and free booze... And free hot dog at halftime.

Jeff said...

Dut lets throw some money on the browns making the playoffs next year.

The Cavs should win it all this year as long as they all stay healthy and also because they have never had a guy like Mo Williams who will make all of his clutch free throws at the end of games(96%).

Anonymous said...

Who's going to stop the beast that is Rodney Stuckey come playoff time?!?!?


GMoney said...

I would guess Michael Curry, Drew, seeing that he is in way over his head.

Anonymous said...

The Pistons are figuring it out. They are something like 13-4 since Stuckey became the starting PG and just about all of those games have been without Rip as he's been sidelined with a groin injury. The Pistons will need to be reckoned with.

Also, for some reason you failed to mention the Magic in your post. Sure, the Cavs are undefeated at home, but the Magic have the best record record in the NBA. The Cavs also don't have a body to match up with the freak that is Dwight Howard (not that many teams do).


Anonymous said...

Meant to say "road record" above...not "record record". That must be my autism kicking in.


Anonymous said...

The Pistons will not go down easy.

I didn't even read the full article

I agree LeBron is the best player in the NBA. But to say he is playing at a level that no superstart has is such homerism. Jordan was the man. I havent seen LeBron go off for 60 points ever. MJ did that several times. He may only have a hand full of games where he has scored 50. But I know what your gonna say. its the other things LeBron does. He is going to get you 25/7/7 pretty much every night. You saying he's on a higher level than Russell,Oscar, Wilt, Kareem in there hay day, Hell even Kobe

GMoney said...

I said "maybe" no superstar has ever done. Read carefully.

The Magic are a joke. They might have the worst backcourt in the league. Hedo Turkoglu is as shitty as he is ugly.

Fausey said...

There are really people out there that still think the Pistons are going to be a contender? Watching the Pistons play is like watching a D-league team most times.

Anonymous said...

G$, you just blogged that one of the rules of not being a douche requires you to not celebrate a championship before it happens. Now you just guaranteed a Cavs championship before the all-star break?! You just jinxed cleveland again. Lebron will probably break his leg now. -GSaul

Mr. Ace said...

I should have thrown Lebron in my post about the Mannings yesterday. NONE OF THIS MATTERS! Until he shows up and plays clutch ball during a series where he really has to, who gives a shit.

And for the record, I will still take Kobe. Lebron can pass better than him and get into the lane better than him, but thats it. And Kobe is no slouch in either of those areas.

Go Spurs!

GMoney said...

It's not really a douche move as much as it is a "bad prediction". And I did say, "barring a major injury". The court has ruled in my favor on this one.

Ace, Kobe is a bad leader and a bad teammate. You can have him.

rstiles said...

Great photo!!!