Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Never Too Early

So I'm kind of confused. I've been talking about the NFL every Monday for the past 5 months yet there were no games played this weekend. What the fuck am I supposed to do today? I thought about unleashing an extremely well-written guest post by Damman, but I'm bringing that one out tomorrow to blow all of your minds. No, instead, I figured on staying the course. We're still going to talk about the NFL today. In fact, we're going to look ahead (this is not another "In The Year 2009" post).

What is the first thing that pops in your head when you look at your calendar and see that today is January 26? Super Bowl? Nah. Pro Bowl? No. Herm Edwards finally getting fired? As glorious as that news was, niet. As the title of this post says, it's never too think about your 2009 fantasy football drafts!!! I don't know about you, but I've been done with my leagues for almost a month now and I'm already foaming at the mouth to get back at it next year. So for today, I've already compiled my 2009 big board. I take part in 12 team leagues thus the Top 12 rankings. Consider me your God because I'm giving you some necessary info so early to try and help you idiots actually succeed.

Before we get started, let's take a moment of silence for Frank Gore and Larry Johnson who are no longer first round draft picks. Way to kill every team you guys were on last year, dickheads.

1. Adrian Peterson - This is a fucking no-brainer. This past year, many debated over Tomlinson or Brady at #1...don't worry. If you draw #1 this year in your league, it's a simple decision. You take Purple Jesus and hope that Romo, Manning, or a healthy Brady fall in your lap at pick #24.

2. Brandon Jacobs - He's the toughest guy to tackle in the league. He scores a lot. He's had a bit of a durability issue in the past but injuries are always going to be a risk with running backs. I like him this high for two reasons: he gets all the goalline carries and Derrick Ward is going to be gone (overpaid as a free agent, likely by an Ohio team).

3. Michael Turner - I've always been a believer that pick #3 is the worst pick in a draft because it is usually a reach for whoever you take. But the Falcons are a run-first offense that doesn't give Norwood goalline carries. Now, I don't expect the Falcons to have a very good record next season, but they will be able to run the ball.

4. Brian Westbrook - If he wasn't such a pussy, I would have him at 2. But he is, so he's a good bargain at 4. He scores in bunches meaning that you can't pencil in a td every week. Westbrook can get you 3 TD's one week and nothing the next two. It's the price you pay with him.

5. Drew Brees - Unless he was drafted by a God awful GM, every Brees owner made their playoffs this past year. There is no reason to think that his production drops off. Barring some catastrophic injury, Brees is going to get you at least 32 touchdown passes this year. For God's sake, he turned Lance Moore into a viable WR option in fantasy leagues.

6. DeAngelo Williams - Buyer beware here. A guy that scored 22 touchdowns last year can't slip farther than 6 but proceed with caution. Jonathan Stewart is going to steal goalline touches. I really like Williams but probably wouldn't touch him for a few picks. But then again, the Panthers can't throw the ball so maybe this is the right slot for him after all.

7. Larry Fitzgerald - This is about the time when the running backs look less and less appealing and it's time to hop on the best WR. If there was any doubt that Fitzgerald wasn't the best WR in the league, that argument ended over the past month.

8. Marion Barber III - He got hurt last year and his team turned into a fucking circus. He isn't losing anything and even with Felix Jones coming back, Barber is getting red zone carries. As much as we all hate the Cowboys, they can score points and are great to have on your team.

9. Steven Jackson - The hiring of Steve Spagnuolo is a good thing for Jackson owners. The Rams, I've got to think, are going to be using the Giants blueprint of smashmouth football with safe passes. As long as Jackson can stay healthy (which is a huge wildcard), he could be primed for his best season yet.

10. LaDainian Tomlinson - I didn't forget about him. I just have no faith in him anymore as a top tier running back. Don't worry, some idiot in your league will take him in the top 3 but this is about the right slot these days. He's just not the same and he hasn't been for two years. There is some high reward potential for LT here, but I wouldn't be excited about having him on your team.

11. Chris Johnson - I love this kid. We all saw in the playoffs that LenDale White is fucking horrible. Why would you pass on a kid that still has a lot of hits left in his body playing behind a mauling O-Line? Shit, on draft day, I may talk myself into taking CJ in the top 5.

12. Joseph Addai - I don't like him at all because he can't stay on the field. The only thing that he does have going for him over Portis, Lynch, and Forte is that his team is going to score. And by default, he's going to get some touchdowns.

What do you think? The only non-RB's deserving first round drafts are Brees and Fitzgerald in my opinion. The only thing that I don't like is Tomlinson. If you do take him with your first pick, you better make damn sure that your next two picks are home runs. Damn, I can't wait until my drafts in August. Anyway, as I said at the beginning, tomorrow Damman is going to drop some knowledge on you. Be prepared. You may need at least a case of beer to get through that post.


Anonymous said...

Hey Genius, B Jacobs is an unrestricted free agent this year. Do you still take him if he plays for Detroit?

Anonymous said...

I think that andre johnson should be in the top 12. When Schaub is healthy he is a monster.


Mr. Ace said...

I think Thomas Jones will have a huge year. With Ryan coming in I believe Favre will either be gone and seriously restrained. Meaning Jones will get a full load of work. Fuck Addai.

And I have to correct you on something, Lance Moore made Drew Brees a viable option at quarterback and don't you forget it.

GMoney said...

The Giants aren't going to let Jacobs walk. Are you insane? I know he's a free agent. Go home, dumbass.

Andre Johnson is probably the #2 or 3 WR taken but he isn't a first rounder.

Thomas Jones' QB is going to be Kellen Clemens...I want no part of that.

MUDawgFan said...

"Now, I don't expect the Falcons to have a very good record next season"