Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Greatest Game Ever Played

I have very, VERY little respect for Ohio State fans. Every single one of their football supporters are assholes but come basketball season, the good ones tend to surface a bit more. Maybe it's because they don't feel some sort of misguided sense of entitlement? Whatever it is, I can freely admit that there are some Ohio State hoops fans that I respect. And on this Guest Post Tuesday, it's time for Damman to explain why. Now I have never played this game myself, but I've seen it done numerous times and, believe me, don't knock it until you've tried it. This game could make Andre The Giant buzzed. It's all yours, D, tell us about your legendary game:

The Buckeye Basketball Drinking Game (BBDG)

The game was created during the 1999-2000 season by the Red Head (one of the best men in my wedding). He created it so his roommate, who was not interested in watching basketball at all, would watch the games with him. But, I think he created it as an excuse to drink, with him being a juicer and all. It has since grown to become hugely (I don't think that that is a word) popular, at least to those who call Northwest Ohio home.

Supplies needed:
1. Double shot glass. The game can be played with a single shot glass, but it is much easier to play with a double shot glass as you will be doing a lot more pouring with a single shot glass and that can take focus away from the game/drinking.
2. 12 pack of bottled beer. You will drink at least 8 beers during the course of the game. I have never drank more than 12, so 12 is a safe number. Also, canned beer is damn near impossible to pour into a shotglass, so canned beer is definitely not recommended.
3. Paper towels. This game gets messy. Pouring beer into a shot glass is not an easy thing to do especially when drunk, so you will have some overflows and you will need to rest your shot glass on a folded up paper towel. I feel that folding one square four times works very well at absorbing the overflows that are sure to come.

Game Rules: All of the following constitute doing a double shot of beer:
1. When the game comes on the air.
2. Every timeout that goes to a commercial, this includes TV timeouts and before the game starts.
3. If OSU wins the tip.
4. Every three pointer made be OSU.
5. When certain Buckeyes are at the free throw line. At the start of the season we usually pick three players that are good free throw shooters and make them our Automatic Double Shot Players. When these players go to the line for two shots, a one and one, or three point play free throw, it's an automatic double shot. Now if one of these players starts to suck at free throws they can have this privilege revoked and we would choose another player that would take their place.
6. When OSU blocks a shot. Otherwise known as the Ken Johnson Rule, it was instituted during his career due to his brilliance at blocking shots.
7. When an OSU player takes a charge.
8. A dunk by an OSU player.
9. A great play by an OSU player. This is a heat of the moment decision by those who are playing the game to decide if the play was double shot worthy. (Editor's note: when this happens, it is quite amusing. You have one guy screaming, "THAT'S A DOUBLE SHOT!" followed by everyone else enthusiastically agreeing.)

-All of the following constitute a single shot of beer:
1. A timeout that does not go to commercial.
2. A two point basket or made free throw. In the case of free throws we usually wait until both are attempted so we can just do a double shot if he makes them both or a single shot if he only makes one.

1. At halftime you must do 5 double shots. This can be done all at once or spread out over the course of halftime, as long as they are done before the 2nd half starts.
2. Double Double shots. Double Double shots are done when something strange or crazy happens to benefit the Buckeyes, like when an awful player does something good. This rule first came about when Brandon Fuss-Cheetam played for the Buckeyes. He might have been the worst shooter in basketball history. And he was a guard! Well, whenever he made a three pointer (which was like 6 times in his career) we decided that was worth 2 double shots. From then on, whenever a terrible player does something good, like Charles Bass banking in that free throw against MSU in the Big 10 tourney a few years ago, we do a double double shot. On this year's team, P.J. Hill would be our double double shot guy.
3. After a win you must do 6 double shots within 20 minutes of the game ending. After a loss it's only 3 double shots. (Ed. note: This is the only rule that I disagree with. You should punish yourself after a loss because it was YOUR fault! I think they should sub 3 doubles with 10 doubles as a way of drowning their sorrows).
4. Random double and single shots take place over the course of game at the discretion of the players.

That's pretty much it. This game will kick your ass. The game continues to evolve as new rules and tweaks to old rules have taken place over the years. It is a fun game and I encourage all of you to play along with your favorite team.

Thanks, D. When I was in school, I tried to start something like this myself for RedHawks games. The only problem was that we were on TV about once a month. But if you ever want to play "Charlie Coles: The Drinking Game". the rules are quite simple. Every time that the RedHawks are on TV, you drink as mush as humanly possible. Every time they show Charlie Coles on TV, you drink twice as much as humanly possible. Needless to say, I wasn't really dedicated to making that game last.


Anonymous said...

I'm probably going to play this by myself tomorrow night.


GMoney said...

Go for it, I bet you'll like it.

It was approved by Matt Sylvester!

Grumpy said...

I like it. It can be applied to any team and played individually or in a group. I'm going to pick a random college game on tv and try it. Maybe I'll substitute tequila and kill myself.

Mr. Ace said...

Go Blue

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of this game and it is usually a good start to the evening when games are played on weekends. However, I have always thought there is one type of play that should have at least a single shot, possibly a double shot: when a player steals the ball. This happens frequent enough that you are going to get an extra 4-10 shots out of it, but not frequent enough that you are going to get hammered off steals.

-Lil' Strut

J Beanie said...

I'm all about drinking games for basketball games. They seem to be harder to sit all the way through compared to football games. But Graig, let's remember, this game was invited by OSU fans and if they ever played against fans of an SEC school, I'm sure they would be left puking in the bathroom from trying to keep up with them as they kicked their ass.

Anonymous said...

That was actually pretty funny, Beanie.

Matt Sylvester did approve of this as I had a class with him while in college and I proceeded to tell him about it. He thought it was pretty funny. Damn, I can't believe I forgot to include that in the post.


KPietsch said...

So I introduced this game to my roommate and some of my friends here in Chicago. One of my friends described it as a "drinking game on steriods"... he was wasted at that time of course. Overall, they loved the game and really loved the description of the rules. Good work G$