Friday, January 23, 2009

Chicago Cubs: Now With 100% More Ricketts!

Big news out of baseball today that the Cubs have pretty much found themselves a new owner. It's about fucking time. It's being reported that the Ricketts Family will be taking over the reigns of the biggest losers in professional sports.

Upon hearing about this, my first reaction was, "Wow, my former high school Math teacher now owns a baseball team. Crazy!" But then I thought about it a little bit more and realized that nobody that runs the scoreboard at high school basketball games has the kind of coin to buy a team.

Oh well. At least it saves the Cubs and all of the employees under their umbrella from hearing the same tired Math-related jokes every day. Why was 6 afraid of 7, you ask? Because 7 8 9, bitch! Enjoy your loser team, Tom Ricketts. The Cubs have a better chance of dying from Ricketts than they do of winning a playoff series.


Anonymous said...

Go feast on some Goat G$ and worry about your 3rd place Yankee team.

GMoney said...

The same Yankees team that has won a 26 World Series in the same 100 years that the Cubs have won zero? No problem.

A Cubs fan has NOTHING to say to a Yankees fan.

Anonymous said...

I thought of math teacher Ricketts when I heard this too. He was quite the joke maker.


KPietsch said...

With the signing a of Peavy (soon to come), we'll be waiting for you in the World Series. This is the year!!!