Monday, January 26, 2009

Burning Bridges 101

I like Joe Torre. He's a classy guy that does things the right way. Torre isn't the best in-game manager in baseball but he knows how to deal with egos (which is half the battle these fdays). He made a career in New York doing such. Look, when the Yankees hired him in 1996, if you remember, EVERYONE was spellbound by the decision. But the Yankees believed in him and he rewarded the franchise with 4 titles in his decade-plus tenure in the Bronx. After the 2007 season, it was time for both parties to move on. The act had gotten stale. It wasn't too ugly of a break-up but, as we know now, there were some hurt feelings.

In case you didn't see, Torre has collaborated on a new book with SI's Tom Verducci in which he tells his story about his time in New York. The two big nuggets coming out this weekend were that players referred to Baseball Jesus as "A-Fraud" behind his back and that Joe was upset when Brian Cashman didn't stand up for him. Basically, no one gives a shit. I heard Buster Olney on ESPN radio yesterday and he pretty much confirmed that this is all old news and not very important.

But that's what bothers me. It seems to me that Uncle Joe wrote this just to make a few extra bucks. It serves no purpose and there really is no story to be told here. Everyone knows that A-Rod isn't the greatest guy in the world and we all know that no one in the Yankees front office wanted Torre back. So why burn these bridges? It makes no sense and changes my opinion on Joe Torre the man.

The Yankees gave Joe Torre a chance and made him a superstar. He returned the favor by trying to drag the organization through the mud. Thanks, asshole.


Tony B. said...

He's a Dodger now- that changes anyone. My best friend could put on a Dodger jersey and I immediately would trust him less. Torre's not immune from the LA way (we've already seen this on his Visa commercial.)

Upstate Underdog said...

I agree G$ what did Torre have to gain from this. Torre should have shut the fuck up and just let it go.

GMoney said...

Exactly, now doesn't really seem like the time to write a tell-all book because, I don't know, YOU'RE STILL IN THE GAME!!!