Friday, January 09, 2009

Best. Player. Ever.

Good call, Heisman voters. Way to get it wrong again.

Very entertaining game tonight. Tim Tebow is just fantastic. If it was possible to fall more in love with him, I think that I did so tonight. Many losers out there like to hate on him because they can't recognize greatness, but I don't. The kid is amazing. Hands down one of the best college football players of all time. And I loved it when he started doing the gator chomp at some schlub on OU at the end and getting a 15 yarder for it.

Get ready for more, too, because he's going to win another Heisman and national championship next year as well. Why? Because Jesus loves him, too, that's why.


Allan Stokke said...

Jesus Christ
100% God
100% Man
100% Tebow

Definitely a Tebow fan, I think it's because of the reverse backlash.

Anonymous said...

Tebow might be a huge fag, but he is one hell of a football player. Isn't there the possibility of him going pro?


GMoney said...

I doubt that he will, Glick. He is a God in Gainesville.

How fucking awful was Fox's coverage last night? Thom and Chazz Davis not knowing what down it was??? At least they are still better than Mike Patrick.

Grumpy said...

That was, technically, the worst production I have ever seen. The down and distance graphics were screwed up all night and the announcers sucked. Brennaman should stick to baseball.

MuDawgFan said...

G$ - as the lone UGA supporter that posts in your comments I can say I'm wonderfully, terribly jealous of Teabow. He's the absolute embodiment of a what an NCAA student athelete should be and his teammates would follow him through hell on earth.

Easily the best college football player in the past 20 years.

And I won $150 on betting the "under" !!!

Anonymous said...

The best college football player in the last 20 years?!?! You guys are fucking crazy. He's 20-5 as a starter.


Jeff said...

I much as I hate to say it Tebow is one hell of a football player and competitor. I don't see why any nfl team wouldn't want to take a chance on a kid like this. He will work harder than anyone you have ever seen to be the best player he possibly can be and his team will work harder than any team you have ever seen. That's not a knock on his famous lines from earlier this season. I actually give him a lot of credit for coming out, saying that, and then backing it all up. Scouts knock his passing ability and the fact that his running will not hold up in the NFL, but lets face it, he threw the ball pretty damn good last night and all season. The kid is tougher than nails when it comes to taking hits and I definitely wouldn't mine my team taking a chance on him because you know he will have the best work ethic on the team, and well lets face it, hes got God on his side.

Anonymous said...

Tim Tebow=Tyler Hansbrough

G$, it's funny how you rip Psycho T but worship Tebow. They are both equally annoying. Everytime Tebow does his little cheer on the field, I want to hit him in the face.


GMoney said...

Oh that is such bullshit, D. The differences between the two are enormous. For one, Tebow is a winner. Two, Tebow loves Jesus and Psycho T is the spawn of Satan.

In a sporting world full of Pacman's and Plax's, for some reason everyone wants to hate on the kid that does everything the right way.

Jeff said...

You must have missed my post G$. I didn't say I hate Tebow, I just hate that he plays for Florida.

GMoney said...

To be honest, Jeff, I don't know how to read. Are you happy? Now my deep, dark secret is public.

Anonymous said...

i think the production was woprse the OSU TEXAS game.

Anonymous said...

I hate Florida but I do Like Tebow.. He is the best Leader in football. And the Best Player in Football. He has got a Cannon for an arm. He threw the ball well last night. Exception of that pick right to the Okie player. If he comes back next year. You have to pencil in Florida running the table all the way to the title game again. and another Heisman for Tebow after getting fucked this year.

Mr. Ace said...

The guy cant throw the deep ball so he won't play QB at the next level. Michigan saw that last year and they blitzed non-stop during the bowl game, leaving no help over the top. Tebow is a hell of a college player, but won't amount to much in the pro's. But he will definitely be back in Gainesville next year...or everything he says and does is a huge lie.