Thursday, January 22, 2009

The 2009 Chris Lofton All-Stars

Before we get started today, let's give it up for the New Jersey Institute of Technology Highlanders! If you don't pay attention to low mid-major hoops or read The Mid-Majority, then you probably had no idea that NJIT hadn't won a game in over a year a half. But that streak is now over. With last night's triumph over Bryant, NJIT moves to a robust 1-17 on the season. Ironically, Bryant is coached by former Ohio's coach and certifiable idiot, Tim O' it all makes sense.

Anyway, ever since this blog's creation in the summer of 2006, we always professed our extreme man-crush for former Tennessee marksman, Chris Lofton. Lofton is gone now but his legacy will never be forgotten. And thus this year, we once again unleash my list of favorite players in college hoops AKA The Chris Lofton All-Stars. Obviously, I love Oklahoma's Blake Griffin, but he doesn't need the pub so he is off the list. Let's get this going:

First Team:
James Harden, Arizona State - Harden is just a beast. I've seen the Sun Devils a few times this year and he dominates inside and outside. His beard is also something to be reckoned with.

Terence Williams, Louisville - It feels like he's been there for about ten years now. By far the best athlete on the Cards and can do it all.

Lester Hudson, Tennessee-Martin - Last year, I had Rider's Jason Thompson on this list and he ended up getting drafted in the lottery. Hudson is my guy this year. I've seen him once on TV this year and it was enough to always keep my eye on him. He is a threat for a triple double EVERY night.

Jeff Teague, Wake Forest - I know that they lost last night and all, but Teague might be the best point guard in the country. Even better than Ty Lawson.

Jack McClinton, U of Miami - The guy is a great shooter and I love that he tried to punch former Buckeye, Anthony Crater, in the face. We all want to do that to a Buckeye, Jack.

The Bench:
Lawrence Westbrook, Minnesota - The heart and soul of the surprising Gophers.

Dionte Christmas, Temple - I love the last name and he can shoot from anywhere on the floor. Dionte may also be friends with Harry Dunn.

Cole Aldrich, Kansas - The Jayhawks aren't the same as they were last year, obviously, but Aldrich is a hoss in the paint. A real scrapper; the kind of guy that I like on my "team".

Jody Meeks, Kentucky - Did you see what he did to Tennessee last week? When you fill up the stat sheet for 54 points on the road, you've made the team.

Patrick Mills, St. Mary's - Other than Hudson, and unless you follow the WCC, this is the second best player that you've never heard of.

Tyler Dierkers, Miami U - A sentimental pick for me, but the kid is a grinder that makes good decisions. He's not a triple double threat, but he's an 8-8-8 threat every single game.

Chris Kramer, Purdue - The token hustler for this team. I had no idea how to fill the last slot so I just went with a guy that shows a ton of heart and plays great defense.

I honestly think that if I took this team to the Olympics (and was named coach, of course), I could lead them to the medal round. I'm serious. We would be a tough out. Anyway, tomorrow I'm unleashing the exact opposite of this team, The Tyler Hansbrough All-Stars. Get ready for some real sacks of shit, brah.

***One more thing, I'm writing this on Wednesday night and I just got back from Quaker Steak and Lube. It was the first time that I had ever been to one. Damn, those were some kickass wings. I put them at #2 behind Winking Lizard for best wings ever. The Winking Lizard in Bedford Heights just so happens to be one of Austin Carr's hangouts so you KNOW that they're good.


Mr. Ace said...

Who is Jeff Teague? I thought cp3 went back to school.

It seems that you are lacking a beast in the middle. May I suggest Jordan Hill from Arizona. 17.7 ppg, 11.6 rpg and a couple blocked shots every game. This guy doesn't get a whole lot of pub either, but he deserves it.

Matt said...

Where is the love for *requisite Ohio State player*?

Scorchers, just down Miles from the Lizard, has the best wings around. The cajun wings there are unrivaled.

Grumpy said...

Tyler Dierkers? Come on G, no room for sentiment or homerism when putting together All-Star teams.

Vol Junkie said...

This is a great post I am a huge Chris Lofton fan. The only thing I dont like about this post is about three of these guys lit my beloved Vols.