Friday, December 19, 2008

Write Your Own Damn Joke

There really is nothing more that I could add for this one. Skip Bayless sucks fat balls. I bet that he wears ascots. Apparently, he wants to give a few QB's in the league a little "slap-and-tickle". It is a tad bit humorous that Skippy has a little bit of the Jungle Fever. Honestly, I think that his list is really about 500-600 deep but he keeps it wedged next to his taint for safe keeping. God, I hate Skip Bayless.


Anonymous said...

G$'s Best Looking Quarterbacks...

1.) Chad Pennington
2.) Terrelle Pryor
3.) John Navarre
4.) Tony Romo
5.) Scott Mitchell


Anonymous said...

you forgot Jason Campbell

Jeff said...

Tom Brady. He's dating a supermodel.

Mr. Ace said...

I know G$'s real list, and it isn't a list at all.

1) Jeff Garcia

He is gay and ginger. If they aren't lovers, they are twins.


What the fuck? He left off my Matty Touchdown?

That bitchy queen - he's so hurtful!

GMoney said...

Wait a minute, what the fuck is going here? For the record, I'm not a ginger, brah!

Drew, Scott Mitchell would definitely be #1.

Tony B. said...

Looks like there is a demand for a "G$'s Best Looking QBs" list.

For most homeless looking QBs, I'd go with:

1) Kyle Orton
2) Sam Bradford
3) Aaron Rodgers
4) JP Losman
5) JT O'Sullivan

Mr. Ace said...

You are a day walker