Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What More Can He Do?

The Heisman Trophy is scheduled to be handed out this Saturday from wherever the Hell they do it these days (Downtown Athletic Club?). Like usual, the debate rages on regarding who the best player in college football is this season. Let me simplify things for you.

Tim Tebow has earned that trophy again.

I said it last week and I say it again this week: Tebow is one of, if not THEE, greatest players in the history of college football. Did you watch the SEC Championship game? He would not allow the Gators to lose. There is not a better leader in the country. He was a fucking warrior. And he HAS to be rewarded for it. Otherwise, it's just another notch in college football's belt as the worst run sport in the world.

Don't give me gaudy passing numbers to defend somebody else. I don't want to hear that shit. The QB's in the Big 12 get to play against soft and shitty defenses every week. As overrated as the SEC has been this season outside of the Big 2, the defense in that conference is still top notch. How many teams put up 30+ points against Alabama this season? That's a fucking NICK SABAN DEFENSE that he shredded!

In Sam Bradford's biggest game of the year, the game in which all OU and Texas players are remembered, he wasn't good enough to win. Colt McCoy didn't even win the Big 12 South (fairly or not). Graham Harrell shit the bed in Norman. Running up the score on Baylor does not make one immortal. Everyone who will be heading to New York has some blemish on their resume...so give it to the best player. Look at each guy and ask yourself, "Is this guy better than Tebow"? The answer is a resounding no.

Eventually, someone is going to join Archie Griffin as a two-time Heisman winner. Tebow has earned the right to be placed on that pedestal. Love him or hate him (and I have no idea how anyone could hate the kid), that trophy belongs to him again.


Anonymous said...

I hate him.

He should go back to the Phillipinnes and continue circumsizing children.

He also looked like a huge d-bag when he ran into the special teams huddle this past saturday.

He can go fuck himself and I will enjoy watching him finish third in place.


GMoney said...

You're just jealous. Admit it. Yeah, he's a mama's boy but I'll take that over someone shooting himself in the leg any day.

Anonymous said...

Tim Tebow is a hard nosed competitor and I know how he feels. Just because you are compassionate about the sport you play, people hate you. I mean we give it our all and there are people that still hate us. Maybe someday G$ you will appreciate me too, just as you appreciate Tim Tebow.
Your (maybe someday) Friend,
--Tyler Hansbrough

GMoney said...

Tyler, Tyler, Tyler...welcome back. How about winning something first before you put yourself on Tebow's level.

Mr. Ace said...

I hate him too. Mostly because the last thing I need is some 19 year old kid preaching to me. Plus the fact that he should be banging every hot coed in the state of Florida and is supposedly not because he has a thing for boys.

On the football field, I like him. I liked him his freshman year because you could see how the Florida team responded when he came into the game. They immediately respected him. He is a great leader and is deserving of the heisman, in my opinion.

However, Bradford led the greatest offense in the history of the FBS. Most ppg ever. The voters will not get passed that. And, let's not forget that Tebow's Gators lost to Ole Miss...not exactly Texas.

Mr. Ace said...

How the hell to you get off calling Tim Tebow the best college football player ever? What has he done? He won a title as a freshman coming in as a fullback and throwing a couple touchdowns. He was important to that team, but not the leader. Last year he put up good numbers, but they ended with 4 losses. The last loss coming in a game where the Wolverines exposed Tebow's lack of an ability to throw the deep ball.

If they win this year, his status skyrockets. But best ever? You are crazy.

J Beanie said...

Tim Tebow is nothing more than Eric Crouch. He is an amazing college football player but is better suited for fullback in the NFL. Now I know that has nothing to do with the Heisman but Tebow doesn't deserve it. Just because you work hard and is a leader and "a fucking warrior" doesn't make you better than guys who throw for much better numbers and run for better numbers, i.e. Colt McCoy. Say what you want about the Big 12 defenses, 500 yards and 5 td's against any team can only be put up by great quarterbacks. The bottom line is voters are blinded by numbers and Bradford is going to win it even though he is the least worthy of the four.

GMoney said...

I didn't say he was the best. Learn how to read, dipshit. It's not like I said that Michigan basketball was scary good.

Who is the signature player of the 2008 college football season? Just ask yourself that.

Mr. Ace said...

I was with you until the "500 yards and 5 TD's can only be put up by great quarterbacks" thing. A system can easily make a qb put up those numbers. Look at Hawaii, crazy numbers in that system. Are Cliff Kingsbury or David Klingler great? Far from it.

Bradford and Tebow are deserving of the Heisman. McCoy would have been deserving if he got to play Missouri instead of Bradford. In the end, Bradford wins the heisman. Sorry G$

GMoney said...

Anyone that looks like Drew Thompson (Bradford), doesn't deserve anything.

Mr. Ace said...

Hey fucktard, those were your exact words. "Tebow is one of, if not THEE, greatest players in the history of college football." Apparently that Miami(Ox) education didn't teach you that greatest and best were synonyms.

Who is the signature player of the football season? What kind of question is that? An unintelligent one.

Dustin said...

I'm not sure what it is, but I fucking hate Tim tebow. I agre with mr ace maybe its because he preaches every time he's interviewed. The sad thing is hell be back next year because there is no way he will make it in the pros.. Unless he's a linebacker. He takes 3 seconds to get the ball out of his hand and he won't be running over people in the NFL. I'm sure the browns will draft him.

Dustin said...

2 weeks ago I would have said Bradford would win the heisman... But the last few weeks CBS and espn have really eaten his pussy more than normal. He gets to much media attention not to win the heisman

GMoney said...

"If not thee" is a hypothetical meaning that he could be. Never was it implied that he was/is, just something to ponder. You're better than that. Quit being a Michael Phelps.

Signature player means when you think about the 2008 college football season, who comes to mind first? It's either Tebow or maybe McCoy. It sure as shit isn't Drew Thompson's twin.

Mr. Ace wins the award for biggest moron of the day.

Anonymous said...

For what its worth (next to nothing) McCoy is the signature player in my eyes. However, I agree with Dut, the media, especially CBS, have been sucking Tebow's dick for about 2 weeks now. I have a feeling that may sway enough late votes in Tebow's favor to win the award

Also, stiffarmtrophy.com has accurately predicted the Heisman winner for the last 6 years. They have Bradford by a slim margin at this point.

-Lil' Strut

Mr. Ace said...

So the media determines the heisman...didn't you use this lame argument for the sox/yanks rivalry?

What makes McCoy more signature than Bradford? McCoy didn't play in the Big 12 title game. McCoy didn't lead the best offense ever this year. That makes absolutely no sense. I understand the Tebow point because the media loves the kid and everything he does is tv gold. So I guess he is more "signature" because the media loves him...so lets give him a trophy.

G$, do you think Tim Tebow is one of the best college football players ever? top 10? top 5?
Or are you too busy fighting Herbstreit for the next spot in line to suck off Tebow.

GMoney said...

I didn't mention anything about the media. I think that you need a timeout because you are all over the place and just making shit up today. I've made my points and they are rock solid, it is not my problem if you can't understand them.

It's not my fault that your horrible fantasy skills couldn't even make the playoffs (again!) in a 16 team league in which half the league gets into the postseason.

I truly do believe that Tebow is one of the 5 best college football players that I've seen. But he will never be able to top Jon Navarre.

Get ready for more Heisman talk tomorrow, too, but it won't have anything to do with the award. What a phenomenal teaser!

Dustin said...

Somebody agreed with me!! This is the best day of my life!!!

Espn has a heisman commercial that says "will it be one of the 3 big 12 qbs, or will it be floridas superhero Tim tebow". The media wants Tim tebow

Mr. Ace said...

Why did you have to go there? The NKDM got robbed again and I am having a hard time accepting it. I may retire from fantasy football.

For the record, I was saying media determines how "signature" a player is.

And Jon Navarre has never done anything to you, you leave him out of this.

Anonymous said...

I like Tebow and I think he deseves the hiesman. Screw Archie, he needs some company. My vote would go for Tebow. If not Tebow then Bradford should get it.