Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This Guy???

Here's some trivia for you all on this Tuesday afternoon:

Who was the architect of one of the worst offenses in the country this year?
Who has almost no ties to the MAC?
Who was demoted by Charlie Weis halfway through the 2008 season?
Who is the 6th black head coach in college football?
Who excels in mediocrity?

The answer to all of those questions is the new Miami University head football coach, Mike Haywood. Haywood has been the offensive coordinator at Notre Dame since 2005 and we all know how dynamic they've been. The only positive I can see from this is that our God awful attempt to run the spread offense has gone the way of Gerald Ford.

Stupid RedHawks. I really hate college football. Why couldn't our stupid athletic department go with the safest, sure-fire, winning head coach options like Ditka or Wayne Fontes.

I kind of want to register the website "haywoodyoufireme.com".


Tony B. said...

Forget this d-bag- focus on the Yankees signing Mark Teixeira.

GMoney said...

Tomorrow, my good man...tomorrow.

Allan Stokke said...

At least now maybe Jimmy Clausen can transfer here. That way we we'll have a QB who drinks to much instead of fails his drug tests *cough*Daniel Raudabaugh*cough* (yeah I got people on the inside)

Grumpy said...

Not going to give the guy a chance, huh? Read his resume; it's solid. The key is the right assistants, especially OC & DC. Notre Dame is a mess because of Charlie, not this guy.

GMoney said...

Actually, grump, the more I think about it and read about him, the more I like it. I think it could work out well. He did have the shackles of a lard-o on him in South Bend.