Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Talkin' Teix

OK, we need to talk about this. I realize that all of you are foaming at the mouth, ready to spew your bile and hatred toward me and my Yankees in the comments, but calm down a minute. Take a deep breath. Before we get going, let's set a few things straight. There is no salary cap in MLB and there NEVER will be. Get over it. Much like there won't be a college playoff system anytime soon, you have to get used to this fact. No rules were broken, no shady dealings at all. It is a simple case of a team going out and paying for a man (or in this case three men) that they coveted in their never-ending pursuit of title #27. On with the show:

Mark Teixeira (I'm going to go crazy trying to spell this guy's name right every time) and the Yankees have agreed on an 8 year/180 million dollar contract.

First things first, the guy is 28, a gold-glover, a 30 HR/100+ RBI machine, and considered to be a great clubhouse guy. The Red Sox knew it. So did the Nationals, Orioles, and Angels. Scott Boras was stating after last season that he was shooting for an A-Rod-esque deal (10 for 250). The Yankees were considered to really be a non-factor in the pursuit of Teix. Hell, Jon Heyman said yesterday morning that he would be on the Red Sox by the end of the day. So I'm thinking that Boras, in a last ditch effort to get a few extra million, called Cashman and told him that the best deal on the table was 8 for 170 and for 180, they could have him. I truly believe that it was that simple.

And now we have the player that we always hoped Jason Giambi would be. A guy that will hit ahead of A-Rod in the lineup and put up monster season after monster season. This is huge. The Yankees offense was horrible last season and they needed a better upgrade than Nick fucking Swisher.

Financially, I understand that most of you are frustrated. The Yankees can just throw money to anyone and not worry about a potential bust. It doesn't matter to them. They print money. There are many owners in MLB that are worth more than the Steinbrenner's. The only difference is that George and Sons will spend whatever it takes to win. Titles mean more than fiscal responsibility. You've got to at least respect that...even if it's just a little bit. As fans, we all wish that our favorite teams would take a win-at-all stance. Well, that is the definition of the New York Yankees.

As far as the old adage that "you can't buy a championship unless you are the 1997 Marlins" goes, I totally agree with that. But you also can't win with just people that you drafted. You have to have a balance. You don't realize this but the Yankees are still doing things the way that you hoped they would always do it. The entire bullpen is homegrown. If the season started today, 3 of the 5 starters come from the system. Cano, Gardner, and Melky are from within as well. The difference is, the Yankees don't fuck around with waiting to see if they can sign David Dellucci on the cheap in February. They go out, spend the money, and bring in the best players to fill out the holes. You can't fault them for being aggressive and knowing what they want.

Finally, and hopefully this calms you down a bit more, even with CC, AJ, and Teix, they aren't guaranteed shit. It could all blow up in their faces. They have the talent in place to be one of the best teams of all-time now, but things happen and it's not a forgone conclusion that the new Yankee Stadium will win a title in it's first season. Admit it, you were kind of sad that the Yankees didn't make the postseason last year (even with 89 wins which was considered an abomination of a season in New York). They didn't give you anyone to loathe in the playoffs. Sure, we all hate the Red Sox, but it's more fun to root against the Yankees. Well, now you have that reason back. So instead of bitching about how things aren't fair, just remember how empty your life was in October when you couldn't hate the Yankees. And now it's back, baby!!!

That being said, FUCK YOU ALL, THE YANKEES ARE WINNING THE WORLD SERIES IN 2009!!! Have a Merry Christmas, we'll be dark here the rest of the week but I'll be here on Monday leading you up to 2009. START SPREADING THE NEWS!!!


Anonymous said...

"Finally, and hopefully this calms you down a bit more, even with CC, AJ, and Teix, they aren't guaranteed shit. It could all blow up in their faces."

If there is a God in heaven, it will.

Yes, as a fan of a small market team this pisses me off. Saying that they choose to spend more money than the other owners is kind of true, but not really. With their TV deal and other streams of income, they have shit tons more money to spend than everyone else. I know that there are a lot of teams, my Indians included, who don't spend as much as they could on players. But, even if they wanted to, they could never realistically compete with the Yankees if they were going after the same player. The Indians never had a chance of resigning CC, even if he stayed with them all of last year and won the World Series. It was inevitable that he was going to end up a Yankee no matter what, and that's the frustrating part.

But, there is no sense in crying over spilled milk. As the the great Braylon Edwards says, "It is what it is." So in closing, fuck the Yankees, fuck the Steinbrenners, fuck everything about New York and let's hope that someone, besides the Red Sox, gives them a nice big shitburger to eat this season.


J Beanie said...

Fuck the Yankees and fuck baseball. This isn't even fun.

"The only difference is that George and Sons will spend whatever it takes to win. Titles mean more than fiscal responsibility." The only problem with your statement there is since they started really spending a shit ton of money, they haven't won shit. They won those titles in the late 90s with guys the drafted and guys that had been w/ the organization for a while. All this means is when they don't win the WS this year, it pisses you Yankee fans off more.


GMoney said...

You two babies, when a free agent hits the market, they are only looking at going to 3 cities anyway. You could have billions of dollars to spend and it wouldn't matter because no superstar is going to Cleveland.

You need to take it easy on this. You guys have big boy college sports teams and I have mine in the pros. It's a give and take. It gives you balance as a fan. But I'd be more than willing to see the Yankees cut payroll if OSU and UM start sending a handful of 5 star recruits to Oxford. Deal?

Tex was only going to go to Boston or New York anyway so pick your poison.

Tony B. said...

Everyone (especially A's fans) were pissed when the Yanks signed Jason Giambi- and that didn't exactly work out the way NY envisioned. These signings could be the same way. Despite all the complaining by others, this is high risk/high reward for the Yankees. CC was overworked last year and is overweight. AJ has been injured every year except last year. Tex is the surest bet, but an injury could happen anytime.

I have no problem with the signings because teams like the Rays have proved that they can beat big market teams (Red Sox) without spending the cash. I'm assuming the Cubs had the highest payroll of any NL team in the playoffs and that helped none when it came down to it last year.

GMoney said...

Tony, it was either the Cubs or the Mets and neither worked out well. So yeah, it takes more than just money which is why I don't get why people are up in arms about this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Money gives you a big head start on being successful. The Yankees, and teams of their ilk, have a huge advantage because if one of these guys gets hurt it's not going to set them back because they can just go out next year and sign somebody else. If a small market teams signs someone to a big contract and that player gets hurt or is unproductive, then they are probably screwed for the next few years (see Travis Hafner).

But, that's the system that MLB works under and we have to live with it. It will just be that much sweeter when the Yanks don't win it again this year.

As far as your arguement about our big boy college teams. While I obviously see your point, every FBS school gets the same amount of scholarships, but every MLB team doesn't quite start out with the same amount of money. So theoretically, the Redhawks have just as good of a chance at getting a player as OSU or UM, albeit not a good one. So spend some money to upgrade your facilities. I know you are going to flip out at that statement, but that is a fact.


GMoney said...

You're right about one thing: MLB teams don't start with the same amount of money. Twins owner Carl Pohlad is up there with Warren Buffett when it comes to cash. Those damn Twins have been buying up all the free agents every year and I'm sick and tired of it!

They have the same scholarships, but recruiting budgets is where your argument falls to shit.

Jeff said...

Capitalism at its finest. New York is a larger market. The Yankees sell more tickets and collect more revenues from TV. For those who argue it isn't fair: Do you remember that the Yankees wrote a $23 million check for revenue sharing this week? Of course, that money will simply be pocketed by small market owners-- Pirates, Marlins, and Royals. Unfair? Seems to me you are displacing your anger.

GMoney said...

Thanks, Jeff! Now if you would stop hanging out with Dut, you might go places in this world.

Anonymous said...

Look, every owner is filthy rich. That's not the only thing that drives payroll. Stadium revenue, TV deals, the media market the team is in, all have a big part in payroll. A seat behind home plate at Yankee Stadium is going for $500 a pop. Do you think anyone in Minnesota is going to pay that much for a ticket?

The Yankeess are not breaking any rules or anything, so what can you do. But don't start saying that because Carl Pohlad is as rich Warren Buffet the Twins should be able to spend with the Yankees. You know that isn't realistic, and if you do believe that, I would like to know what planet you are living on.


Jeff said...

Not sure who or what Dut is. I am new to your blog. Came over via AA.

GMoney said...

Shit, Jeff, my fault. I thought that you were sometimes commenter here Jeff.

D, we've talked about this. I know what you're saying. I also believe that Pohlad doesn't give the Twins the attention that they deserve. I don't think that they should spend a ton of cash. But I do believe that they could afford to keep some of their players if he unclenched his purse.

Tony B. said...

Great use of "uncleanched."

The biggest advantage is that that teams like the Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox (did I miss the Mets also?) have larger fan bases than other teams which spend, in total, more money. The Twins, Indians, A's, Padres, etc. will never sell as many tickets/jerseys/merchandise etc. putting them at a disadvantage.

HOWEVER- I don't see them crying when any of those 3 big teams come to the park because they fill it up. When the Giants were shitty this year, I went to a Cubs/Giants game and the park was half Cubs fans. And Jeff is right, those luxury tax revenues are not spent back for the good of the team- they go right into the owners pockets.

PS: Branding also puts FBS football programs at a disadvantage from the big names (recruiting, advertising, bowl selections, etc.)- the same inherent disadvantage that smaller market baseball teams face.

Jeff said...

I'm just speechless that the sox got outbid for him. John Henry can be called "cheap" after this, but i guess for all you yankee fans, desperate times call for desperate measures. Have fun watching all your hopes and dreams of buying a world championship team blow up in your face. You can have 12 allstars on your team, but that doesn't make up for the lack of team chemistry or all of them choking big time. The red sox have their work cut out for them, but lets not forget that they have won it twice recently.

The real JEFF

Arran Stolle said...

Kenny out for the year FUUUUUUCK

Stokke said...

Also if anything there needs to be a Salary Floor, not a cap. Forcing shitty teams like KC, Pittsburgh, Florida etc. to spend 60-70mill a year will make both the regular season and the Free Agent Market more competitive.

There are more teams trying to skate by and cut payroll then there are teams spending truck loads.

rstiles said...



rstiles said...

All you non-Yankee fans who whine and cry about the Yanks can suck the fart out of my ass!!!!

Let's Go Yankees!!!!

GMoney said...

Thank you, stiles, that was both tasteless and delicious at the same time.

Mac G said...

G$, as an Orioles fan your Yankee fandom kills me but my dream is to see bad things happen to Jeffrey Mayor so who was more problems?

I will be happy when Sabathia and Burnett blow out their arms in 2010. The Yanks will just spend more and more. I hate them.