Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How Are The Gay Bars in London, Jeff?

I was just browsing the interwebs yesterday and happened to catch a story on SI.com that somewhat piqued my interest. Considering my immoral love for the NFL, I saw that the NFL has already deemed who will be playing across the pond next year.

Tampa Bay and New England. Hey, that's a pretty good matchup and a far cry from last year's showcasing of the winless Dolphins and Retard Manning. But when you dig a little deeper, you realize that this smells like shit.

The game in England counts as a home game for Tampa. Fuck that. Of course it does. I mean, the league could never inconvenience that mighty Patriots, could they? That is absurd! People in Tampa don't even like going to home games, sellouts be damned! We need to keep the Pats with 8 home games so they can get back to the playoffs, dammit. Let's look at what New England has been getting away with recently:
*Bill Belichick has hours and hours of amateur porn/coaching signals
*Tom Brady is allowed to nail any model that he wants to
*Nick Kaczur was busted in a drug sting yet doesn't get into trouble with the league; another solid citizen coming out of Toledo
*Rodney Harrison molests priests
*Teddy Bruschi has a hole in heart like a retard
*Wes Welker eats orphans

And not one fucking penalty. Disgusting. The least that Roger Goodell could do would be to take away a home game next year. I'm pretty sure that Goodell's middle name is Donaghy.

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