Thursday, December 11, 2008

He Puts The K In Yankees

God dammit. Stupid Brian Cashman. Contrary to popular belief, the starting pitching and bullpen were not the issue for the Yankees last season. It was the sporadic offense and lack of timely hitting. They couldn't score. Oh, but that's all fixed now.

Because Mike Cameron is coming to town?

A team that sucked on offense last season probably won't get any better if you sign or trade for two guys that can't even hit .250 (Swisher's in this category). This is mind-boggling. Who's next on Cashman's wish list? Adam fucking Dunn? I have no problem dumping Melky Cabrera because he had hit his ceiling, but come on, Mike Cameron sucks. And I think he was a steroid guy, too, if I recall correctly.

And don't worry, this spending spree isn't close to being over. Oh no. For within the next few days, you will see the greatest contract in the history of sports get signed...AJ Burnett for 90+ million!!! Fuck this shit.


Anonymous said...

The Yankees right now may be proving why the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is not the best in all of sports.

Alison Stokke's Dad said...

Cameron was suspened for amphetamines. Also he sucks. Also Adam Dunn has an OPS of .900, something the Skanks could definetly use (along with his 40HR).

Upstate Underdog said...

Mike Cameron and Nick Swisher? Start making those World Series parade plans.

Dustin said...

Even if they get Burnett, they're still the 3rd best team in their division. Cc also sucks under pressure, so it will be interesting to see what he does in new York. Be happy with Cameron and swisher... Our best move so far is brad laird!

Tony B. said...

Why did they ask LeBron about CC during the post game interview yesterday? And even if they did, why was I able to watch his answer on Sport Center? Stupid ESPN.

GMoney said...

It's Gerald Laird, Dut. You must be a big Tigers fan.

Tony, I have no idea either because Bron didn't even really say anything.

First anon, I don't even know what that means. Since you won't identify yourself, I will assume that you are balls deep in a 4 year old.

Stokke, go fuck yourself, you know that Dunn blows.

UU, you are going to make me cry.

Dustin said...

I am a big tigers fan, g$. I apologize for that rookie mistake. I'm sorry for not knowing enough about a career backup catcher who will now start for us.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's been pretty fun watching all these trades unfold on Yankees Tonight...I mean Baseball Tonight.

Kerry Woods bitches.


GMoney said...

Did you just come up with that? That is very clever. Yankees Tonight! That is so fresh. If you don't like it, root for a team that people want to hear about. And to crush your petty comeback, I never complain about the MAC's coverage so find something new.

Anonymous said...

The Indians and Yankees both play major league baseball. The MAC doesn't compete in anything. Nobody cares about the MAC. I'm pretty sure there are more Indians fans than MAC sports fans, since there are 5 of those.

Nothing's going to change so I don't know I always get worked about it. I hope to god you guys sign Burnett and then he gives you 7 starts next year.


GMoney said...

I would set his over/under of starts at 6.5