Friday, December 19, 2008

Find The Aztec

One of these guys is the new coach at San Diego State. The other three are vying for the lead in "Death Blow: The 2008 Ball State Cardinals' Story".

Seriously though, how is it possible that 4 300 pound guys that aren't related can look so much like brothers. You know what, they could all get together and remake the crappy Four Brothers movie from a few years back. I smell Oscar. But then again, that could be Mark Wahlberg's acting. Either way, something stinks.


Tony B. said...

The other three guys look more like Mike Golic than his RA from Saved By the Bell the College Years biological brother.

GMoney said...

Oh, you mean Mike Rogers, former offensive lineman for the 49ers turned weirdo resident advisor eventhough he's in his 40's!