Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Big Ten Is Back...Maybe

The college hoops season is about a month in now and while there are a few things that we already knew (North Carolina is awesome, Stephen Curry and Michael Bramos are awesome, and Indiana sucks), there is one subplot to the season that is somewhat going unnoticed: The Big Ten is a good conference. Not great mind you, but it's been years since it's been anything more than average.

You figured that it was going to turn around at some point though, right? There are just too many good head coaches (Izzo, Ryan, Painter, Tubby, Beilein, Matta, and now Crean) to continue to wallow in mediocrity. Michigan State and Purdue haven't gotten off to the starts that they wanted to, but they still have more talent than anyone else in the league. The Buckeyes and Wolverines have been pleasant surprises. I think that the Big Ten is looking at 6 solid bids this season. Now, I don't really believe that there are any teams that are threats to get passed the Sweet 16 round, but it's a start in the right direction.

But enough of this showering of praise on a conference that I truly hate.

Do you remember when we had the big, annoying controversy about the Buckeye football team being overrated? It sucked and those who were involved in the feud have been locked up in my basement ever since. They are eligible for my dungeon parole program in time for March Madness. That being said...

Ohio State is overrated. They are. I don't care that they are undefeated. That team is just screaming of being the 5 seed that loses to the 12 seed out in Provo, Utah or wherever the hell they are holding the first round out West this year. First of all, and this is a moot point right now, that record should have two giant asterisks by it. If their backup PG doesn't con Jack McClinton into taking a swipe at him, they lose to The U by 20. If Luke Harangody isn't coming off of pneumonia, he blows up for 35/20 and Notre Dame wins. But as I said, it's irrelevant now because that stuff did happen and the Buckeyes took advantage of it. It's all part of God's plan to make the Buckeyes season end abruptly all the more sweet.

Do you want to know why I'm calling for the Buckeyes to lose in the first round of the tournament 3 months before it begins? Here's why and it's pretty simple:
*They have no go-to guy when they need a basket. And if you answer this by saying Evan Turner, I will rip your fucking balls off. MSU has Morgan, Purdue has Hummel, and Michigan has two guys...the Bucks don't have anyone.
*BJ Mullens is a stiff. The kid is not the next Greg Oden. He's three years away from being the next Kosta Koufos.
*Jon Deibler misses more threes than anyone in the country but he still keeps chucking anyway. Teams that overly rely on the three never, ever have a ton of success in March.
*Any veteran team with a veteran point guard will shred that zone. Teams that play zones are a joke (except for Beilein's crazy ass scheme, that is a thing of beauty).
*Thad Matta is a spazz. The guy can recruit his ass off, but I'm not sold on his ability as a great strategist.
*Dallas Lauderdale can't be on the floor at the end of close games. And this is sad because he may be the most improved player in the country but the fact is, he can't shoot free throws.
*Mediocre point guard play is a killer. It's still early, but I don't trust Jeremie Simmons.
*David Lighty is horrible.

I may be wrong. There is a first time for everything. But I'm calling my shot anyway. Do you remember a handful of years ago when OSU lost in the first round to Utah State via the extremely hot hand of Bernard Rock? Well, I do. It was glorious. And history will repeat itself again.

UPDATE!!! Guys, you need to check this site out. Ohio State 12th man, Mark Titus, has his own blog describing what it's like to never play. It's great.


Anonymous said...

My rebuttal....

*First, the topic of this blog is spot on. The Big Ten is getting much better at basketball and it's because of a great group of coaches. It's sad that the group of basketball coaches blows away the group of football coaches.

The recruiting is getting much better though. Hell, take a look at what the Buckeyes 2010 class looks like. It's deeper/possibly better than the Oden/Conley class.

*Evan Turner is a go to guy, you moron. Did you see the second half of the Miami or ND games?

*Mullens is horribly over-rated. He does a decent job on the boards and has surprisingly good touch on a jump shot for someone his size, but I'm not going to defend his over-rated status. The sad part is that you know for some unknown reason he's probably still a top ten pick.

*I'm not sure what Diebler's three-point percentage is, but it has to be better than last year's. He is a better player, but still not special by any means. He will be a good four year player, which we really need.

*We have a good zone defense, that will only continue to improve with the athletic ability and length of our wings. Taht's why ND had so much trouble against us...not enough athletes.

*Matta is a spazz and I don't always agree with his coaching, but I think he is a damn good one overall. He's led us to a few big ten titles, the national championship game and he took Xavier to within a few points of the Final Four.

*Dallas Lauderdale is a MAN.

*I'm not sold on Simmons either. I think Crater will be the PG that gets the majority of the minutes as the season goes on. He is a much better court general and plays tremendous man to man defense.

*Unfortunately, I'm not going to disagree with your Lighty point.

*Depending on the draw, the Bucks will get knocked out in the second round or could even go as far as the elite eight. It also depends on how Mullens develops as the year goes.


Anonymous said...

Elite 8 is pushing the issue a little bit, OSU has to make threw the BIG 10 yet.


Jeff said...

Haragody was healthy. They were planning on keeping him out until Big East play started. So by playing him 4 games sooner must have been a sign he was doing fine. As for 35/20, he's averaging 23/12 and he had 25/16 against Ohio State. ND just couldn't stop O State's go to guy, Evan Turner.

J Beanie said...

All I got out of this post was the three Michigan praises. That's awesome. GO BLUE!!!

GMoney said...

Drew, your rebuttal was basically agreeing with everything that I said. Come on, Turner has been great so far but I need to see more. That guy faded like a motherfucker in February and March last year, I need to see some signs that this isn't a complete fluke.

Jeff, I believe that my reputation in medicine speaks for itself, but a guy coming off of pneumonia is never 100%.

Beanie, just wait until that fuck Luke-Perry is eligible to milkshakes at The Peach Pit!!!

Anonymous said...

Big 10 is improved. But Still the Big Ten will not be great until Indiana is near the top again. Which I suspect in a couple years. Same could be said for Illinois. But IU is Big 10 Basketball.!

Mr. Ace said...

Irishman, Bob Knight is gone. IU basketball blows and will continue to do so for another 5-7 years, probably longer.

I have only watched osu once and it was the first half of the miami-osu game. Mcclintock was well on his way to a 40 point night before he fucked up. Osu would have gotten ROUTED in that game had he not been a douche. With that being said, the fuckeyes appear to be better than I thought they would be. But they are still the 5th or 6th best team in the Big Ten. Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ace...whatever amount of money you want to put on the Bucks finishing below fourth place...let me know.

G$...How can you have a blog posting that is mainly about OSU basketball and not mention OSU walk-on Mark Titus's blog? He was even interviewed by Bill Simmons for almost 15 minutes on his podcast yesterday.

A link if you haven't seen it...good stuff......


Mr. Ace said...

You still owe me a duffel bag from about 4 years ago, so lets bet that.

GMoney said...

Dickhead, I put the link up to Titus's blog at about 10 this morning. Don't try to call me out, bitch.

Ace, I have no idea what you're talking about and I have a feeling that you've never met this Drew.

Mr. Ace said...

I always thought it was the Bradford look-a-like. Well in that case, drew, I will bet you one million dollars... or 2 million g$ hand jobs.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ace... I decline your bet. You are obviously a coward that types without true thoughts.


Anonymous said...

MR. Ace? Do you know the History of Big 10 basketball? IU will never go away.