Thursday, November 06, 2008

What's Next For Joe The Plumber?

I think that deep down every single person in this country is glad that the election is over because life can go on again. Well, maybe not Joe The Plumber. Is there a bigger fucking idiot in America than this guy? The man asked an innocent question, bitched about how the media was ruining his life, and then did everything he could to stay in the spotlight. What does he want now? I'd be willing to bet that it has nothing to do with plumbing. Let's take a look at what could be in store for America's favorite moron.
>Country Music Star - He already signed a deal to do this...I'm sure he will win numerous Grammy's

>Professional Wrestler - Vince McMahon brought in K-Fed and he wasn't even famous

>Fox News Analyst - Considering he just made up lies about Obama claiming that it was just his opinion, he seems like a perfect fit there

>Porn Star - When no one else wants to talk to you, you better learn how to fellate. It helps that he looks like an older/trashier version of this gentleman (love your blog by the way).

>Ohio State Sweatshirt Saleman - The guy wears them everyday, he should be an expert

>Toledo Rockets Head Football Coach - Since Toledo Tom Amstutz retired, they need someone to coach them in 2009. If Joe knows half as much about football as he does about foreign relations, he will be a great football coach.

>John McCain's Butler - Since McCain kinda/sorta ruined his life (he helped a lot, too), it would be nice if the Maverick would at least give him some work. Because he's MYYYY butler.

>Douche Bag - Well, this one is obvious and clearly the most viable option

Whatever happens to Joe The Plumber, he should know that at least one blogger would like him to be anally impaled with a swordfish.


Anonymous said...

I actually heard he was seriously thinking about running for U.S. Congress aganst Marcy Kaptur in 2 years. The sad thing is I am not joking. For those of you who don't know, Marcy Kaptur is a congresswoman from Toledo who is basically unbeatable and greatly loved and respected in her district. If he really ran it would border on hilarity and he would only humiliate himself.

Only twice since taking office after the 1982 election has Kaptur not recieved at least 70% of the vote (1984, 55%; 2004, 68%). Who does this Joe the Clownass really think he is?

-Lil' Strut

DMtShooter said...

This is what you get when people watch reality television.

Mr. Ace said...

He us already a if I could pick one more I would have to say Fox News Analyst. I could see him and O'Reilly making the viewers even dumber than the no spin zone already has. Joe the plumber, geraldo, and O'reilly? That is a murderer's row of fucktards.

Mac G said...

Dude, he is a blogger now!

Mr. Wurzelbacher said he planned to launch a Web site,, with the goal of making it a political watchdog.