Sunday, November 16, 2008

What The Hell, Cash?

This is Danielle Gamba. She is extremely hot. Since she's either dating or married to him, Danielle also happens to me the only thing that I like about new Yankee, Nick Swisher.

What the fuck, Brian Cashman? Come on, man. Swisher hit .219 last year which just happened to be the lowest batting average out of any hitter in baseball. THIS is our replacement for Jason Giambi? A guy with worse numbers! Bullshit. I honestly have no idea what the organization was thinking about by making this deal. There is not an outfield spot for him (Damon, Gardner, and Nady) so he has to play first base. He is not a natural first baseman and thus is not a good defensive player at that position. For fuck's sake, he was a Buckeye! No good...not good at all.

Ugh. We're off to a rip-roaring good start. I will forgive this decision though if all of this happens:
*Sign CC Sabathia
*Trade Cano and Hughes for Jake Peavy
*Sign A.J. Burnett
*Hank Steinbrenner falls down an elevator shaft
*Danielle Gamba is my Christmas present this holiday season

I don't think that I'm being unreasonable here. Let's get this done. For what it's worth, I hope and pray that this isn't the last time that I use the Danielle Gamba label on this blog.


Mr. Ace said...

I figured you had to be pissed about taking that douche off our team. He is terrible. The only thing he will lead your team in is homosexual facial hair...which is why, I guess, he is replacing Giambi. I don't even know who the White Sox got out of this trade, but at this point I would take Cory Lidle's corpse for that bum.

GMoney said...

Wilson Betemit is as close to a corpse as you will find.

Due to the Yankees weirdo policy on facial hair, Swisher better enjoy just rocking a 'stache because the chin hair is gone.

Anonymous said...

Oh the joy of major league baseball without a salary cap. We will all watch as the Yankees go out this off season and "buy" all the top free agents on the market. What ever happened to holding players accountable for their performances and making them better for the next season or using the farm system to develop players(Tampa Bay for example) as opposed to going out and "buying" new players. With a payroll that could pay of the national deficit in fewer years than it will take to win another world series it looks like the Yankees have gone back to their good ole motto, "If you can't be the best, buy the best."

GMoney said...

I don't really understand the need for quotes in there. That is exactly what they are doing while infusing some of their own talent into the club.

I must have missed it where the Tampa model was proven to be a success. Did they win the title this year? Has any team ever won a title using their own farm system and retread free agents? I highly doubt it. Listen, you broke-ass, small market douche fan, accept baseball for what it is. A sport where the rich will always have a competitive advantage over the poor. If you don't like it, nobody gives a fuck anyway.

And let's not jump the gun here, the Yankees haven't signed anyone yet.

Jeff said...

I am a huge baseball fan. Just revealing the major flaw of our nation's past time, the salary cap. I really have no room to talk about buying players being a red sox fan myself, but seeing the sox recent success compared to the yankees we'll just call it money well spent. I am all for a salary cap to level the playing field though. I would have to say that Tampa's model is a success, we'll see how they do next year. I would say worst to first in baseball is pretty damn good especially in the AL east and going on the world series on top of that. Nice pick up with Swish though. Atleast he's not striking out with the ladies.

gmoney - insert the rip on the red sox response here

GMoney said...

Jeff, as much as I hate you for who you root for, you do not draw my ire today nearly as much as the pussies that whine about finances.

Jeff said...

Moneyman, it's not really whining. How can it be? I'm a red sox fan, a greedy son of a bitch just like you. Just throwing something out there for arguments sake. And since it's my word vs. yours right now we'll just put that to rest since we both know we would love to see the red sox and the yankees duke it out every october for the AL east crown and the pennant.