Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rivalry Week...I Guess

Ann Arbor may, in fact, be a whore...but so are you six ladies.

This may come as a surprise to you, but I HATE being right all the time. I don't like reminding people that I told them so. I do not enjoy bragging about how great I am and how stupid other people are. Honest to God, it gets really old to always be correct in all of my opinions and having to remind some of my closest friends that they are ignorant. Eh, I can't carry this on anymore, you all know me to well. Let me bring up an old argument that is now factual in the favor of ME!

Damman, Lil' Strut, Dustin, and other Buckeye fans have fought this fight against me before. They try and argue that the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry is the greatest in all of sports. Since the game is only once a year, it gives the game a special feel each November. After all, how can the Yankees and Red Sox have the best rivalry when they play 19-25 times per season? Well, it's easy you see. Because eventhough they play each other that many times per year, EVERY game is important. And there is the rub for all of you OSU and UM fans because that is not the case anymore.

The one argument that Buckeyes fans have always fallen back on for their defense is that every year their big game has a large impact on the national landscape of college football. With both programs not living up to expectations this year, you better start thinking of a new argument. THIS GAME IS MEANINGLESS. Other than the two fanbases, no one else around the country cares (I would argue that this is the case almost every year anyway). Don't even bring that trash that a Buckeye win can get them a share of the Big Ten title. When Penn State wins this weekend, they are the Big Ten champs. Period. Oh, but "we" can go to a BCS bowl game! If it isn't the BCS title game or The Rose Bowl, it doesn't fucking matter. This "big" rivalry game means jack shit and your ridiculous claim is a moot point.

So pick another fight, Big Ten morons. You lost this battle. You have no argument left. Like usual, I win.

If you want to run smack against each other, I'm allowing it TODAY ONLY. And no stupid jokes either. I get it, Michigan won't show up on Saturday because they can't get past Toledo. It wasn't funny the first time I heard it. God, this game is going to blow. It could be interesting though but only if I do something that I'm not really sure I want to do. I'm not saying any more than this, but if I wanted to play the role of Johnny Media-Man, I could greatly impact the national interest toward this game. But I won't. I'm not in this "business" to break stories, I'm just an asshole with opinions.


Grumpy said...

Let me be the first to say, Fuck Ohio State and their arrogant prick fan base.

Anonymous said...

Your argument is retarded. Since they play 19-25 games, each game is important? What the fuck is that supposed to mean. If you lost to Boston in a game in June, you wake up the next day and don't give a fuck because you have another chance the next night. This game means everything for an entire year. If somehow the Bucks blow this game, I may skip going home for Thanksgiving and Christmas to avoid dealing with all of the shit heads up there. I've got Michigan buddies coming down for the game and I'm leaning toward making them piss and eat outside...like second class citizens.

Your jealousy of not being a part of the rivalry is always fun to watch.

Fuck Michigan


J Beanie said...

Wow, Graig. You are always right. Man, you are so good. I don't know how you do it day after day. Of course, you are the only one who thinks you are right and everyone else just agrees with you when you start to argue/cry about because they feel bad for the special needs child. You are right that this game doesn't have the build up, the luster, the hype, that it did in the past, especially 2006, but the game isn't meaningless. Sure, people outside of Ohio and Michigan may not care this year but to us fans, we still care. If you want to argue about rivalries that have run it's course, its Yankees-Red Sox. Who cares anymore? When it leads sportscenter for 25 days a year, people get annoyed. The UM-OSU game is still an attention grabber even if it isn't the best game this weekend. So while you are right that the game isn't as big as it was in the past, it is by no means meaningless. As a Michigan fan, I know we suck, I know we'll probably get crushed but a surprising win would make us forget the horrible season we went through and we'd have a full year of making fun of those annoying Buckeye fans and they can't say anything about it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the good old GMONEY fuck everyone that reads this post day. I love it. Everyone just needs to let him be pissed at the world, knowing that all of his fucking teams suck this year.

Grumpy- You can't use words that are big like "arrogant" with people who graduated or like Ohio State. They just won't understand what it means.

As for the game, I pray that OSU fucks it up. I know my team sucks this year, but what a great year it would be. Knowing that OSU lost to a team that couldn't beat Toledo. That would almost make the MAC better than the BIG 10 this year. The one thing everyone knows is OSU will still get crushed in a bowl game, no matter what happens this year!!!

Have fun fuckers! GO BLUE


GMoney said...

ABC is promoting Michigan State/Penn State more than it is this non-game. I rest my case.

Each game is important, Drew. And fans of both teams know it. You wouldn't get it though because the Tigers are a joke of a franchise. It seems like every other week (even now), Red Sox and Yankees fans are sending each other to the hospital (or sometimes the cemetery) due to the passion of the greatest rivalry ever. Passion could just be a euphemism for doucheyness of the fanbases though. But now that I think about it, there is no fanbase gay-er than Ohio State's so that is a moot point. Where was I again? Oh yeah, as a guy that knows A LOT about underachieving football teams, welcome to my world. You both suck and no one cares about this game.

How fucking great am I?

Mr. Ace said...

I hear you, but your wrong. Especially based on your argument. Is the title of greatest rivalry in all of sports this volatile? So in 2006 we were the best rivalry in sports, hands down, right? And now out rivalry isn't close?

The great rebuttal @ The Toolshed.


Hail to the Victors!

Jeff said...

Agreed with ace. Very nice analysis. As for buckeye fans being ass holes, yes for the most part we are, but that's just because it's been so long since you guys could talk shit to us or else you would be the same way. Just listen to Brent Musburger on Saturday when the game comes on he just reiterates most of our arguments (cept gman's) and calls the game the greatest rivalry.

GMoney said...

If I took advice from Brent Musberger, I would be face down in a pool boy's junk.

I ask this question and this does not apply to Michigan fans living in Ohio dealing with this shit all the time. I ask it to Michigan fans everywhere else around the country: if you could only beat one of these teams in a season, Michigan State or Ohio State, which one would it be? I would bet that the numbers would be 50/50 at best and may lean to MSU.

You can try to skew my words however you want, but you know that I'm right.

rstiles said...

Ann Arbor may be a whore, but Columbus was a FAG!!!

Mr. Ace said...

Wow Gmoney, you have gone to a new low. This is the kind of argument you get from retards who dropped out from MSU, one of them bar tends at Ricks so I have heard this before. You are better than that.

You go on Michigan's campus and ask that question and the answer will be 85/15 in favor of OSU. Us Wolverines hate losing to MSU because they suck and it should never happen. And then we get to hear about MSU being on our level for one year until the next year when we beat their ass. This isn't a rivalry, this is not wanting to lose a game of 21 to your little brother.

Dustin said...

You hear the Msu argument from msu fans because they're all jealous. And they're pissed that they are a 2nd tier school in their own state. I can't believe you'd bring up such a dumbass argument!

Anonymous said...

"I would bet that the numbers would be 50/50 at best and may lean to MSU."

What the fuck? You are showing your ignorance now with moronic statements like that. I don't know ANY Michigan fan that would rather lose to OSU than MSU. That's just stupid.

As for Michigan....news just broke that Sam McGuffie is transferring along with a couple of others. The Rich Rod ship is sinking and the players are jumping off! What a beautiful sight/failure his program is.



GMoney said...

I know who you're talking about and he's a BIG Redskins fan. That guy rules! He's a lot smarter than you are.

If I went on Michigan's campus I would have an 85% chance of being asked by a dude if I want a hummer or having someone ask me if I want pork or chicken fried rice.

Simple question: what makes Ohio State/Michigan the best rivalry in sports?

The normal answer that I get is that every time they meet, the game means a lot either in conference or nationally. That isn't the case.

GMoney said...

Awwwww, that's so sweet. An underachiever is laughing at another underachiever...

Anonymous said...

You say that going to another BCS game is worthless? That is a stupid statement. That means that still are a good team. You just use that argument because the MAC sucks and doesn't get invited.


-Denver Buckeye

Dustin said...

Glick- if you're going to rip on osu fans ape not knowing big words, maybe you should have your sentences make sense. Ohio state has a 4-2 BCS record. What's michigans? What is your record in national title games?

Anonymous said...


Just went to rivals and there is no word of Mcguffie leaving. The only on for sure is zion baab.


Mr. Ace said...

Yes, mcguff is likely gone...he isn't a huge loss. If there is one position where we can afford to lose a player it is running back. The others are zion babb and artis chambers...thank god they are gone.

Shut up Dut, Your own sentence doesn't make sense.

I just hope that bomb I planted in the 'shoe goes off properly... if you are in the student section, DON'T GO TO THE GAME!

Go Blue!

GMoney said...

I had a feeling that this post would get the comments going but I had no idea that it would spawn a terrorist threat. Well played, sir, well played.

Jeff said...

Honestly this game hasn't really been a rivalry as of late. The only reason someone would say MSU is a bigger rivalry game is because both sides actually win one once in awhile. The buckeye's dominance in Tressel's tenure has put this rivalry on the back burner to others as of late. Even when Cooper's teams struggled with UM the Buckeyes were always a respectable opponent having a good record and going on to play in good bowl games even after a loss.

3-8 this year...a disgrace c'mon

Dustin said...

If my sentences don't make sense its because I'm on a blackberry and it takes too long to make corrections you poopy dick!

GMoney said...

"Us Wolverines hate losing to MSU because they suck and it should never happen. And then we get to hear about MSU being on our level for one year until the next year when we beat their ass. This isn't a rivalry, this is not wanting to lose a game of 21 to your little brother."

That's pretty much what THIS rivalry has boiled down to as Jeff so eloquently states. Take THAT, Michigan fan!

Mr. Ace said...

Yes, the vest has been dominant, and gay. But these games have not been blowouts by any means. The fuckeyes don't dominate us every year, but the record speaks for itself.

I don't want to hear that MSU bullshit. I am a fan from Ohio so I have a different perspective, agreed, but there are at least 3 teams I would rather beat every year than those clowns. Although, I have recently wanted to beat them more because of how gay Dantonio is.

This year is tough, everybody knew it would be. But this is what Richrod does everywhere he goes. His first year is terrible and his second year isn't usually great. But the third year is what we are all waiting for. This is a complete and total change. It would happen anywhere, but it doesn't help that Lloyd kind of left the cupboard bare. So yes, 3-8 is a disgrace, but it is not a total shock.

But let's not forget, Michigan did beat Florida in its bowl game last year. A pretty good win after a loss to the fuckeyes.

Either way, fuck the lot of ya.