Wednesday, November 19, 2008

RichRod is a DickPole

I know that I said yesterday that I didn't want to talk about the Ohio State/Michigan game anymore this week, but I just can't help myself. Sometimes I just need to get some things off of my chest. You see, I want to like Rich Rodriguez. I want him to succeed. I want him to make Jim Tressel his bitch. It has nothing to do with me secretly liking Michigan (because I don't), but more with my disdain with all things scarlet and gray. You all know that though. But Mr. "I could only beat the RedHawks by ten points" is just making that harder and harder every time he opens his mouth. On with the quote:

"It's amazing some of the things that people would say (on a message board) or yell at you of a personal nature," Rodriguez said Monday. "You almost want to tell them, 'Get a life.'

"There's a whole lot bigger problems. Look at the economy."

First of all, why is a millionaire head football coach who is employed by one of the most storied programs in the country trolling around on loser message boards? Those are for people like me and my readers who think that we know all the answers on how a team should be run.

Second, do you ever hear Tressel or Urban Meyer or Pete Carroll discuss the economy in their press conferences? For many people who have had their lives impacted by the state of the country (especially in fucking Michigan!), FOOTBALL TAKES THEIR MINDS OFF OF THAT SHIT! A winning football team can ease a lot of pain. Take last year for example; I was bed-ridden for three months with Super-AIDS until the Redskins made the playoffs and life all of a sudden got better. I don't know how it happened but it did. Don't make excuses, Rich. The economy has nothing to do with your crappy football team. Just fucking win (or at least be competitive) and people would get off of your back.

And finally, "Get A Life". I'm sorry, but I'm not taking advice from a snake oil salesman. I'm not taking advice from a guy that doesn't know what a buy-out is. I'm not taking advice from a guy that was 1-1 against the MAC this year. I'm not taking advice from a guy who was rumored to knock up WVU coeds, have the boosters cover it up, and then turn his back on all of them (like I said, just a rumor but it's something that I heard).

But maybe I'm reading into this too much. Maybe Richie Erection is pining for Fox to bring back the short-lived 90's Chris Elliot sitcom, Get A Life? Nah, that can't be. No one watched that and no one wants it to return.
Rich, if I can give you one piece of advice it is this. Just fucking win on Saturday.


Tony B. said...

I liked "Get a Life"- not a bad Fox show back in the day. If I could bring back a show though, it would have to be "Herman's Head."

Anonymous said...

I think the best comment he made was that "people need to get a proper perspective" basically on the importance of football.

What a fucking idiot. The reason he gets paid millions of dollars to coach football is due to people's lack of perspective on the importance of it. People care too much, which is why he gets paid so much to coach football.

He's a schmuck. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy his beat down on Saturday.

Go Bucks


GMoney said...

Herman's Head would be an excellent "bring back" by Fox.

I really believe that RichRod is just stupid. He can't help it because he's not smart.

Anonymous said...

The "Irish Times" chimes in with an article on the "greatest North American sports rivalry"...for some reason it's not on the yankees/red sox...maybe because that's not as big.....

Mr. Ace said...

Yes, Richrod's comments were retarded...but he probably got away with that shit at WVU. Again, he will figure it out. I think this weekend will help him figure out exactly what being the coach at Michigan is all about.

Don't try to act like anybody knows what went on with the boosters, because nobody does.

I have heard the cheerleader rumor. But from what I have found it was a rumor that he impregnated a black cheerleader, but at the time that the rumor started there were no black cheerleaders at WVU. But who knows, he is from West Virginia, his wife is probably actually his sister.

Go Blue! Hail to the Victors!

GMoney said...

The Irish Times? I have more journalistic credibility than an online newspaper created by people that eat raw potatoes while simultaneously punching a baby.

rstiles said...

I agree 100% with you...that comment he made sucked!!!