Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mission Accomplished

As you can see, these people just heard the great news.


Finally, my prayers have been answered. I'm sure that Shane is a great guy and all, but this had to happen. Hell, it should have happened awhile ago. Maybe our President and AD were waiting to see who got the first empty chip from their Taco Bell fully-loaded nachos. He is a stubborn and imcompetent play-caller that made excuses for the team's many shortcomings ("we're just a few plays away" was my favorite). And he had to go. Miami has won TEN games in the past THREE seasons. Shane was 17-31 in 4 years. Am I making sense yet?

Never has the conclusion of a 2-10 season tasted sweeter. I hope to God that I never have to say his name ever again because it will just bring too much pain and heartache back into my life.

So now the arduous task of finding someone to replace those big shoes begins. I think that I have a few decent candidates that would drastically improve the quality of football that my alma mater has been presenting over the past 4 years:
1. a desk lamp
2. a septic tank
3. Terry Schaivo
4. Anyone that can breathe

A new day is upon us, ladies and gentlemen, RedHawk Football will rise again! YES WE CAN!!!


Anonymous said...

I bet John Peterson will be one of the top names to fill this spot. I'm not sure if he's ready to be a head coach, but we hired him from Miami and he has served as OSU's Tight End Coach and Recruiting Coordinator. Since owning the lesser high school talent in Ohio is probably a key in the MAC....I don't see why Peterson wouldn't be high on the list coming from OSU as the recruiting coordinator.

Just like the Bramos hype...just like the Landingham me peg the new Miami coach. I pretty much own the breaking Miami of Ohio sporting news.


GMoney said...

I knew on Saturday night that Peterson would be an option. Don't go sucking your dick just yet.

Allan Stokke said...

Now who will I verbally berate on Saturdays? Oh man I guess I'm going to have to start talking to my girlfriend again.

GMoney said...

I assume that by "talking", you mean, "beating", Allan.