Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Joe Dumars: Genius or Idiot?

I, for one, have always felt that Joe Dumars has been overrated as an NBA GM. He did put together a championship team a few years back, but nothing really stands out beyond that. In fact, Joe D is responsible for the worst move in NBA Draft history circa 1983 by drafting Darko over Wade, Bosh, and 'Melo. But that is beside the point. Today, Dumars pulled the trigger by sending Chauncey Billups, Antonio McRobotKnees, and some weirdo to Denver for Allen Iverson. So was this a good trade or not? Honestly, a move like this can only be judged as a hit or miss; there is no gray area.

As far as the new look Pistons go, eh, whatever. They weren't going to win the East with their old team and I don't think that this changes anything (kind of like the Cavs last year, they weren't going anywhere with Gooden and Hughes anyway). Iverson still has a few miles left on the odometer, but he's going to be asked to play the point and he has never been a true point guard...especially on a team that relies on unselfish, team-oriented basketball. He is a shoot-first guard that has never been known as a distributor. And that is what the Pistons brought him in for. Don't give me an excuse. He is the point guard. I don't care how much they love Rodney Stuckey (who will never be a point guard either), they aren't starting him and sitting either AI, Rip, or Prince. And then there's the chemistry issue.

Iverson couldn't make it work with Carmelo; what the hell is he going to do with an insane personality like Rasheed? Someone like Larry Brown could probably get the most out of this, but a rookie head coach? Michael Curry is in way over his head here. Now, I will be the first one to say that Billups has been declining every year, but the fact is, he's a glue guy and a leader. He took a ton of big shots (used to make them, too!). They are going to miss his floor presence.

A lot of people will say that Dumars did this because it gave the Pistons great cap flexibility this coming summer. While I'm sure that it helped, that is bullshit. You don't trade for Allen Iverson as a move to build toward the future. You trade for AI to go for one last title run with the current group of guys before an overhaul is done this summer. This is the ultimate "all-in" move for the Pistons. Considering that there is no real negligible difference between Billups and Iverson at this stage in their careers, I don't see how this is the move that gets Detroit over the top in the East though.

It just screams desperation, in my opinion. The thing that really boggles my mind here is that the trade happened less than a week into the season. Why? Why not do this in July so they can gain some familiarity in the preseason? What changed in the first three games that made this deal a must happen for both teams?

We'll see how this unfolds throughout the course of this 20 month season. However, in my always humble opinion, Joe Dumars made the Pistons worse for a season that could be the end of the line for a few of their past core guys (and one is already gone). Pistons fans, all two of you that read me, give me your thoughts.


Grumpy said...

Pistons, shimstons. How 'bout that Steeler defense?

Anonymous said...

I'm for the trade......For a few reasons.....

*This does not make the Pistons any better or worse really. They probably had the third best chance in the East behind Boston and Cleveland, and I think that still stands.

*Stuckey is going to be a great player in the NBA and I do think that will be at PG.

*So, now we have the same chances but an extra $21M coming off the books this summer. Add that with Rasheed's expiring contract and it's about $35M right now.

*From a competitive stand point, it will let the Pistons push the ball at times which they haven't done in years. I would assume there will be some times where Iverson, Stuckey, Amir and Rip will be out there together and that will be one fast unit.

*Losing McDyess sucks as he's a great guy. But, the Pistons have a strong group of post guys with Rasheed, Maxiell, Amir Johnson and even Kwame as the fourth. So, he's expendable. But, it looks like Denver will buy him out and he will be back with the Pistons for the minimum....which I'm cool with.

*It's playing for this year and next year. Chauncey was signed through 2010-11 and McDyess through 2009-2010. The whole "Pistons are getting old" thing is now shot to hell with the money to get younger really good players this summer. They can then add the new younger players to the core of Stuckey, Amir, Maxiell, Affalo, Rip and Tayshaun and still compete with the best.


GMoney said...

You're right, Drew. It really doesn't do anything. It will get a few more fans in the seats though.

Dustin said...

Now the pistons have enough to sign lebron in two years! Genius!

Dustin said...

Now the pistons have enough to sign lebron in two years! Genius!

Mr. Ace said...

Are you guys serious? AI is not the kind of guy you get if you want to make a run at a title. Especially if it costs you the one guy you need to get a title with that team. You now have sheed and AI on the same team... weed sales are going to sky rocket in detroit. I'm not buying this trade or detroit at all. Maybe for the nuggets though, AI and melo are fun to watch but they were never going to be a threat in the West.

Who really cares though? Neither of these teams have a shot.

GMoney said...

Dustin, Nike will literally kill LeBron if he goes to Detroit. You can forget about that.

Mac G said...

Poon is coming, patience. I even snagged some good shots at the Thunder/TWolves game too. Those fans are nuts too.

Anonymous said...

GMONEY you are Clueless on this issue.. Sucks to see Billups and Dyess go, but AI will be fine. AI and Sheed will get along like brothers, they are the same type of players mentally in ways comparablly. AI will not strickly play point guard, You will see a lot of Rodney Stucky who is a Younger Billups Clone. This team will win the East or whatever there division is again. For one that is very smart and respected in the sports field. This is the most Ive ever strongly disagreed with you ever.. You are completely wrong..


GMoney said...

As I said, we'll see how it plays out. But this doesn't make them better.

Anonymous said...

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