Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Help Me, Charlie Coles, You're My Only Hope

It's a tough time to be a Miami University alumnus. I love my alma mater and it's athletic department. Nothing will ever change that. But after watching another pathetic performance on the gridiron last night, my confidence in my school is withering. There is no shame in losing to a better Ball State football team. But the state of the football program is just pathetic. Sitting at 2-8 now is not where I thought that we would be through 10 ten games. This team was supposed to get back to the MAC Championship Game and then head off to a bowl game. But due to crappy coaching, poor offensive execution all season, and an overrated and soft defense, it just hasn't worked out.

The sad thing is, I've accepted it. And I hate that. But I watch my team and expect the worst. In the last 3 years, my school has pretty much turned into the Oakland Raiders of the MAC. They are barely competitive anymore. If you happened to watch the game last night, the RedHawks were down 31-16 with 5+ minutes to go and were driving. I should add that we burned all 3 of our timeouts in the first ten minutes of the half! On a 4th down play, Armand Robinson was thrown a beautiful pass in the end zone where he found himself wide open. It was an easy-ass touchdown grab. He dropped it. It may go down as the most awful play in wide receiving history. It was just a perfect example of the failed expectations from everyone on that team this season. And now we've got two more games (@ Toledo and The Ohio's) and I can't see anyway in which this team wins either game. Mr. Ace, I suggest that next Friday during the UT game, we meet up and watch it. We can hold each other during the game and cry in each other's arms lamenting about how terrible our two football programs are. I can't wait for Shane Montgomery to be fired and a new start can begin in Oxford. As America proved last week, change is a good thing. Can Miami do the right thing by firing their entire staff and starting fresh? YES WE CAN!

Thankfully though, I can forget about the RedHawk football "team". BECAUSE THE HOOPS SEASON STARTS TONIGHT!!!

Hell yeah. I can't wait. My RedHawks hoopsters look like they could do some big things this season. They begin the season out in LA for the Coaches Vs. Cancer Tournament where they face Weber State in the opener. With a win, the Hawks will get their shot at #4 UCLA. Talk about a sick opener to the season. Anyway, Miami did lose Ottawa's own, Tim Pollitz, last year to graduation after 4 gutty years in Oxford. But the cupboard is far from bare. All world 2-guard, Michael Bramos and his Stewie Griffin-shaped head, looks poised to drop 20+ per night. Kenny Hayes will be running the point after a year of learning the Miami system and to play within himself. Tyler Dierkers, the most improved player from his freshman to senior year that I've ever seen, will look to dominate in the post. And don't forget about coveted freshman and owner of a very sick name, low post hoss, Julian Mavunga. The guy is apparently going to be a force. MAVUNGA!

When you've put with a football season like I have, basketball season can't come soon enough. And I am so pleased to have it back in my life. I expect a MAC Title, 20+ win season, and a decent run in the Dance this year. After all, this is likely Charlie Coles' last season pacing the bench in Oxford and the man deserves to go out on top.

Please, Charlie, make me and all the rest of the Miami Family forget about the abortion of a football season that we've suffered through this Fall. Go RedHawks!


Mr. Ace said...

While that does sound like a offer that I could not refuse... you could not pay me to go watch that game. What a shitfest that will be. Amstutz will go for it on every 4th down and everybody will think its great. After Amstutz steps down we will probably end up hiring your assclown coach.

GMoney said...

Oh please take him off of our hands!