Monday, November 03, 2008

The Apocalypse

Our government likes to tell us about some countries being the "Axis of Evil". Well, I don't buy that anymore. Not after seeing this photo. Apparently, Steinbrenner and Jerry Jones are joining forces for some new concession stand food business/killing puppies. We all know that bad things happen in three's. So my question to you all is who is the third person involved in this? Maybe it's the guy taking the picture that completes the triumverate of evil.

My guess for the unseen third party? Jim Tressel.

Let's see how my readers do to top that. For the record, it kills me to see the Yankees logo so close to the Cowboys Star. Kills me.


Tony B. said...

Dr. Jerry Buss or possibly the lead singer of Nickelback. Both seem like they would kill a puppy to two.

Mr. Ace said...

I got some inside information on this one. It is Daniel Snyder... he jumped at the opportunity to be together with his idles. He wants to learn more about giving crazy stupid money to washed up pieces of shit.

GMoney said...

Snyder is not a bad call at all. I love the asshole from Nickelback possibility as well.

My second guess is none other than...Bin Laden.