Friday, October 24, 2008

Upset Stomach

I've been rolling recently on my upset picks. I nailed the Skins over the Cowboys, the Dolphins over the Chargers, and the Raiders over the Jets. So, before I head out for the weekend to enjoy some amazing Miami/Kent State football LIVE from Yager Stadium, I want to get my upset specials out in the open here. Nothing against the spread, I'm picking underdog winners. You won't get that from any other terrible sports blog, I can tell you that much.

I like a home dog Ohio State team to beat Penn State - prove me wrong, Daryll Clark
I also like Michigan to beat Sparty - Michigan State always folds in the second half of the season AND they never beat Michigan
I'll also take the Buccaneers to win in Big D - Brad Johnson is the absolute worst

There you have it. 3 upset winners this weekend. Any dumbass can pick the favorites, but I strive for greatness. I'll be back on Monday. Beat Cunt State!!!


Mr. Ace said...

Penn State NEVER beats Michigan either...until last week. We suck. PSU is the real deal, they wont lose. I agree with the TB pick. Enjoy your weekend sir.

Mr. Ace said...

And where did you pick the Raiders? I can't seem to find it, but I am sure you had it picked... Anyone can pick an upset a week later.

GMoney said...

My upset picks are done almost every Friday over at JBeanie's site. Go ahead...check...and pull your pants up for fuck's sake it's not even noon yet.

Dustin said...

I hope u didn't put money on these picks!

GMoney said...

I don't gamble. I should have posted the Seahawks who I liked today.