Thursday, October 16, 2008

G$ Has Accomplished Something!

I'll be the first one to admit that I've been very fortunate to witness some pretty cool shit in my life. Today, I'm going to list ten of my favorite/most amazing sporting events that I have seen live and in person. Pretty simple, eh? Beanie did something similar to this awhile ago over at his turd of a site, yet here I am, stealing it from him. Oh well, he'll get over it. On with the show:

10. The Tennis Match Heard 'Round The World
I'm a year older than my sister. Back when we were, something like 12 and 13 year olds, we took tennis lessons (offered by the city and not some club, by the way, I'm still "street") in the summer. One day, we were pitted against each other in an epic battle of the sexes/siblings. Sis got off to a sizzling 5-0 game lead and I was fuming. How could I be losing to inferior competition (she later went on to State in high school)? But I executed one of the greatest comebacks in the history of mankind and won 6-5 (we only played one set and it was the first to 6). I was celebrating every point like I just made a running jumper over Craig Ehlo and after my sister's losing fate was sealed, she vowed to never play against me again (because I was either too good or too big of an asshole). That vow has yet to be broken. And I will always remember this excellent athletic accomplishment.

9. Seeing Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods in their prime
I saw Michael play a few times actually. Once in the old Bulls stadium but I was too young to really remember and then again at Richfield Coliseum in probably 1990-91. If I remember correctly, he put in 35 that night. Jordan, obviously, was one of those guys that you never went up to the concourse and took a piss when he was on the floor. I saw Tiger two years ago at The Memorial. It's pretty cool to see a global icon up close but following him is a disaster. There are just too many people with that same intent.

8. The 2004 PBA World Championship LIVE from the thriving metropolis of Ypsilanti!
You better your sweet ass that I love me some bowling. I met my roommate from college and we actually waited in line to get into the Eastern Michigan Convocation Center to watch some live keggling. It was awesome. I still have my Walter Ray Williams, Jr. autographed ticket stub. That piece of memorabilia alone would likely solve this country's financial woes.

7. A Night Game in SEC Country
My Senior year in college, Big Ben and the RedHawks played Saban's LSU Tigers in a night game. We kind of just made the decision to go drive the 15 hours down there a few days before the game (while securing some free tickets) and I'm glad that we did. What an experience. Look, I've been to Ohio State and Michigan and Michigan State and let me tell you, it doesn't compare at all to an SEC night game. You HAVE to go to one at some point in your life. Once you experience it, you will understand what I'm talking about. It just means more there and the women are much hotter.

6. Ron Lewis bends over a Musketeer
Ah yes, the trip to Lexington from 18 months ago which was also the last time that my digital camera worked. I love going to the first and second round games. My dad used to take me when I was younger and last year was the first time that I took some initiative and road tripped. We got to see the best game of the tournament and one of the best games I've ever seen with Greg Oden and the Buckeyes coming back from the dead to beat Xavier in overtime. There were so many pro players there for that weekend, too (Oden, Conley, Daequan Cook, Acie Law, the Lopez twins, etc.). Just outstanding.

5. Ending an almost 20 year drought
Unfortunately, I was already out of college in 2003 when the Miami RedHawks finally pulled their shit together and won the MAC Championship (also going 13-1 and ending the season ranked #10 in the polls). Back in those days, the title game was played on campus and I was able to go to BG and watch Big Ben ROLL the Falcons to win the league. I ran onto the field after the game and actually touched the MAC trophy. I know, I'm special (It's also like the time I touched the WWF Title. I didn't mean to, I was actually trying to give Shawn Michaels a cup-check). I have long since given up on seeing Miami hoist a trophy in football again.

4. The weekend when Miles Simon was famous
The RCA Dome was a fucking dump but in 1997 (I think), it was rocking. Dad took me along to Indy for the Final Four and we got a good one. Bobby Jackson's Gophers lost to Pitino's Wildcats and Bibby's Wildcats beat Stackhouse and Sheed's Tar Heels. The Final Four is a blast...I would like to maybe make it up to Detroit when it's there. Because other than the NFL, college hoops is my dawg.

3. The greatest rivalry in all of sports
I've been to Ohio State/Michigan games at both places and it doesn't compare to attending a Yankees/Red Sox game. It just doesn't. Don't try and argue this because you have no argument. I was at games 1 and 2 of the 2003 (Aaron Boone) series in New York. The Red Sox won game 1 and the Yankees salvaged a split before winning in 7. There's just always a WTF? buzz in the air when those two teams meet.

2. The Banks Are Open
I thought long and hard about putting this #1. Two years ago, the RedHawk basketball team entered the MAC tournament as a 4 seed. They crushed 5 seed OU in the quarters and slipped by 1 seed Toledo in the semi's setting up a final against the hated Akron Zips (their coach is the whiniest douche around). I made the trek up to Cleveland for the game and it was a classic. Senior guard, Doug Penno, banked in a three at the buzzer to send the RedHawks to The Dance. I can't even describe how overjoyed I was. I guess I would say that it was probably like if a 16 year old kid was told that he could lose his virginity to Megan Fox. Something like that. I will NEVER forget that game.

1. Rypien Up Minneapolis
Many people don't believe me when I tell them this, but I have been to a Super Bowl. In fact, I was in attendance for the last Super Bowl that the Redskins played in/won. It was a strange day. For some reason, my dad asked me, an 11 year old kid mind you, to hold onto the tickets and I nearly dropped them in a sewer grate. I swear to God, they were just laying on top of a sewer while the both of us were frozen in fear and didn't know what to do. Then at halftime, I took a piss next to Boomer Esiason. It was intense. That was hands down the coolest event of my life. I just hope that some day I will be able to follow the Skins to a Super Bowl again.

Hey, that was fun and guess what? That trip down memory lane was therapeutic. I guess I can take the blogger's suicide hotline off of my cell phone now. If you have anything cool to share, feel free to shove it up your ass/leave it in the comments. One final note, I left one person off of this list on purpose and we're talking about him tomorrow.


Grumpy said...

G$, I was at LSU in '86 when we beat them and you're right, nothing like an SEC game at night. We were heckled, cursed and had beer poured on us, but it was still a great night.

Anonymous said...

I have seen some pretty cool college football games in my day. I was at the OSU v. Penn State night game last year and people are right about that crowd and atmosphere, it is just plain intimidating. I was also at the Notre Dame vs. OSU Fiesta Bowl, which was pretty sweet, because of the tradition between the two schools, not to mention the stadium split 50/50 and OSU whipping their ass (and seeing the sign "Hawk is going to nail two Quinns tonight!"). Also, OSU vs. Texas in 2006, there is just something about college football in the South, it isn't just a game, its a day long experience, win or lose.

But nothing compares to #2 Michigan vs. #1 OSU in 2006. I have been to 3 Mich-OSU games, but this one, because of the stakes, had an unbelievable intensity and electricity to it. It was a season long wait for something that many thought would never happen and someone's perfect season was going to be ruined at the end of the day. One of my fondest memories of that game was when Michigan's band got into their trademark "M" and marched down the field towards my seat playing "Hail to the Victors." My seats weren't that far from the field and we could not hear a single note or beat of a drum from the band, because of the raucous booing (and an onslaught of offensive/witty language). Whenever Michigan was on the field the crowd cheered as if it was 4th and goal in a tie game in the 4th qtr. Best sporting event I have ever been to.

To quote my friend Grant, "It is never ok to boo an opponent, unless its Michigan. Then you can boo, curse, swear and throw shit."

Sorry about the novel, but I haven't posted in a while.

-Lil' Strut

Upstate Underdog said...

Agreed on the SEC football game. I went to the 2000 SEC Championship game in Atlanta. Florida killed Auburn but the atmosphere was great and there was a ton on hot SEC chicks. Poon of the SEC was in full effect.

J Beanie said...

You've done some pretty cool shit, no doubt.

How good does your sister look in a tennis skirt? Can we get a picture of that on the site?

Doing anything on a SEC campus is better than a Big Ten campus because of the hot chicks.

Bowling is pretty sweet. Tuesday night at the bar, they had women's bowling on for some reason and man, there were a few hot bowler chicks. Well not hot bowler chicks b/c hot bowler chicks are usually ugly but hot chicks bowling. Like really hot chicks. Did i say hot chicks enough?

Anonymous said...

If I would have known you were at the Doyt on 12/4/03 I would have hunted you down! Probably not, the R&R was flowing that day my friend. Personal highlights include the '04 NBA Finals, Pistons over the Lakers, I caught game 4, which was so close to being the closer of what should have been a sweep. I was at the '06 WS when your boy Kenny Rogers was cheating...Detroit's only win of the series. Finally, all of the Lions games I was fortunate to see when Barry Sanders, the greatest of all time, made defensive players look foolish, just plain foolish, like Central vs St. Augustine, and the defense was St. Augustine.

--the Wig Master

Tony B. said...

Oddly, I was at both Greg Maddux's 300th win (in SF) and Tom Glavine's 300th win (in Chicago). I'd love to make it to a Super Bowl one of these days- I can't believe you already made it to one. Nice work G$ (or more specifically G$'s dad!)

Mr. Ace said...

Pitt at Toledo 2003 tops them all...ok not really, but it was great. The Glass Bowl was nuts. We rushed the field and took down the goal posts...knocking several people unconscious and paralyzing a few, shouldn't have been standing there. Which helped lead to the ncaa cracking down on rushing the field and greasing up the goal posts....Then we marched the goal posts down the road while knocking police lights off the cruisers in the road and the cops didn't even give a shit. Ahh, those were the good ol' days.

Anonymous said...

What about the time you gave up a hit to a girl in little league?


GMoney said...

Wow, that's twice in 5 days that you've brought that up. You sound like one of those assholes that supports Eric Wedge.

Dustin said...

If the Redsox/Yankees rivalry is so great, how is it only number 3 on your list?

GMoney said...

Because watching your team win the Super Bowl and your alma mater winning the conference on an improbable buzzer beater is just amazing. Had I been at the Aaron Boone game, that would be a different story.

Anonymous said...

I've been to a lot of sick sporting events...NHL Playoff games....NBA Playoff Games...The Pistons ending Reggie Miller's career in Indy....Ryder Cup...OSU vs. Miami.....NOTHING Compares to the OSU/UM Game in 2006. As Lil' Strut said...both schools waited all year thinking in the back of our minds that one would fuck up, but it didn't. I just don't think I will ever be at a sporting event that has an atmosphere as electric as that one. It was amazing.


Anonymous said...

#10... Don't question yourself. I vowed to never play you again because you were a HUGE asshole.


Anonymous said...



GMoney said...

I can't believe I pissed away my potential on the tennis court. I could have been the next Jim Courier.