Monday, October 27, 2008

Celebrity Rehab Is The Best

If you aren't watching Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew on Vh1, you really should. I am not a fan of the other shit that Vh1 airs with the Flavor Flav and New York crap. The Surreal Life blows. Celebrity Fit Club is awful. But Rehab is the shit. The ironic thing about this show is that the most famous celebrity on there is Dr. Drew. The idiots that admit themselves into the clinic are so ridiculously unfamous that it's just too funny. Allow me to explain:

Last year, the cast was pretty annoying. Daniel Baldwin was an asshole, Mary Carey was a whore, and the chick that no one remembers from Family Matters didn't even have any real problems. But this year is different.

They have this one skank from American Idol that admitted to blowing through 8-balls in a DAY.
Some incredibly hot supermodel named Amber Smith pops enough pills to tranquilize a rhino.
Jeff Conaway is back and is as stupid as ever. He can't even stand up.
Rod Stewart's son, who from what I can tell is not famous for anything, has been to rehab at least ten times.
Tawny Kitaen started her horrendous story with the saga of her beating up her former husband and shitty pitcher, Chuck Finley.
Rodney King, THEE Rodney King, is a hilarious drunk. His intorductory video had him throwing up out the window of a tow truck (where he works). It was great. He was so drunk that a car almost rolled over his head. PRICELESS!
Steven Adler, who apparently used to play drums for Guns and Roses, tried to kill himself because...SLASH WOULDN'T RETURN HIS PHONE CALLS! This guy is a complete mess and he shoots heroin into his neck.
And then there's Gary Busey. We all know that this fucker is nuts and he told everyone the story about when he snorted a bunch of coke off of his dog. The best part about Busey...he thinks that he is there to help people and that he is not a patient. He actually believes that he's an adviser for these addicts. It's unbelievably insane!

Wow, I can't wait to see how this season unfolds. Thursday night, 10 pm. And if that didn't entice you at all, one of the counselors, Shelley something, looks exactly like a slutty librarian (you know what I'm talking about, Damman). Man, she's hot. I hope that by the end of the season, Rodney King kicks the shit out of Rod Stewart's kid while the Guns and Roses idiot sings Maggie Mae. Keep 'em crazy, Dr. Drew.


rstiles said...

Tawny Kitaen!!!!...she has to look so haggard now...but in the day, she had some of the best legs I have ever seen!

Lester-Worm-Murphy said...

Celebrity Rehab is easily one of the 5 best shows on TV right now!!!

I'm not sure that Nikki McKibbon isn't in there, not for doing 8 balls, but for possibly eating Paula Abdul......she has definately packed it on!!!